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Official C4P Full Steelman/Palin Speech

Here is the video of Friday’s speeches with U.S. Senate Candidate Sarah Steelman and Gov. Sarah Palin.

Much thanks to Mary Beth House for her editing magic!

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  • DocBarry1

    The people that come to C4Palin are so fortunate to have such great people writing and editing – I want to again thank Mary Beth as well as everyone else that supports Gov Palin –

    I believe that you can find out a lot about a politician by the people that support them – Gov Palin has unique, creative and wonderful Americans supporting her.

  • Elwanda Burrell

    If I lived in Missouri I would definitely vote for STEELMAN!!! 

    • Timothy Jacques

      I think Palin won’t be batting a 1.000 this year (like 2010). 

      Steelman, needed money and her opponents just loaded up with negative ads.

      Just wasn’t getting good vibes in the last few weeks.

  • Timothy Jacques

    Dear Ted,

    Can you give Deb Fischer a fundraiser in Texas?

  • c4pfan

    Awesome!  Thanks for putting this up.

  • Pete Petretich

    Great video! I re-Tweeted it over several sites.

    I hope this C4P tradition of high-quality, complete video editing continues!

  • Rob Hart

    Truck Yeah!!

  • John_Frank

    Steve, thank you very much!

  • philip127

    I’m going to try this question again in this space because I haven’t been able to find an answer so far.

    What happens in this primary if the 1st place person doesn’t get  50%+1 of the vote?  Run-off?

    • Elwanda Burrell

       127, everybody says no runoff!!!

    • Steve_Flesher

       I am sorry Phillip, there is no runoff apparently in Missouri.

  • anyonebutbarry2012
    RNC lineup starts to take shapeHeadline speakers for the Republican National Convention in Tampa:Florida Gov. Rick ScottSen. John McCainFormer Arkansas Gov. Mike HuckabeeSouth Carolina Gov. Nikki HaleyOhio Gov. John KasichNew Mexico Gov. Susana MartinezFormer Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice

  • abbyflo

    ty for sharing, I was unable to go, but doing my best to represent the Momma Grizzlies, who represent me.

  • Lynda

    YeMuch thanks to Mary Beth House for her editing magic! 

  • Timothy Jacques

    Palin’s 2010 endorsement scorecard:

    Can’t win them all but with a batting average like hers, the ghost of George Steinbrenner would come out of the grave to sign her up for the Yankees.

  • Guest


    Good Luck Sarah Steelman!

  • Bridgett

    Oh I hope this woman wins. Claire needs to GO!!

  • Bridgett

    I LOVE Sarah Palin. She is the ONE that woke me up..

  • dmac8889

    Mary Beth,  Thank You.  Watching Sarah speak always inspires me.

  • John W.

    Did any of the media coverage or blogger coverage of this event mention how clever Sarah was for wearing a Man of Steel t-shirt to a rally for Sarah Steelman? I suppose that would be too much to ask from the lamestream media.

  • Yolly

    Thank you Steve for covering Sarah Palin in Missouri and thank you to Mary Beth for her editing prowess!!!

    I love how Sarah Palin effectively connects with the audience. It’s truly amazing and very effective!

    Go, Go, Sarah Steelman! The surge continues.

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