Politico: Allen West Questions Romney Team

Proving that we can take less-than-fortunate circumstances on our mission to fire Obama and retain our values and knack for common sense, Allen West went On The Record last night and delivered a much-needed admonishment to Romney for his choice of staff members.

Via Politico:

Rep. Allen West suggested late Monday that Mitt Romney re-evaluate his campaign advisers, hours after top Romney aide Eric Fehrnstrom said on TV that the individual mandate of President Barack Obama’s health care law is not a tax.

“It’s a tax,” the Florida Republican told Greta Van Susteren of Fox News. “I think that the governor probably needs to look at who he has within his circle of advisers, and probably get … them to provide the right type of counsel and advice.”


Romney himself is campaigning on a promise to repeal Obama’s signature first-term accomplishment, and Fehrnstrom’s comment on Monday that his boss doesn’t consider the individual mandate a tax raised eyebrows among Republicans.

West, warning that the country’s sovereignty has been threatened by Congress’s “unlimited taxing authority,” suggested that Romney would be mistaken to believe that the mandate is not a tax.

“Gov. Romney needs to understand … the precedent that it now establishes whereby the federal government can, as I said, mandate a certain type of behavior or mandate a certain type of action and they can actually tax you … for your inactions,” the congressman said. “I think that’s the incredible thing that we must all understand.”

He added, “I believe that President Obama has been misleading and actually probably lying to the American people.”

If Mitt Romney is running as the candidate for the opposition to big government, his record is simply too lacking to deny this valuable advice from Allen West.

In the tradition of patriots like Sarah Palin and Allen West, we must hold these politicians and politicos accountable.  While it’s true that accountability is usually reserved for when they are in office, we cannot allow them as candidates to make the rest of us look foolish.

Mr. Romney, it’s a tax!

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