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Governor Palin: Ted Yoho for Congress

Via Politico:

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin endorsed veterinarian Ted Yoho in his bid for a House seat in Florida’s 3rd district on Tuesday.

“Underdog candidates like Ted aren’t running because it’s easy, and they don’t plan on going to Washington to just ‘go along to get along.’ No, these underdogs are running to fight for sudden and relentless reform and they know the hard work it will require to make it happen,” Palin said.

Yoho made national headlines last week when his campaign took out 24-year Congressman Cliff Stearns in Florida’s GOP primary. Stearns had held an enormous cash advantage over Yoho, and Yoho had never run for a political office but still managed to win with by the slimmest of margins.

“If you’ve had enough and are ready for some real reform that puts government back on our side, please join me in supporting Dr. Ted Yoho for Congress in FL-3. Let’s send this commonsense businessman to D.C. to fight for us. He won’t forget who sent him there,” she said.


“I’m honored that a strong conservative leader like Sarah Palin is backing my campaign and I cannot thank her enough for her endorsement. I admire Gov. Palin for her relentless passion to challenge the status quo and to advance the conservative cause,” Yoho said.

You can visit Ted Yoho’s website here and contribute to his campaign.

The AGU-FL contact is Amy:

(h/t Mary Beth for the image)

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  • Elwanda Burrell

    We are going to love the House and Senate that Sarah Palin and the Tea Party built.  Sarah is taking the RINO’s out one at a time…..conservatives can not give up, we have to keep fighting!!! 

    • TheresaAK

      Not in Alaska…they just keep putting RINOs back in office…

      • nkthgreek

        With all the mixed feelings about Sarah in Alaska, how can she best help the process up there?


      The House that Sarah built….I like the sound of that…….but we gotta make sure the gope leave their grimy hands off of them.

  • Gator Mom 7

    Please someone let Sarah know about Todd Long running against Alan Grayson in district 9…he has an uphill battle too and the alternative is totally unacceptable.  Alan Grayson does not represent me or any of my neighbors…or anyone for that matter except maybe a huge pack of snakes.

    • blueniner

      Grayson is a mental case, he needs to be eliminated at all costs.

  • indemind

    David Limbaugh

    How ironic for some to support Akin bc of angst at left and as a result end up aiding & abetting the
    cause of the left i.e, electing Claire

    ¸.*SarahAmerica *¸
    .¸.¤*¨¨*¤.¸¸.¸.¤*¨¨*¤. …………  Not4Sale

    Palin-  “May we always be happy, and may our enemies know it.” ….  *_*

  • Guest


  • Guest

    Right On Sarah…….Go Ted!!

  • Cathy

    This is a good pick – I went to his web page and was reading the ‘Endorsement’ page – I know some of the people who have endorsed him although I do not know him. Hope he makes it.

  • Lemuel Vargas

    Yep, now that Sarah was proven right when she endorsed the other Sarah, Floridians must VOTE for Ted Yoho in particular and those that she will endorse in general..

  • wodiej

    Thank you Gov. Palin for all you are doing to help us stop obama!

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