Romney Surrogate Sununu Dismisses Governor Palin’s Advice, Says ‘Base Is On Fire’

On Tuesday night, Governor Palin tried to encourage Mitt Romney’s campaign to motivate the base, by telling Sean Hannity:

He [Romney] has said before that he doesn’t want to have to light his hair on fire. Well, there are a lot of his base supporters, Independents who are saying, ‘well, light our hair on fire then. Remind us how important it is that we get engaged in this presidential election, because it is the election of our lifetime.’ And we saw in the 2010 electoral victories, and we saw in the Wisconsin recall victory … that the base, the Independents, the Tea Party patriots need energized to get out to vote.

As Tony Lee pointed out over at Breitbart:

Palin said if the Tea Party is not energized in the fall, it will be difficult to defeat Obama and “reverse course against bankruptcy and insolvency.”

By all measures, the 2012 election seems like it will be a “base” election like 2004, where the side that best mobilizes will win.

According to a recent ABC/Washington Post poll, nearly 90 percent of people have already made up their minds about their vote in November:

At this point, 74 percent of all voters are “definitely” supporting Obama or Romney, and 12 percent say it is unlikely that they will switch from one to the other, making the race a settled issue for nearly nine in 10 voters. For both campaigns, such a high level of early commitment shifts the focus to turnout — and to which side can muster the most effective get-out-the-vote operation.

Contrary to the conventional wisdom that the so-called independent voter needs to be courted, Romney needs to maximize his support among Tea Party voters so that they turn out as fervently for him as Evangelicals did for George W. Bush in 2004.

Governor Palin gave the Romney campaign some very sound advice. In order for him to get Barack Obama out of the White House, he is going to need to put some effort into getting his voters motivated. One way that Mitt Romney could help energize the base, would be to stop having his staff members bash Conservative leaders, like Governor Palin. That would be a start.

Second, they could stop what they’re doing, and try listening to the concerns of the base, the Independents, and the Tea Party patriots of this country. But, it isn’t going to happen overnight, as proven by Romney surrogate, John Sununu during a recent radio interview:

So, instead of encouraging the base to get motivated to help remove Obama from the White House, John Sununu dismissively laughs off the suggestion. Then, he proceeds to say that the base is fired up, which proves that the people speaking for the Romney campaign, are in denial about the reality on the ground. This response showcases that they aren’t listening.

Gary Jackson also weighed in on this today with a very valid reminder. He wrote (emphasis):

The take-away though is what she says about Mitt Romney, who still doesn’t have a clear message, and totally underwhelms the base of the Republican Party. While most of us will vote for Mitt, because Obama must go no matter what, few are excited about it.

[Governor Palin] tells Romney he needs to be bolder and courageous. She also notes that Romney once said he wasn’t going to “set his hair on fire” while running. She answers that by saying he had better set the base’s hair on fire, meaning he better do something to get everyone fired up. To inspire voters to come out and support him. And she’s right.

Ronald Reagan used to say that Conservatives need to paint in bold colors. No pale pastels. Mitt Romney [or any other candidate] isn’t going to win by simply being “Not Barack Obama.” Oh, he’ll get a significant number of votes, but will it be enough to put him over the top?

People want to vote FOR someone, not AGAINST someone else.

You’d think Mitt would have learned this lesson from the primaries, where much of his competition ran on being “Not Mitt Romney” rather than offering up bold solutions.

Until the Romney campaign can let go of their egos, listen to the people trying to help them and the country, they’re going to continue to flounder against the Obama-media machine. In what should have been a breeze of an election, all things considered, the Romney camp is just making it harder on themselves and subsequently, every American. That is, if they remain dismissive and unresponsive to a little constructive criticism.

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