Palin’s Effect on Women vs. Obama’s Effect on Black-Americans

Contributed to by Mary Beth House

A strong black conservative will have to run and govern the country effectively to undo the damage Barack Obama has done to future prospects of black candidates in this country.

It’s a rather bold statement, but considering how some on both the left and the right continue to sell out Sarah Palin by insinuating she’s hurt the chances for future female prospects within the GOP, it’s certainly an easy conclusion to come to when you examine the facts.

In an article written in U.S. News, “expert,” Jennifer Lawless is enlisted to explain that Romney won’t pick a woman as his running mate because of Sarah Palin.  In it, she claims “if Democrats have a female nominee at some point, either as president or vice president, that could erase” the so-called damage Palin has done to women in politics.

Jennifer Lawless is portrayed in the article as an author who writes books on women in politics.  Further, she’s lauded as a Director of American University’s Women and Politics Institute.

Nowhere in the article does it mention that Jennifer Lawless actually ran a failed Congressional campaign back in 2006 against a sitting Rhode Island incumbent.  In fact, running against the popular Democrat incumbent in the primary, Lawless was ultra-pro-choice which awarded her the endorsements of NARAL Pro-Choice America PAC and Planned Parenthood Action Fund.

Obviously to say Jennifer Lawless has a prejudice in offering up her “expert” opinion on Sarah Palin’s effect on women in politics is an understatement.  But on the other hand, who can blame any member of the left nowadays who continues to perpetuate these myths when principally-weakened members of the GOP establishment continue to do all they can to open the flood gates when buying into them?

Earlier this year, Karl Rove said that Palin’s endorsement was “not worth snot” even though her recent endorsements of Richard Mourdock, Deb Fischer, and Ted Cruz beg to differ.  Writers at the Daily Caller very recently mocked Palin as “increasingly irrelevant” while simultaneously complaining that she hasn’t yet endorsed Mitt Romney.  Viewer-starved MS-NBC  hosts like Joe Scarborough write pieces for Politico suggesting the GOP avoid the “perils of Palin” while cramming her name into their articles to get web hits.

This brings light to the recent statement made by Juan Williams about “real reporters.”  It’s the real reporters along with the real politicos and the real politicians which create an eventual need for a fact-based smack down of the games they engage in by citizen bloggers like us.

After three and a half years of an Obama White House, it’s the job of bloggers to actively compare the job performance as executives of both him and Palin along with their accompanying effects on women, blacks, and society in general.  Somehow the “real reporters” haven’t gotten around to it.

Sarah Palin didn’t use one dime of her budget to pay off special interests or crony-capitalists.  Instead, she used her two years as Alaska’s Governor to not only balance her budget, but cut it substantially in both years.  As a result, she was able put billions away into state savings for the future of Alaska’s citizenry – including the women!

Obama inherited a recession (newsflash!) but used the crisis to cram a trillion-dollar failed stimulus down the throats of Americans.  Not only did he use billion-dollar thank-you notes for special interests through failed companies like Solyndra, he filled ambassadorships and panel-positions with 68 of his 350 campaign bundlers.  As a result, 5-6 trillion dollars has been added to our nation’s unpaid debt.  This hurts the country’s entire citizenry – including the blacks!

Sarah Palin fought for sweeping ethics reform as Governor.  She fought entrenched special interests within her own party and won.  She took on the crony-capitalists of big oil and won.  These measures benefited all Alaskans, including the women!

Barack Obama forced healthcare reform on the nation – even when the majority of Americans didn’t want it.  The politicians in Washington who made it all possible are exempt from it.  His union buddies and their Cadillac plans get a pass.  It’s Americans like us who get stuck living with and paying for it.  This “plan” hurts the future prospects of business and prosperity for all Americans, including black Americans.

In Alaska, Palin’s policies led to a Standard and Poors credit upgrade in 2008 and Alaska eventually received a rating of AAA in 2010 under Moody’s as well.  In America, Obama’s failed leadership gave us our first credit downgrade as a nation.

As Governor, Sarah Palin expanded benefits for senior citizens.  As President, Obama cut 500B dollars out of Medicare to fund Medicaid.

After two years of effective leadership, Palin left her political office and went back home as a private citizen to live by the laws she created – as the founding fathers intended of all public servants.  She did this in part to have a bigger impact on the nation as an advocate as well as to prevent a few mediocre, yet opportunistic folks in Alaska from cashing in on a narrative created by the national left.  Palin said “no!” to their using her political office at the expense of the people as their roadmap.

After many years as a community organizer and college professor at Harvard, Barack Obama sat in the Senate.  He voted “present” more than a hundred times and used his political office to write and sell books and to go on Oprah to announce a presidential run.

One wonders considering the state Palin left Alaska in versus how Obama has steered our country, why some folks choose to focus more on how long a politician sits in a seat collecting cobwebs, power, and wealth with access to the people’s money as opposed to what it is they actually accomplish.  Maybe if they did, we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in today.

If all these direct comparisons aren’t enough, we have the historic rise of black unemployment under Obama to observe.  We have food stamp recipients increasing by historic proportion.  Black poverty has increased under his failed policies.  Surely these are all signs confirming Congressman Allen West who said that President Obama’s policies were “destroying the black community.”

Truth is realized.  Nothing different happened with this particular black president with regard to what the left had planned for the black community all along.  In fact, through approval of Harry Reid by implying Obama had a pleasant skin tone and didn’t speak with a “negro dialect,” it was clear that Obama was embraced because he walked and talked like they did.  By using him as their vehicle, they scored political advantage by playing the race card against opponents of their disastrous policies.

But aside from refusing to say the obvious with regard to Obama’s effect on the black community, politicians in the GOP establishment not only purposely ignore it, but they play along with the false narratives with regard to Palin’s effect on women.

It’s par for the course in a world where “informal advisers” of presumptive nominees say “Palin poisoned the well” for possible female 2012 VP contenders or when long-term Palin-bashers among the GOP are rewarded with promotions for presidential campaigns.

When will Republicans realize that running away from principles, facts, and time-tested truths only leads to their own demise?

Nevertheless, the facts remain clear.  Unlike Palin’s proven resolve which led to policies benefiting all citizens including women, Barack Obama’s leadership in America has definitely put a damper on the future for black politicians.  It’s also purposely put a stranglehold on the true growth and progress of decent black American individuals – probably the biggest display of social injustice any of us will ever witness.

Just don’t hold your breath waiting for “real reporters” or “experts” to say anything about it.  Further, certainly don’t expect the GOP establishment to speak truth to it.

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