Tuesday’s Palin Power Contradicts Mouthpieces at The Daily Beast

When I learned that an establishment bore at The Daily Beast wrote a piece on Governor Palin resembling the familiar “Palin is over” cries we’ve heard in that past, I knew it was going to be deep – just not in factual substance.

But I decided to keep my powder dry and await the results of Tuesday’s elections in Georgia and Texas.  Both Palin-endorsed candidates had good nights which delivered a few good slaps to the establishment.

First, Martha Zoller in Georgia’s House race forced the establishment-preferred Collins into a runoff election.  Second, Ted Cruz in Texas won the nomination for the Texas Senate seat against the establishment-blessed David Dewhurst.

But the realization of how it is for Palin’s influence as opposed to the way someone like John Avlon at the Daily Beast wants it to be helps me to better understand the frustration brewing in the establishmnt.  As a matter of fact, I feel a little sorry for what is left of their importance and/or influence in political matters.

Starting with Avlon’s piece, he claims that Palin is “seen as something of an embarrassment.” To support his conclusion he does the following:

1.)    Uses Dick Cheney, Steve Schmidt, and a virtual unknown Senate Candidate from NY to make his case.

Dick Cheney is just the latest conservative icon to join the chorus of voices who recognize that the selection of Sarah Palin for vice president was a major-league mistake. The man who first brought Palin to John McCain, Steve Schmidt, famously came to that conclusion before the 2008 campaign even ended. Now Team Romney doesn’t even want her to be seen at the same podium in Tampa. And in perhaps the unkindest cut, Mindy Meyer, the Legally Blonde-inspired 22-year-old conservative New York State Senate candidate known in the tabloids as “the Magenta Yenta,” dismissed Palin by saying, “She’s just so oblivious to the issues.”

First, whatever happened to true “conservative icon[s]” like Ronald Reagan used as the basis of grassroots credibility?  Dick Cheney may like to go hunting every once in a while, but he’s also the same “conservative icon” who sat in the first Republican administration in history to leave five trillion dollars of unpaid national debt behind.  It was because of the Bush years and what it did to “conservatism” that we got four years of Obama.  Bush did well defending us and with his tax cuts.  Yet, he fell short when it came to spending the excess his cuts brought into the government.

Second, Avlon uses Steve Schmidt; the man who thought it was a brilliant idea for McCain to suspend his campaign after the biggest financial collapse in modern history, as another model for “conservative” credibility.  I’d like to know the status of Schmidt’s influence.  Was he offered a job on the Romney campaign due to the ability he exuded in 2008?  At least Karl Rove went on to be a successful establishment-hack.  Other than Hollywood looking for establishment sellouts whose careers are hanging on by a thread or MSNBC and all twelve of their viewers, who cares what Steve Schmidt thinks?

Third, he uses a 22-year old NY State Senate candidate he calls a “conservative” who’s earned the nickname of “Magenta Yenta” to add to his impressive chest of “conservative” ammunition.  Apparently Sarah Steelman or Deb Fischer weren’t available.  To read more about “Magenta Yenta’s” credibility or direct quote on Governor Palin, click here.  But be prepared to laugh.  Like, totally.

2.)    He invokes “death panels” and “blood libel.”

Doubts that began with talk of “death panels” only grew with mutterings about “blood libel.” Over time, the reflexive Republican impulse to defend her honor became replaced with exhaustion and embarrassment.”

As a good moderate, Avlon would apparently rather attack Sarah Palin’s countering of trillion dollar social experiments forced on us by the left in lieu of giving his benefit of the doubt to common sense.  Palin’s “death panels” argument has been characterized poorly, yet vetted by the likes of John Avlon more so than Obamacare itself.  Nevertheless, Palin’s assertion is backed up by documented instances over the last fifty years in Britain where Government runs health care and has to eventually begin rationing when the well runs dry.  For a more detailed look on this, click here.

Since folks like Avlon ignored the “blood libel” manufactured against Palin and the Tea Party in the case of the Tucson shooting, ABC was all-too-ready to immediately assign blame to the Tea Party in the very-early reporting stages of the Aurora, Colorado shooting just last week.

3.)    He talks to a previous Palin supporter who now supports Ron Paul:

“Take David Kelly of Colorado Springs, the one-time treasurer of the Draft Sarah 2012 committee. In 2009, when I interviewed him, Kelly believed that Palin “represents the silent majority of this nation … she invokes what conservative America’s all about: God and Country.” Now he’s come to a different conclusion.


But now? “I realize that she’s another Republican talking head,” says Kelly, who is today a proud Ron Paul supporter. “I don’t think she has the caliber to make a great leader for this nation in these times … She’s off my radar. It’s a sad statement.”

Clearly by now, Avlon’s desperate mission to get the answers he needed to support this article is apparent.  The only problem is Avlon fails to tell us what a Ron Paul supporter would have to say about such stellar “conservative” creatures like Dick Cheney, Steve Schmidt, or “Magenta Yenta.”

If Palin really is a “Republican talking head,” what does that make David Frum or John Avlon who invoke her name to get attention?

4.)    He cherry picks polls (and cherry picks the results)

“Almost a year later, in September 2011, a McClatchy-Marist poll found that “by 72 percent to 24 percent, Republicans and Republican-leaning independents do not want Palin to run for president in 2012. Even among Tea Party supporters—a group that likes Palin—68 percent do not want her to run.””

The McClatchy-Marist poll in September of 2011 he references revealed a couple of other things, too:

“After trailing Obama by more than 20 percentage points in polls all year, the new national survey, taken Sept. 13-14, found her trailing the president by just 5 points, 49-44 percent. The key reason: She now leads Obama among independents, a sharp turnaround.”

This revealed Palin having no trouble with conservative-independents (the ones needed to win a general election).   “Republicans” at The Daily Beast are one thing, but the majority of common sense voters in this particular poll proved positive.  The silent majority of independent constitutional conservatives are usually the ones who decide elections and who probably couldn’t care less about the establishment’s position. This is why her endorsements do so well among the grassroots.  This also explains why Palin is susceptible to the multitude of attacks leveled at her by these establishment self-promoters – even after she removed herself as a political threat by not running for President.

5.)    He portrays Kathleen Parker as a victim and praises Bill Clinton

“This new consensus is a vindication for her critics, especially Republican skeptics like Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker, who described Palin as an “attractive, earnest, confident candidate. Who Is Clearly Out Of Her League.” In the hothouse atmosphere of 2008, Parker’s statement earned her some 20,000 emails, many of this vintage: “You’re not one of us, you’re one of THEM, the liberal lovers, the flag-burners, country haters, the ones who want to kill god and put Stalin in his place and see this nation destroyed by a sea of brown people and gays.””

First of all, he had to have Kathleen Parker’s back.  She once had his:

“Americans who are fed up with the Ann Coulter/Michael Moore school of debate, and are looking for someone to articulate a common sense middle path, may have found their voice in John Avlon.”

Second, I love how they choose to showcase Tea Party Americans and conservatives as racist and homophobic based on one alleged e-mail Parker received.  If they want to see a mixture of all types of peaceful races and diversities, they should consider attending a real tea party.  Or they could simply observe how many times the Tea Party has been called racist, homophobic, or violent – and how these allegations never turn out to be true.

In praising Bill Clinton (in trying to degrade Governor Palin), he says:

“It is surreal but true to say that Bill Clinton is now the Republicans’ favorite living Democratic president, a person who even Newt Gingrich now refers to with nostalgia and something like respect.”

Well, he has a point.  The problem is the reason we appreciate Bill Clinton’s successes as President is solely because of Newt Gingrich and his brilliant ability to get Clinton on board with true government-cutting ideas like welfare reform and balancing our budget.  Unlike “conservatives” like Avlon who are easily tugged to the left, Clinton was tugged to the right when Newt reached his hand across the aisle, yet remained solidly planted in his position as a fiscal conservative – a quality that Republicans at the Daily Beast know nothing about. After all, it takes principle which doesn’t involve sucking-up-to-leftist rhetoric.

Further, I do believe Bill Clinton is a wise politician.  Perhaps Mr. Avlon should have taken a look at this video of Clinton when he advised that “it’s a mistake to underestimate her [Palin].”

Or in this video, when even President Clinton acknowledged in the case of Obama (compared to the Bush administration) that prior public office experience wasn’t a factor in the 2008 election.  He went on to state how impressed he was at Palin’s and her family’s ability to face issues together concluding “Senator McCain looks like he knew what he was doing” in picking her:

As hard as Mr. Avlon tries, his half-truths and cherry-picked details fall short.  Yet, in selling out a true representative of the Tea Party and grassroots conservatives, he wins the praises of a few Palin-deranged cynics on the left.

So as is usually the case with establishment talking-heads, their resentment of Palin gives us reason to smile.  Throughout their fruitless efforts to undermine, she’s the one candidates are calling for endorsements.  She’s the one shaping our Congress to dictate what the future of politics is to look like.

And even though it will be great for America, it won’t help the careers of washed up pundits who continue to foster the same politics-as-usual Palin and the Tea Party continue chipping away at.

Update (Correction)

I had originally linked this post to a smaller blog post over at the Daily Beast by another writer which served as an extension to the Avlon article I discuss.  I included it because the name “David Frum” appeared all around it’s content.  However; David Frum is not responsible for it (even though one could argue he sponsors it seeing his name and picture are all around it).  Since it offered less in content and it wasn’t David Frum who wrote it after all, I removed that portion and my responses to it from this post.

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