Worthless Has-Been and Nominal “Comedienne” Viciously Smears Teenage Girl in Desperate, Continuing Search for Relevance

Kathy Griffin aired on of her “comedy” specials the other night on the Bravo Network.

The word “comedy” is in quotes as is the word “comedienne” in the title of this op-ed for the simple reason that, even though each claims those monikers, there was nothing funny about either.

I’ve tried to calm down a little bit from my initial viewing so that I could respond without devolving into a full-on spleen ventage.  But, to be perfectly candid, I’m having a difficult time of it.  I can’t view the footage currently over at Breitbart (which I will not post here as it is entirely NSFW) without a myriad of epithets dancing like proverbial sugarplums in my head.

My industrial strength sporks are still sharp, however, and are clamoring to be utilized against one such as Griffin.  Or Ellen Barkin, for that matter.  Each is a member of the left’s tolerant voices choir of hate and each deserves the business end of a spork for their vile utterances.

But, let’s focus on Griffin, who in her “comedy” special, called Willow Palin a dirty whore and suggested that she is porn star in the making.

Isn’t that just hi-larious?  I know I’m laughing!

Gosh, there’s nothing quite as funny as a “comic” act that focuses on personally and brutally attacking minor girls, is there?

Hey… do you know what’s even funnier? Kathy Griffin referring to Bristol’s show as a train wreck.  Well, it takes one to know one, sweetness.

It’s also funny that she jokes about her ties with Levi Johnston.  Yes, when he had his 15 30 75 200 15000 minutes in the spotlight, Griffin paraded him around so that everyone would know she was cool and acceptable and they could all sneer and laugh about how horrible the Palins are.  I haaaaates the Precious!  Go me!!

Of course, now that Levi’s star isn’t quite what it used to be, i.e., she and those like her wrung every drop of bile they could from the little twerp, she dropped him like a hot potato.  “Ricky Hollywood” used to decorate her arm as she manipulated the ignorant fool for her own selfish reasons, and now his only purpose is as a sad punchline in her “act.”

But then, her entire act is sad.

But then, so is the performer.

I could go on about this if I were so inclined.  I could for example call Kathy Griffin a skank and a viperous leech who uses and abuses others people for her own benefit.  I could call her a talentless hack, desperate for attention and fame, with a sick obsession with Governor Palin and her family.  I could suggest that she’s a disgusting excuse for a human being and that her “humor” feeds the darker impulses and cruel side of the “entertainment” industry.

I could say all that and much more.

But I won’t.

Instead, I’ll let The Great One speak for me.  Via The Right Scoop:

The entirely fabricated “war on women” line of attack was used on the GOP, and yet here we have a young girl who’s being smeared and degraded in the name of humor by the “tolerant” left.

Who will stand up and call this out?

I had always thought children were off limits.  Kathy Griffin has done an exceptional job of disabusing me of that notion.

Does this mean that children of political figures now up for grabs?  Young girls?

If that’s the case, then I guess I should start working on a comedy act for some intrepid comedian to perform where they can joke about Obama’s innocent daughters being future porn stars and dirty whores.  Or perhaps I could target the equally innocent children of some other political figure I don’t like, since that seems to be the rule of thumb (or is that only true if the kids targeted for unchecked vitriol belong to conservatives?).

At any rate, I’m sure that some humorist would be thrilled to bring it to the stage.

It’s just comedy, after all, or so we’re told when leftist “comedians” uses their public profile to attack the children of politicians they don’t like or make quips about conservatives, Governor Palin in particular, being assassinated.

What’s wrong with that?

Can’t you take a joke?




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