Media Notices Palin/Steelman Similarities; Update: Steelman Responds

Special Note:  This is not an endorsement of Sarah Steelman on behalf of Conservatives4Palin.  Further, our website is not a vehicle which makes predictions about the Governor’s endorsements nor are we affiliated in any way to SarahPAC or Governor Palin.  Content is published as a matter of opinion and observation of individual contributors.  Due to the specific mention of Sarah Palin in the article this post references, it was relevant for discussion. 

This is a fun and high-profile Senate race with a lot of obvious energy going in different directions.  Like the Governor says, competition is good!

In other words: endorse or support who you’d like.  🙂

In Sarah Steelman, the media is finding a similar problem they found in Palin: even without their approval, candidates can win over the voters by going straight to them and talking from the heart. Being feisty, attractive, and patriotic is simply the wrong recipe for the status quo.

The latest display from the media is a response to Sarah Steelman’s latest campaign video.

TPM headlines: “What Palin References? Steelman Camp Plays Down Similarities in Maverick-y, ‘Real Missouri’ Ad.

Immediately, if you’re a Palin supporter, you’re left with the impression that Steelman’s campaign is trying to distance itself from Sarah Palin.  That’s something I happen to know is completely false.  First, it was back in October when we highlighted the Senate candidates in Missouri.  Sarah Steelman noticed right away and actually personally called to thank me for the piece.  She was very proud and grateful to be highlighted on Conseratives4Palin.

Further, in the article, a past spokesman for Steelman says: “She was like Sarah Palin before it was cool.”  This of course is not the same thing as saying Steelman was Palin before Palin was.  Although combined with the way the headline is written, one could draw that feeling.  It does prove though that Steelman’s camp is perfectly happy with her Palin-style of campaigning and talking truth to the American people.

Palin coolness is not just a fad – it’s here to stay for a while.

The rest of the article concludes:

“Steelman also appears in the ad, touting her pro-life record, while the words “conservative maverick” flash on the screen.

Again, that’s not a reference to Palin.

“I think that resonates in Missouri,” Tuohey said. He said that while Missouri is an increasingly conservative state, voters don’t want a “rubber-stamp Republican.” “I think Missouri voters want to send somebody who will stand up to their party if they need to,” he said. “We’re trying to emphasize the fact that Sarah has done that.”

After Steelman touts her social conservative credentials, she ends the ad by reminding voters that she “loves to hunt” — something Palin is well known for. “Real Missouri” ends with an image of Steelman in camouflage in the woods, a gun beside her.”

So Sarah Steelman just happens to be campaigning on the basis of who she is.  But instead of taking on her positions or reporting the facts, the media draws a connection to Palin as what seems to be a pre-phase of media coverage to be expected for Steelman — especially in a general election against liberal, Claire McCaskill.

Interesting fact: there is an interview Steelman gave Glenn Beck back in 2008 before Palin was tapped for V.P. where on the screen, Steelman was describe as the “Missouri Maverick.”

Contrary to the picture they are trying to paint, all one has to do is observe where Sarah Steelman lives and what her reputation is which has always been connected to the more rural parts of Missouri.  She loves to hunt, she loves her guns, and she has a long history of going “against the grain” of her party – even trying to put the kibosh on pensions for politicians.

As the Kansas City Star reported recently:

Less than a month after taking office as a state senator in Jefferson City, she [Steelman] called for the elimination of state pensions for lawmakers — an idea that infuriated many colleagues.

The bill didn’t get far, but Steelman now is talking about doing the same thing in Congress.

So, it’s real simple.  Steelman is showing what a candidate should be talking about when they are on the campaign trail.  It’s still important to listen to the debates but it seems Steelman is now set up for the Palin-treatment in the general election — she should be very proud!

The Steelman ad causing the stir:


In response to the TPM story, Steelman issued the following statement:

Rolla, MO – A recent article by Talking Points Memo has drawn comparison between Sarah Palin and Sarah Steelman. Steelman, who has been compared to Palin before, is flattered by the comparison.

“Recently, I have been made aware of a Talking Points Memo story that did not accurately reflect my views on Governor Sarah Palin.  Let me be clear that I am proud of any comparison to Governor Palin, who has been a champion of conservative values and hard-working Americans all across this great nation.”

Steelman continued, “Like Governor Palin, I have spent my entire political life fighting the Good Ole’ Boys Club, despite the political consequences and personal attacks.  I am going to Washington to put government back in the hands of the people, because the status quo has got to go.”
Sarah Steelman is running for the GOP nomination to challenge Sen. Claire McCaskill in November. Ms. Steelman is a former State Treasurer and State Senator, a strong supporter of limited government, individual responsibility, and sound fiscal policy. She is also a staunch advocate of life, the Second Amendment, repealing Obamacare and strengthening our military.

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