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Governor Palin With Megyn Kelly and Bret Baier (Video), UPDATE: ‘Zealot’ Sound Bite Caught While Gov. Was Speaking, UPDATE II: Brit Hume Responds

Via SarahNet

Before posting this video, my co-editors and I detected what we heard as someone saying the word "zealot" in the above video at 1:34 while the Governor was speaking.  We verified the separate version of the video posted at RightScoop by asking the site owner and they heard it there as well.

It has now hit Twitter and Jedediah Bila says it best: "What .The. Hell."

Absolutely unbelievable.  I am no expert on microphone or feedback issues.  But, I do know that two completely separate versions of the video (ours from SarahNet and the version RS put up) both have the soundbite at the exact same time mark.

Coincidentally, this happened a couple hours after Governor Palin went on to talk with Mark Levin about certain party bosses trying to strip power away from the grassroots.

Apparently some over at Fox News are so protective of Chris Christie, that an innocent "got to that point" comment on his speech was enough for someone over there to refer to Governor Palin as a "zealot."  Whoever said it will probably go on unknown and I cannot say we can expect Fox News to come forward and offer the Governor an apology.

But they still owe her one.  Whatever their problem is, this was a completely unprofessional move by Fox News.  Enough is enough!

Update by Stacy: I’m currently trying to find a better email address to send in complaints but for now, you can go here to let Fox know how you feel about this:

On Twitter you can go to: @foxnews
Or contact Bret Baier (@BretBaier), Megyn Kelly (@megynkelly), or Brit Hume (@Kimsfirst)

Update by Stacy: Brit Hume responded:

@Bassmaster12 @Stacy_Drake This is almost comical. Mic picked up a snatch of an off-camera conversation I was having. The word was "salad."

I’m not sure if he was talking about food, something else, or if this is just an excuse, but it is his explanation. At least we know that it was indeed Brit Hume who said it.

Update by Steve:

As Stacy has indicated, Brit Hume attempted to make the situation right by explaining that what he really said was "salad."  We are grateful for his response and effort to explain.

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  • friskyness

    She is just too humble.    Her convention speech was spectacular!  She won’t say it, but I will.  Ryan has a tough act to follow.

    • Sentinel34

      I’m afraid you are correct.  She raised the bar so high that there will most likely be a let down.  Nothing against Ryan but the metric that he will be measured against has been set.

      • Jose R. Gonzalez

        That’s for sure.  I know I was let down.  Neither Christie or Ann Romney gave bad speeches.  In fact they were very good.  Simply not to par with Governor Palin in ’08.  For good reason Governor Palin’s speech has been regarded as one of the best political speeches in modern American history.

        • ckmarti

           I don’t think I heard Sara’s speech from ’08, I’ll have to look it up. I’m sure I missed out on something really great.

      • ckmarti

         I agree with both of you but I’ve heard Ryan speak and I"m sure he’ll do just fine.  I love this team we got!!  I just wish Sara Palin was invited to speak, now that would’ve been something to hear!

  • myfairlady

    There was buzz on twitter that someone called Palin a "zealot" right around the 1.34 mark on the tape.  I just listened to it and it is there, and It sounds like Brit Hume to me.  Make you check it out when you listen to it.  The Fox personnel are so rude, mean and nasty when it comes to Palin, especially the guys.  It plain old snobby sexsim.  What jerks!

    • Ann Virginia

      I live in red state and I am skipping the President and VP line..I just can not hold my nose and vote for Romney …I quit watching FOX NEWS too.

      • Terry Hogan

         Jethro, By not voting for Romey and Ryan, you ARE voting for Obama. We all need to work as hard as ever to get rid of Obama.

        • PatCashman

          Terry, No one can argue with anyone who votes for Romney out of desperation.  But please understand those who cannot.  Romney just proved that he is a big government statist with his power grab with the delegates yesterday.  Win back the senate and deal with Obama later.  Maybe a freshman will have the ball to impeach him.

          • Carol Robinson

             And 0bama isn’t? You would destroy our nation by allowing 0bama to win, simply because your candidate is not the one chosen? RP couldn’t have legalized marijuana without the approval of Congress – He and Barney Frank tried just a few months ago.

          • falling321

            There was no power grab with the delegates.  The truth is that RP did not win a state, he did not win a caucus, he did not win delegates, but when it came time to assign people to those delegate spots his people arrived on their buses and hassled everyone in the room, postponing voting over and over and over again using obscure rules and when the average person looking for a spot as delegate was forced to leave sometime in the early morning hours,  RP people then assigned themselves those delegate spots.  They stole the delegate spots, they did not earn them and they weren’t even good enough thieves to steal enough to put RP over the top and make him the nominee!  They are whiners and sore losers.  RP was never going to be the nominee and if God himself came down and MADE RP the nominee he was NEVER going to be elected president.

      • SunnyJS

        Cut the progressive style drama queen crap Jethro, leave the nose holding to the sillies and get your ass to the poll and vote for Romney.  Your conceit is beyond self destructful and the complete abdication of libertarian ctizens obligation to the republic.  You and Congressman Paul have become your own personality of cult…exactly what the tyranny of Obamabots are doing.  Get a grip.

        • falling321

          Well said!  And should RP or Gary Johnson manage to get just enough votes to throw the election to Obama, they won’t go down in history as mere election spoilers, they will go down in the history books as the ones who lost America to socialism! 

      • ckmarti

         Well then don’t piss and whine if you get stuck with more of the same from obama!

        • socon

           That’s exactly what we’re afraid of with Romney!

          • ckmarti

             Nothing to be afraid of, Romney has the business sense and experience to start fixing the economy.  He won’t be sitting with his thumbs up his ass like obama did for the past 4 years!

            • socon

               We’ll see.  I trust Romney about as far as I can throw him.

              • wandrako

                Sarah supports the ticket.

                • socon

                  Of course she does.  Sarah’s not a selfish pol like some others we know.

      • wandrako

        Sarah supports them.

        • socon

          Yes, we admire Sarah for her unselfishness.  Don’t you?

    • Betsey_Ross

      They are indeed all you say they are.  They have to be jealous of her especially the guys.  We know O’Reilly is and now apparently they have to tolerate her because of her contract as she is basically the only reason that Fox gets any ratings.  She is the only one anywhere that has any political sense.  It is her gift.  They are totally jealous and clueless.  Frankly it will be the reason I don’t watch Fox anymore.  Compared to Sarah none of them can interview her with any ease or transfer of knowledge. 

      Of all the people out there in the political world very few really understand her gift.  I think Newt does and would love to be able to harness it.  The same with Bill Clinton.  Mark Levin and even Dick Morris.  For now, Sarah must chart her own way.  Being free of Fox would be a good thing.  But it is what it is.  They need her for the election cycle and she has to do her job. 

      The Fox folks have shown that they aren’t up to her level.  They appear to be jealous and petty and all of them seem to be turning into Ron Burgundy.  One already is Ted Baxter and has been for many years.  They say stuff to fill up air time.  None of it has any relevance and the truth seems to be sacrificed.  I guess this is the evolution for any 24/7 news group. 

    • vspcmike

      My first reaction when I heard it was that it was Brit Hume. Now, he is trying to say it was him saying "salad". BS!! Brit Hume is part of the establishment, the good-ole-boys club. I have noticed over this election cycle that he has repeatedly shown contempt for the Tea Party and true conservatives, so when I heard "Zealot" in that voice, I KNEW it was Mr. Hume before he admitted it.

      • Douglas DeLong

        He was probably saying "word salad" – which is the most accurate way to describe Sarah Palin’s speaking style. 

        • socon

          It was an ugly insult from a used up has-been.

      • wandrako

        He has supported Sarah on many occasions.

        • socon

          You lie!

    • ckmarti

       If Fox is so mean and nasty to her then why is she on their show all the time?? I don’t think it was anyone from Fox, probably some liberal idiot (Juan Williams maybe?).

    • mainelysteve

      She gets better ratings and draws bigger audiences than they do, and their egos get bruised!!

    • wandrako

      Brit Hume has said many nice things about Sarah.  He has defended her on a number of occasions.  I have heard him.

      • socon

        There was no excuse for Hume’s insulting comment about Sarah.  He’s unprofessional.

  • Journeymen

    Yep somebody did call Sarah "zealot" I heard it too! It had to be one of the control people in my view but it could also be a guest

  • friskyness

    I don’t get it……what did she say that was so bad in this interview…Sarah was very courteous.

    • connservative

      Agree with that.  Makes no sense, especially if it were about what Palin was saying.  Maybe it was a reference to Ann Romney?

      • socon

         Ann Romney and/or Christie.

      • JuliaKiss

        it was SALAD…Sarah is respected and to assume that makes us not better the the other networks that bashed the Convention all night.

        • socon

          No it wasn’t–it was zealot.   I think the other networks would show more respect for Sarah than Fox.

        • falling321

          Clean out your ears.  It was zealot and it was easily heard by everyone.  Brit Hume is definitely NOT a fan of Sarah Palin’s as evidenced by his comments on O’Reilly the other night when he said that she was not invited to the convention because she was "out of politics" since her resignation as governor of Alaska.  Did the idiot miss the fact that Sarah Palin practically single handedly won the House back for the GOP in 2010?  Does Hume think Rove is out of politics?  Huckabee?  If so, why doesn’t he speak their name with the same contempt he says Palin’s name?

    • stevethird

      What has she ever said that was so bad. PDS is a mental illness.

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    probably was juan williams, its apparent he has a problem with white women. 

    • Reynolds88

      Sounded more like a Greg Gutfeld type of snidery.   At any rate, totally unprofessional.

      • socon

         Gutfeld likes Sarah.

    • Jean_A

      Juan was already replaced for calling Ann Romney a corporate wife.

    • mark1955

      The same problem MITTEN’s has.

    • stevethird

      Yup…that and the fact that he’s just a blithering idiot   All these rough tough Fox dudes and dudettes get all goo-goo and ga-ga when they are in her presence, and then suddenly off-camera get all courageous and speak their warped Lamestream minds trying to curry favor with peers. Supposedly these are adults….disgraceful.

    • Audrey

      Juan Williams is who I was thinking too, he shouldn’t have been there anyway, even if he works for Fox, he is a liberal for Obama. what good could he have to say about the republicans.

  • mder4thegov

    Gov. Palin won’t say it, but I will: her acceptance speech was the greatest in history–bar none.

    • carmtom13

      I agree with you, she set the bar so high there is no one who can come close to that great speech she gave.

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Amen, mder4thegov!!

    • vspcmike

      It was especially great when you know that her teleprompter went blank half way through her speech. 

  • friskyness

    Yeah, I just heard it too!  Bastard!

  • Reynolds88

    She said a lot in saying ‘he finally got to that point" to talk about ROMNEY’s credentials. She can’t help but be honest it just sneaks out, LOL.  To my mind I agree 100%. 

    IMO, Christie’s speech was an endless string of aphorisms and cliches and very hard to take all his family story and and on and on without any philosophical focus.  Oh yeah, compromise and get things done…sure sure but say NO and blah blah blah, teachers are good, unions not so good, etc. 

    I think CC is still not ready for prime time.  Ready for YOU-tube maybe and confrontations with hecklers, but I didn’t hear much of anything inspirational, sorry to say.

    • excopconservative

      My wife watched his speech while I was trying to take a nap.  All I heard was Christie talking about himself before I dozed off.  I woke up at the end when he asked people to stand up.  If you have to ask for a standing ovation, that’s lame. 

      Gov. Palin talked on Levin today about party unity.  She did not use either of her media appearances to squelch the rumor that she could be the Thursday night surprise guest speaker.  It would not be in character for Team Romney to agree to an unvetted speech by Gov. Palin on the closing night, but it would not be out of character for Gov. Palin to agree to speak in the name of party unity and of defeating Obama.

    • JELRGrandma

      Heard Chris Wallace praise Mrs. Romney’s speech, but said Christie spent too much time talking about himself and didn’t mention Mitt until late into the speech.

  • carmtom13

    I herd it to. I listened to it a couple of times and to me it sure sounded like Brit Hume saying that and it just might be him. When he was on O’reillys show o’reilly said that governor Palin was not asked to speak and Hume said well she is not in politics anymore and o’reilly had a look on his face like our you kidding.

    • karenfromny

      I saw Brit Hume with O’reilly when Brit said she is not in politics anymore.  Bill was like ‘are you kidding me".  O’reilly made Hume look like an idiot.

      • Reynolds88

        They are both over-rated blowhards.

  • otto

    Chris Christe leaves me cold. I think he’s an empty bag. So what he said ,i do not know.Nor do i care.. i know that the list of enemies mounts in the Republican party.

    These hacks think of this as business as usual, from their high rise hot tubs.But it’s a new dawn,if we just have the will to finish this . And we do .

     The Republican party hasn’t got the guts to oppose a sand flea. They are pretenders Karl. It’s only their money that cushions them ..Not for long..

    Stay strong,and once Obama is another bitter memory ,then men like Rove, and his crony buddies, have to be crushed. For they are the real impediments to our survival. To our freedom.

    First Obama is defeated soundly… then the war begins anew. That’s the way it has to be.

     SO BE IT !

  • Jean_A

    Christie looked like a blow fish reading off a teleprompter.  He was not into it at all.

    Ann Romney was OK.  She looked more like she was pleased with herself than anything else. She was like I did it, look at me, I did it.

    The truth of the matter is that Gov. Palin gave an once in a lifetime speech and people at Foxnews know it and they know nobody at that convention is going to come anywhere close to it.

    I mean did you watch some of the speeches they were dull. I was on twitter tweeting, Gov. Palin endorsee speaking.

    The speakers in 2008 were much better.

    • socon

       "Blow fish."  LOL!

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    Sarah is so very gracious and noble and self-effacing.
    Re last night, she praises Ann Romney’s speech (and those of others).

    Re 2008, she lauds Senator McCain.

    It is never about herself; it is never "ME, ME"!!

    As Bristol says in the CPAC episode of "Life’s a Tripp":


    We must pray and labor, Brothers and Sisters, that this noble and generous-souled and fearless patriot may become our President someday.

    She is the VERY HEART OF AMERICA in this troubled time!!

    • skygirl

      Brianus….your comments always are right on!!! Love it!!

    • skygirl

      Brianus….your comments are alway so genuine and right on!!! Love it!!

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    And thanks, Steve and Stacy: I too caught that "zealot" in the background at 1:34.

    Well, give me 1,000,000 so-called "zealots," really PATRIOTS, like SARAH PALIN over ALL the cowards at FOX and in the GOP Establishment!!

  • wodiej

    Someone at Fox calling Gov. Palin a "zealot" was indeed uncalled for.  But that is all you have to say about this clip? Gov. Palin was extremely gracious and supportive about the convention and people speaking.  Someone at Fox calling her that name is about as important to me as a gnat on the Empire State Building.

    • stevethird

       Trudat! They only diminish themselves. It’s fun to speculate who chose to do that, though. I’m thinkin’ Brit…

  • smbren

    Wow, just wow… See MSNBC, FOX IS fair and balanced….they are just like the rest of the msm. disgust option is in order.

    • Carolyn Dixon

       that’s why i don’t watch anymore.  didn’t watch any of the speeches last night and will not the rest of the week.  don’t plan on supporting or voting for mobster mitt after the power grab yesterday on rule 12.

      • Carol Robinson

        So, you are supporting "Mr. Clean" Barack 0bama? Sorry, but 0bama is the REAL thug! Mitt doesn’t smoke, drink, or take illegal drugs, and never has. Does this qualify him to be labeled a mobster? I think NOT!

  • Pete Petretich

    Here’s my brief e-mail question:

    Is Gov. Palin really a "zealot"? Is it Fox policy to smear one’s co-workers on national live broadcast??

    "Governor Palin With Megyn Kelly and Bret Baier (Video),UPDATE: ‘Zealot’ Sound Bite Caught While Gov. Was Speaking" 

    —Peter M. Petretich, Cleveland, Ohio, USA
     Communal Worker
       (USAF, 1992-1996, American Legionnaire)

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Thanks, Pete, and Happy Sarah Palin Day!!

  • slpence

    I heard it (zealot) very clearly and it did sound like Brit Hume.  Says a lot about his character, or lack thereof!  She is so generous and gracious in her comments, which speaks volumes about her character!  Dear Lord, I so wish we had her as our nominee . . . .

    • PhilTan

      You may be right. Haven’t heard it yet, but know Hume was rolling his eyes over Gov. Palin on Monday night ( I believe it was Monday ) with O’Reilly. That’s a real good possibility. 

    • philip127

      Hume & M. Kelly talk through the Pledge & National Anthem, Hume even aknowledge it and kept on talking. NO CLASS.

    • Carolyn Dixon

       he did say she was no longer in politics.  hey brit home u still aren’t on the airwaves?  she is more relevant than u ever dream of being.  just another moron spewing hate and jealousy over the most popular political figure in our history.

  • section9

    It doesn’t matter who it was. At some point, Palin needs to leave that network. It’s a burial ground for her political career. 

    • generictrainee

      I think if Romney lose, Fox will start to support her to keep viewers .
      If Obama lose other networks will give her a spot in a "enemy of the enemy" deal.

      But until the election is over MSM is all in for Obama and Fox is all in for Mitt.

    • hrh40


      She is just as shackled IMO at the GOP’s media wing known as Fox cable as she would be by the GOP handlers.


    • c4pfan

      I agree 100% with this post.  Sarah needs to understand that Fox News isn’t where she can best state her ideas.

  • attydomsalv

    But Sarah is a zealot.  She is a zealot for LIFE, LIBERTY, AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. She is a zealot for what our Founding Fathers created. She is a zealot for the American Dream.  She is a zealot for what our ancestors bled and died for at Valley Forge, Gettysburg, the Ardennes Forest, Iwo JIma, Hue, and the deserts of Iraq and Afghanistan.

    SARAH 2016 (we trust in you, HOLY SPIRIT).

  • OldGuyAZ

    Thank you, Lord, for providing a "zealot" such as Sarah for the cause of freedom.  Someone who believes in individual liberty and is willing to fight for it when others can and do not.. 

    • generictrainee

      She could call her third book "Zealot".

      • socon

         I’d wear that t-shirt!

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