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17 Million Fewer Viewers Watch Ryan in 2012 than Palin in 2008; Updated, Update II: WaPo and CBS Chime In

I think this verifies with some pretty substantial numbers that there just isn’t the same excitement for Paul Ryan as there was in 2008 for Governor Palin. Via Mediabistro (emphasis):

On night two of the Republican National Convention, Fox News Channel was once again the network more people went to to get their political fix. That said, every network was down substantially from the same night in 2008, when Sarah Palin made her RNC debut

Every other network was down. Every network was also down from 2008, with FNC down 1.5 viewers,  NBC down 3.5 million viewers, CNN down nearly five million viewers, ABC down three million viewers, CBS down two million viewers and MSNBC down about two million viewers. It is worth noting that night two of the RNC in 2008 saw a speech delivered by Palin, who at the time was still a relative unknown.

All told, just over 20 million people were watching last night on the Nielsen-rated networks, compared to 37 million for night two of the RNC in 2008. Night one of the 2012 RNC was roughly on par with night one of the 2008 RNC ratings-wise, making the gap all the more dramatic.

This is just speculation on my part, but maybe it wouldn’t have been as bad for Fox had they not benched Governor Palin for their night two coverage. Just sayin.

You can read all the numbers here.

Update by DougMinus Palin, Convention’s TV Ratings Plunge

Updated by Steve:

The Washington Post reports the difference: Without Sarah Palin. a ratings dive

CBS also reports: Paul Ryan Not Nearly the TV Draw Sarah Palin Was

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  • BrianusBerkleianus

    There is only ONE Sarah Palin!!

    VIVAT POTESTAS PALINIANA–Long Live Palin Power!!!

    • Carolyn Dixon

       and to hear rush and sean say that ryan is the new sarah palin is down right sickening.  i’m glad his numbers were lower than hers.  just shows she’s the most powerful, popular political figure in the world.

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Amen, Carolyn!!

      • wandrako

        She can’t be replaced.  Ryan is a differnet person but an excellant speech also.  There is no need to wish negatives on him.  He has done nothing to Sarah.  This is not a great attitude for a supporter of Sarah.

        • Carolyn Dixon

           i didn’t wish "negatives" on him.  i was referring to the numbers watching wandrako.  don’t read more into my post than was there.  what did i say that was wishing negatives on him – i said i ws glad that the numbers for those watching him were lower than gov palin.  what the hell is wrong with saying that?  give me a break. i was simply agreeing with a known fact. his numbers were lower than gov palin.  and you think that is bad?

        • Carolyn Dixon

           it’s obvious to romney supporters on this site, you can’t have an opposing view or belief.  i’m not going to be a sheeple like you, hold my nose and blindly vote for another well known rino and mobster like mitt romney.  I"m tired of being attacked for standing on my principles and beliefs.  apparently some of you have forsaken yours.  it is no wonder that we are in the mess we are in.  If you don’t stand up for what you believe in and do exactly as the gop establishment knew you would do, vote for their hand picked candidate, then you have no right to critcize me for standing up for my rights and freedoms as an American.

          • wandrako

            That is your choice.  By not voting or voting for the wonderful president we have now and he wins you will have voted for the destruction of the US.  Take your choice and don’t  bother responging to this.  I have no time for idiocy.

      • BlueGood

        So down only 17 MILLION??? …..and this surprises us Palin Supporters???


        Still P.O’d they ditched Sarah….it’s gonna cost em big time!

    • Elwanda Burrell

       Yesterday after Sarah posted that all of her Fox interviews had been
      canceled, Fox was nundated with  emails, calls, tweets and within a few
      hours, Sarah Palin had over 85,000 "likes" on her FB post. So this
      afternoon she was on with Megan Kelly and tonight with Neil Cavuto on
      Fox Biz channel and tonight on Hannity.

      • Carolyn Dixon

         don’t mess with our barracuda or you will find yourself at the bottom of the ratings.  look at cnn/msnbc. 

  • Quang Do

    We don’t get mad. We get EVEN.

    Romney/Ryan, RINOs, and FOX are a bunch of LOSERS. They justdon’t know it yet.

    • wandrako

        I read on this site somewhere that Fox had cancelled all Sarah’s commentary for tonight.  i just saw her on Hannity.  So much for the gossip. 

      • pipam12

        they canceled all her spots wed night because the convention was shorter then excepted

        • wandrako

          I will write to Fox and complain.

  • 01_Explorer_01

    Thank you Stacy for posting this.  Amazing numbers.  I wish she would get the bus out and campaign for those senate races just to show the turnouts she would get.

  • Craig Phillips

    Oh Yeah!

    and She’s Totally irrelevant!!

    LOL x 80 million!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • heshtesh

    This subject has been going hot and heavy at Hot Air, Sarah has no lack of support, ya she’s irrelevent to the tune of 5 pages on the Headline’s section.:)

    • DocBarry1

      How stupid is the Romney/Ryan Team to not place her in a Prime Time Speaking Slot and then doing a power grab with the rule changes to add to their stupidity

      Great post

  • Craig Phillips


    Makes you think they might have been smart to give her a prime time slot, or make her another "suprise" speaker.

    Of course they won’t, but its worth the thought;

    By how many votes in McCain/Palin lose by in 2008 – i.e. how many GOP voters stayed at home compared to 2004??

    Then think how many of those 17 million less viewers will sit out 2012…

    …and then think how many of them would have voted for the GOP this November if Sarah had been given a prominent spot at the convention & not $hat on from a great height!!

    If mittens loses by less than 2 or 3 million votes and its down to a few swing states, the GOPe disrespect of Sarah Palin will be exposed as the worst unforced error in US politics that I’ve known at least in my lifetime.

    • DocBarry1

      Well said – I wrote to Fox News that they are wasting a Treasure – wake up or you will lose her and everyone that supports her

      The only reason,in my opinion, that Fox gets away with their disrespect towards Gov Palin is that their competition is so weak

      • wandrako

        She was just on Hannity.

        • DocBarry1

          I believe that Fox News was flooded with unhappy viewers re how they were Disrespecting the Governor so they got her on with MKelley in the afternoon, Cavuto – who treated her great tonight and then Hannity
          There story yesterday that they didn’t have time was bogus.

          The bad news is time flies.
          The good news is you’re the pilot.- Michael Althsuler

      • ProudAmerican247

        Excellent, Doc!

        • DocBarry1


          The bad news is time flies.
          The good news is you’re the pilot.- Michael Althsuler

    • lonestar

      In all fairness, millions of democrats watched, while knowing if they didn’t destroy this woman and her entire family, she would be the Vice President.

      • Mountain

        Or the president!

    • Carolyn Dixon

       i don’t get the clint eastwood spot but no sarah palin? what has this old actor done to get conservatives elected?  this tells me he is a  liberal just like rino romney.

      • wandrako

        It will be short.  Sarah would need more time.  She would have been fantastic. 

        • Carolyn Dixon

           should have eliminated mike the huckster huckabee and jebbie bush

      • pipam12

        he was very funny 

    • wandrako

      No matter what you think of the ticket and what ever you think are snubs, you had better think about what happens if they lose this election and make sure that every one you know votes for them.  There is time to straigten out the rules thing that was meant for Paul not Tea Party members.  Tea Parties have sensible policies, Paul’s have some nuttiness.  If they lose the election we will not have a country when Obama finishes with it. 

      • friskyness

         You Romney people just don’t understand……..if Romney loses it will be all his fault for dividing the party……………I was right about the convention, I am right about this…..Go tell Romney to shape up….or he’ll lose big………………

      • socon

        Yeah, go tell Romney to shape up or he’ll lose big, and it will be all his fault!

        Thanks, friskyness!!

      • Carolyn Dixon

        the rule change was aimed at Sarah palin for 2016.  they know she is probably going to run in 2016 if romney is elected.  ron paul will be out of congress and this was his last campaign.

    • friskyness

       30,000,000 registered republicans did not vote in 2008…………

      • Craig Phillips


      • socon

         Would have been 35,000,000 without Sarah on the ticket!

      • Carolyn Dixon

         and how many more will it be this time?  the gop establishment has no idea the damage it has inflicted on itself by snubbing gov palin from this convention, not even allowing the speakers to give her a shout out and to thank her for her unwavering commitment to get conservatives elected in all levels of local, state and federal govt.  this will be the demise of the gop forever.

  • Christopher H Fromme

    That was a great day in 2008 that will never be surpassed by any VP to be.  It was the great awakening of the conservative movement.that had been sleeping since Reagan left office.  We will continue a long term plan to make RINO’s and liberal irrelevant. 

  • James A. Tyler

    Holy crap, that’s as many people as who voted for Hillary in 2008!

  • heshtesh

    Can anyone confirm if Paul Ryan was stupid enough to make this statement?

    Ryan had this to say about it.
    “…Palinistas should not have to live out their forties in their basements, fapping to fading Palin posters and wondering when they can move on and get going with life.”
    HumpBot Salvation on August 30, 2012 at 7:02 PM

    • Dan C

      I’m sure that is just some idiot commenter being stupid.

    • generictrainee

      Thats just BS from some commenter.

    • wandrako

      Are you serious?  Of course  he didn’t say that!!  He said the kids in their 20s living at home. 

      • socon

         He said that about Obama.

        • TIMERUNNER

          Your right on!

          tea party express

  • SusanWo4p

    This is on Yahoo tonight:

    "More than 40 million people watched Palin’s acceptance speech at the 2008 convention. Nielsen estimated an audience of 37.2 million in 2008 for all the networks except PBS, which pegged its audience at 3.9 million based on a slightly less complete Nielsen sample."

  • navak

    I switched to CSPAN since I wanted to hear the speakers,,,,,,not Fox commentators,

  • IndieDogg

    In a twist of fate laced with irony, the fact is, the speech Sarah Palin gave in 2008 was probably partly the cause of the assault launched against her in its aftermath.

    She literally scared the hell out of them (and probably some in the RNC as well who saw their consulting and crony capital budgets shrinking before their very eyes).

    Sort of like what a blast of daylight can do to a pit of vampires.

    And the best news of all… she’s still here! And not going anywhere!

    Except maybe up Pennsylvania Avenue on one fine, brisk day in the future.

    • indemind


    • ProudAmerican247

      ^5!  Indie!

    • ZH100

      "In a twist of fate laced with irony, the fact is, the speech Sarah Palin
      gave in 2008 was probably partly the cause of the assault launched
      against her in its aftermath"


  • Elwanda Burrell

    We told them no one was going to watch their dog and pony show…..they wouldn’t listen and now they will pay the piper.

    • smbren

       Mitt really could lose this thing…but it really isn’t about Mitt. Anyone of them could have lost this thing. Sarah could have taken it, but I digress.

      I gave up news altogether for my New Year resolution January 1st. I am much much better for it. I get Sarah clips here (all of them), and I do watch special clips of news on the computer. I have had the news on for the convention but after that it is off again. I find I am so much less ticked off, I still am up to par, everything I need is on line.

      I am being totally honest though when I say that I have to go by the premise that Obama will be re-elected. I cannot allow myself the slightest possibility or positive thought about a Romney win. It will be too devastating for me. Election night in 08 was awful. The last four years have been painful. I put it in God’s hands, I will do my part, but I shall wait for election night and hear the results online.

      • Carolyn Dixon

         if obama gets reelected it will be because the gop establishment failed to realize that we conservatives are tired of their shananigans and power grabs and will continue to withhold our votes for their hand picked elitist candidates.

    • socon


  • derised1

    Our Sarah is like lightning in a bottle! 

    No one else comes close (even though I think Ryan is handsome). ;)

    • carolyn50

      He remins m of the kid on adams family

      • Guest

        LOL…I don’t see handsome……

  • Nancy6

    Thanks, Stacy!

  • Spartan4Palin

    What, a ratings drop?  But Governor Palin is old news.  She’s insignificant.  A cartoon character.  A piece of the past that no one wants to remember!!!!!!!!


    • Spartan4Palin

      I will ALWAYS stand with Governor Palin!!!


      The jokes on the media, Democrats and  RINO republicans!  Mrs Palin will alway’s be known as one of Americas greatest heroes. Well deserved.
      The others will be known as just hanky panky politicans, the RINOS and Liberals, are not to ever be trusted with freedom and liberty.

       Tea Party Movement Of America

      • Carolyn Dixon

         right up there with the great one, ronald m reagan. 

  • smbren

     Yes, or the country is still into Obama and willing to give him a second chance…..a horrible horrible thought.

  • smbren

     Discus puts my comments where ever it wants to.. The above was a reply.

  • Nancy6

    She would still draw more than all 4 2012 candidates.

  • Ann Virginia

    Sarah Palin was the reason why I held my nose and voted for McCain.   I don’t think Ryan can bring the enthusiasm this time.  If they vote GOP because of the ABO factor.

    • lonestar

      I will be voting for Ted Cruz for senate and check the R/R just so those counting the ballot don’t decide who I would have voted for if left blank.  They have been known to to it.

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