Attention MO GOP Central Committee: Please Consider Sarah Steelman

I believe it is very likely that Missouri Representative Todd Akin will do the right thing tomorrow and file papers to drop out of the race to challenge Claire McCaskill, and I am not alone in this sentiment.  If and when he does, I will join Ann Coulter in praising Rep. Akin for putting the country and the fate of Obamacare, and quite possibly the Presidential election, ahead of his personal ambitions.

At that point, the members of the GOP Central Committee will have to come up with a name to replace Akin on the ballot. It is this group of individuals to whom I am specifically addressing in this Op/Ed.

As you deliberate your choices, please consider Sarah Steelman to replace Todd Akin.

As you know, Governor Palin endorsed Sarah Steelman:

As we seek to fundamentally restore our great nation to strength and prosperity, we must send more commonsense conservatives to the U.S. Senate.  We need sincere public servants who will fight for us, not the special interests and the permanent political class in Washington. Sarah Steelman will fight for all of Missouri and all of us, and that is why we must send her to D.C. this fall.

Sarah has run a grassroots campaign the way it should be run – handshake by handshake, voter by voter, farm to farm, not TV ad after TV ad.  As a former State Treasurer and State Senator, Sarah has often had to stand up to the political establishment – even those in her own party – to stop out of control spending and the destructive debt it leaves in its wake. As a mother of three, Sarah knows that we must cut our unsustainable debt to preserve our children’s future. She’ll fight hard for Ag families against the crushing regulations that the Obama administration has put on them.

Please join me in supporting Sarah Steelman for U.S. Senate. Let’s send a commonsense conservative woman from the Show Me state to show Washington how to get things done.

–       Sarah Palin

She recorded a tv commercial for Steelman:

She went to the “Show Me” State to campaign on Steelman’s behalf:

We here at C4P even had a chance to interview Sarah Steelman.

So it should come as no surprise that we are impressed by her credentials and join Governor Palin in the belief that she’s the right person for the job.

But there’s more to politics than being the right person with the right message and sometimes characteristics that should not necessarily be a factor when making the determination of who to support need to come into play. This is one of those times and in this instance, the characteristic in question is that of gender.

I say this as one who detests identity politics and is generally repelled by the notion of pulling the “gender card;” but it is because of the nature of damage Rep. Akin did to himself and to the GOP both in Missouri and nationally that I believe the answer to end this kerfuffle as quickly and quietly as possible is to choose a woman for the position.

Claire McCaskill invested a lot of money to run against Representative Akin, and is now coming to his defense. Gee, I wonder why. (Could it be that she doesn’t want her investment to go to waste?)

Replacing Rep. Akin with another male will only force McCaskill to change the name on the attack ads but not the tenor nor tone because secretly ALL GOP men feel that way, don’t you know. The message will be that the GOP is filled with sexist dinasaurs and the the GOP is an insensitive entity who does not understand the plight of women; and McCaskill will ride to victory in a year where she should have been crispy fried with a side of bacon.

As this issue has already long since gone national (welcome to the Twitter era), all those seeking office will face the Akin question, especially if the replacement is a man. The “war on women” is back on the table and instead of talking about the destruction Claire McCaskill and Obama have wrought on our Republic, we’ll be talking about how out of touch the GOP is and how many Republicans fall into Rep. Akin’s “legitimate rape” trap.

Is this fair? No. But politics usually is not fair.

The quickest way to mitigate this problem and staunch the bleeding is to have a solid female Conservative take his place. Quoting Ann Coulter:

Republicans could still win this seat, especially by replacing Akin with Sarah Steelman, the Sarah Palin-endorsed candidate who came in a very close third in the primary. Right now, any of the other primary candidates would be a better bet than Akin. But an attractive, pro-life, Palin-endorsed Republican woman is a shoe-in to beat McCaskill. Especially after this.

Of course, Rep. Akin has to make the first move. But after that, it’s all on you, Missouri GOP Central Committee.

I humbly request that you take the points and reasoning made in this article into serious consideration. We still have a chance to pick up this seat. Please choose wisely.




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