Obama Campaign Sues To Eliminate Ohio Military Early Voting Rights

In the midst of foreign enemy pitched firefights, IED’s and rocket barrages, the Ohio military service men and women are now being targeted by an enemy at home as well. Obama presidential campaign officials, with the apparent go ahead from the commander-in-chief is suing to eliminate the legal voting rights of Ohio military soldiers. Millions in Ohio and across the nation may regard this as an unthinkable act of unbelievable disservice to soldiers who place themselves in harm’s way daily. Of course, they would be correct.

For a calculating politician who had just visited the Buckeye State, just scant days before, one would surmise that this callous act would not have occurred. Well it has occurred and it is clear from the Obama administration’s undertaking to openly deceive and divide the voting public with deceptive attention diverting advertising ploys against Mitt Romney, their end game is to win this key battleground state.

What drives this desperate move to disarm Ohio’s military voters is possibly tied to the Wednesday Gallup Poll numbers that were released, showing Obama’s approval poll numbers stalling at 46 percent in Ohio. If these underperforming approval ratings worsen as the campaign heads into the post Memorial Day election battlefield, Obama and his administration will be decommissioned by the voters of Ohio.

Enter the Obama campaign’s clumsy effort to outflank the one area of the Ohio voter base that can unseat the president: the military vote. This is important, because in the 2008 presidential election, approximately 1.7 million votes or close to 30 percent of Ohio’s vote total were cast through absentee ballots. With the military vote making up a large chunk of the votes cast and most military votes are supposedly typically cast for the republican presidential candidate, you can do the math. Eliminate the military early voting right and you eliminate a probably Obama presidential re-election loss.

What appears unfathomable to a majority of Americans in the heartland, is how can a president of the United States fight to protect the rights of millions of illegal aliens who engage in an ongoing criminal activity, i.e. residing in the United States by breaking federal and state laws of entry. Meanwhile soldiers under President Obama’s command are being undermined by this same commander-in-chief who is fighting in the courts to destroy the valuable voting rights of military servicemen and women protecting this nation.

Righteous outrage is the first phrase that comes to mind and former decorated military officer and now Florida congressman, Allen West is outraged by this dishonorable practice by Obama and his presidential campaign. Congressmen West stated, "To have the Commander in Chief make our US Servicemen and Women the target of a political attack to benefit his reelection actions is reprehensible.”

Yes, indeed and when you think about your family members who have been noble in their performance of duty and service to this nation it indeed leaves one with a deep sense of betrayal by Obama and his administration. On one hand as Obama’s campaign fights to take soldier’s early voter rights, the other Obama hand fights to increase and fast track jobs, education, housing for illegal aliens. His administration also is in court fighting to weaken state voter ID laws which will increase illegal alien illegal voting.

Soldiers who wear the uniform of the United States’ military are not going to take this laying down. In fact, while the president’s men are sniping at our soldiers’ voter rights, military organizations have entered the field of battle. AMVETS, the Association of the U.S. Army, The National Guard Association of the Unites States and many others are rallying to the cause in a concerted effort to force dismissal of the Obama’s sanctioned lawsuit against soldiers.

Americans all over this nation, who have loved ones in the military, have been in the military or who simply love and support the military should let the Obama administration know your feelings.

Write to this page… and let your feelings as well as your support be known!

Write to your congressional representative. Write the White House. Stand with the soldiers and with Congressmen Allen West who says with a noble heart, “As a Combat Veteran, for this President to unleash his campaign cronies against our Military is unconscionable… Barack Obama is undeserving of the title Commander-in-Chief."

Ohio’s military knows it; Now America must know it…Forward to November when American military soldiers can give President Obama his separation from service papers for dishonorable conduct. This is a change that America can believe in.

Let me know what you think: http://shar.es/v6iuL

Obama - fights to take soldier voting rights away while military serve and pay ultimate price

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  • blueniner

    Would love to hear Sarah speak out on this issue to give it attention. Obama wants to keep the Military from voting but wants to give voter rights to illegals, felons and others. What kind of world are we living in?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JHM27SE26N253WDURJFH6XSCOI George

    Just the facts, guys.  Has anyone actually read this complaint? 

    What is says is that current Ohio law violates the Equal Protection Clause of the U.S. Constitution and 42 U.S.C. 1983 because it permits in-person absentee voting in the three days immediately preceding Election Day for some voters but not for others. Specifically, the complaint states that voters using the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voter Act can vote in the three days prior to an election but voters not using this Act cannot. The plaintiffs ask the court for an injunction, effectively restoring in-person absentee voting in the three days prior to an election for all Ohio voters.

    If you don’t want to believe it, here is the first paragraph of the Complaint –

    "Plaintiffs bring this lawsuit to restore in-person early voting for all Ohioans during the three days prior to Election Day – a right exercised by an estimated 93,000 Ohioans in the last presidential election. Ohio election law, as currently enacted by the State of Ohio and administered by Defendant Ohio Secretary of State, arbitrarily eliminates early voting during the three days prior to Election Day for most Ohio voters, a right previously available to all Ohio voters."


    In other words, it’s asking to restore the right to everyone NOT to take it away from the Military.

    The LSM is the LSM across the board.  But we can read things for ourselves.

    • ToneLoki

      The intent is to dilute the military vote through voter fraud. SOS. See my post above.

    • MaMcGriz

      This appears to be being used to help facilitate illegal voting.

      When we stop the pols on both sides from benefiting by this scourge we’ll have made a huge step in the direction of restoring integrity and control of our elections systems.

  • $20732943

    The evil of Barack Hussein Obama knows no bounds.  He sends his race hustling Attorney General to sue the state of Pennsylvania for its enforcement of Voter ID laws while simultaneously disenfranchising the men and women in uniform who keep our country safe.

    AND WHERE IN THE H*LL IS MITT ROMNEY ON THIS? Here’s ANOTHER opportunity for him to score points against Obama, but he’s too busy playing defense against Harry Reid!

    Mitt Romney is truly the Inspector Clouseau of American politics.

  • patnatasha

    the dufus in charge has no freaking shame.

    • DocBarry1

      Obama has shame because Obama=SHAME

      This is a travesty!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Pete-Petretich/100002088167892 Pete Petretich

    I was in basic training during the 1992 Presidential election so I voted absentee. Would this have affected my vote at the time? If I could not have voted in this way then I would not have voted in that critical election.

    Would the present Obama legal action have affected me then as I was trying to focus on my intensive daily military training?

    Btw, I live in Ohio and I was born on Election Day so I take this responsibility very seriously…

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/JHM27SE26N253WDURJFH6XSCOI George

      You can relax.  The Ohio law that is being challenged took away early voting rights from non-Military people three days before the election, leaving the right for the Military.  The suit is asking for ordinary citizens to be given back the rights the law took away from them.  See my post down thread which links to the actual legal document, which is not hard to read.

       What this means is whatever happens members of the Military will continue to have the right to vote early right up to election day.

      If ObamaforAmerica wins:  All eligible voters in Ohio can vote early up to election day.

      If ObamaforAmerica loses: a) Members of the Military can vote early up to election day.
                                                  b) Other eligible voters will not be able to vote early the last 3 days before the election.

      • ToneLoki

        So, clearly, 0bama believes that servicepeople are undeserving of any special preferences due to their status of always standing ready and on call to defend our country. I see.

        "ordinary citizens be given back the rights"?

        Or just ACORN workers, dead people, illegals, and pets? You know, 0bama voters.
        And I’m sure it isn’t part and parcel of 0bama’s campaign to nullify voter ID laws in Ohio and other states which were duely enacted and voted on by the citizens of those States.

        This post may be clumsily worded but it doesn’t change the intent behind his actions.

  • http://blogmeridian.blogspot.com John Buaas

    Perhaps you will believe Ed Morrissey on this (be sure to read all the way down to the update):


    • http://profile.yahoo.com/JHM27SE26N253WDURJFH6XSCOI George

      It really bothers me that Morrissey had to wait until someone sent him the following link:

      WHEREFORE, Plaintiffs request of this Court the following equitable relief:…B. A preliminary and permanent order prohibiting the Defendants, their respective agents, servants, employees, attorneys, successors, and all persons acting in concert with each or any of them, from implementing or enforcing lines 863 and 864 of Sec. 3509.03 (I) in HB 224, and/or the SB 295 enactment of Ohio Revised Code § 3509.03 with the HB 224 amendments, thereby restoring in-person early voting on the three days immediately preceding Election Day for all eligible Ohio voters;

      It’s NOT hard to find litigation documents.


      • http://blogmeridian.blogspot.com John Buaas

         Yes–this is an (embarrassing) matter of folks simply not reading what the documents in question say and instead relying on hearsay or, in this case, a confused news reporter.

  • ToneLoki

    More US servicemembers have died in Afghanistan in Obama’s 3+ years in office than all during Bush’s 8 year term.

    And this is the war Obama pledged to support in 2008, saying ‘this is the war we have to win", and then he turned right around after the election and announced a timetable for withdrawal, and has refused to use the words ‘win’ or ‘victory’ even in his speeches to the troops. Why are we even there at this point?

    Obama lied, troops died, Obama got votes.

  • colint

    If some how Sarah becomes the nominee, In her convention speach she should announce that she wlll hold the senior officer in each service responsible for any failure to get ballots to service members and returned in time to be counted in the November election. Can POTUS order penalties such as demotion. There should also be consequeces to state officials who do not hand millitary baloots expidicialy. Romney could do the same as it might get him some extra military vote.

  • nkthgreek

    My heart goes out to those in the military who are in this POTUS personal service:  Personnel on Air Force One, Marine One, etc.

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    Thank you, Colonel Allen West.

    This usurper in the White House, this Communist-in-Chief, this hater of America has got to go!!!

    Palin/West 2012 … Deo Volente!!

    • MaMcGriz

       I’m with you Bro.

      I’m having a Psalms 144 moment here, but have to thank this sociopathic pretender for giving Americans another good example of what he is.

      We’re coming for barky.

      Some of those occasional but nagging posse comitatus questions become a bit less burdensome today.

      Moreover, this won’t stand. It will backfire on them, as we know.

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Thanks, Ma!!

  • Patriot41

    An unconscionable act is putting it mildly, despicable is more like it !  Just read an article where on August 15th, illegals under the age of 30, will be able to apply for citizenship for $465.00.  Here we have a president selling a birth right to illegals for $465.00, while removing a birth right from our own military personnel.  It figures, when that same president cannot even provide a true certified copy of his own birth certificate.  It just goes to show how little regard this president has for citizenship or the rights, of natural born citizens in this country.  I suppose it is his way of mocking law abiding citizens and those who put their lives on the line for this country.

    When is this corruption from the White House going to end?  When is someone going to stand up in the Congress and say, " Enough is Enough "?  Where are all of those great patriotic legislators, who swear to protect and defend the Constitution and the laws of this country?  Why are our military leaders not standing up and defending the rights of the troops under them?  This is one Executive Order that needs to be challenged by every legislator and lawyer in D.C., and for once, justice needs to prevail. 

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