Andrea Peyser | Mike Bloomberg hitting the bottle

This is just creepy.

Acting more like a competitive Park Slope uber parent than the leader of New  York City, Mayor Bloomberg has waded with both left feet smack into the middle  of the Mommy Wars.

The 70-year-old mayor, who as far as I know has never latched an infant onto  his bare chest, is waging war not on sugar, fat, cigarettes or soda. Bloomberg  is scolding and harassing vulnerable new mommies on how they should feed their  kids.

The war on women is complete.

Bloomberg’s latest Nanny State initiative is called “Latch On NYC’’ — a  program destined to create shame, fear and anxiety among the people who  reproduce. The mayor is not simply telling adults what to eat, drink and  breathe. He’s virtually requiring new moms to nurse their newborns or risk  social and cultural condemnation, not to mention hard-core bullying from City  Hall.

Presumably, that is, if a mom’s breasts contain less than 16 ounces of  milk.

Starting next month, the city is enacting the most punishing  pro-breast-feeding program in the nation, if not the world. City health goons  are not just suggesting that “breast is best.’’ They’re practically accusing new  moms of child abuse if they don’t comply.


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