McCain: Palin Was a ‘Better Candidate’ Than Romney; Update: McCain Clarifies Statement

With the topic of Romney’s tax returns up in the air, the media went to McCain very recently to ask if the same tax returns were a factor in deciding against Romney for VP in 2008.

Via Politico: (Emphasis)

But on Tuesday, McCain flatly rejected that assertion and grew angry at questions over his decision to choose Palin over Romney.

“Of course not,” McCain told POLITICO when asked if the contents of Romney’s tax returns disqualified him from the selection process. “I don’t know what depths these people won’t reach. Obviously, it’s just outrageous. That’s just outrageous. It shows the – it’s so disgraceful for them to allege something that they have absolutely no knowledge of.”

Asked why he chose not to go with Romney, McCain said: “Oh come on, because we thought that Sarah Palin was the better candidate. Why did we not take [Tim] Pawlenty, why did we not take any of the other 10 other people. Why didn’t I? Because we had a better candidate, the same way with all the others. … Come on, why? That’s a stupid question.”

We agree Senator McCain.  Now tell that to the rest of the GOP establishment.

 Special Note to the Indignant on Twitter:

In response to this post, some out there are pleading that we “unite.”  I want to remind them and the GOPe of the fact that we have always been 100% pro ABO.  It is not C4P or Palin supporters who are refusing to unite, folks.  It is the GOPe and our presumed candidate who won’t speak up for what is right and honest and whose own campaign staff would rather spend more energy on saying unkind things about Palin than they will spend on taking on the president.

If you’re going to throw suggestions at people you perceive as those who won’t “unite,” I suggest you start with Camp Romney.  He has the choice here folks.  For every time a candidate makes promises to cronies, they should at least once reach out to the grassroots who make the real difference.


McCain chose to respond to the Politico piece and has clarified his statement:

“Some in the media have chosen to take my answer today, in response to the question of why I did not select Governor Romney as my vice presidential nominee, out of context. I selected Sarah Palin because she was the best fit for my campaign, and my decision had nothing to do with the bogus tax return attacks currently being waged by the Obama campaign. I have the highest respect for Governor Romney and his record of public service, and he will make an outstanding president.”

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