One Man Army Todd Palin Saves First Mission on Stars Earn Stripes

Guest Submission by Ron Devito

Todd Palin started his mission with a splash, dropping into the water from a helicopter. As one man – Dolvett Quince – nearly drowned – unable to swim weighed down with over 70 lbs of gear – and was rescued, Palin immediately focused on saving the mission and treated viewers to nearly 12 minutes of valor, leadership, courage under fire, and adapting, improvising and overcoming.

Once ashore, Palin took out the guard shack with an FN Herstal MK 13 EGLM 40 mm Grenade Launcher affixed to his FN Herstal SCAR MK 16 LB. Then with the SCAR 16, he took out six targets, most on the first shot. He slid under low barbed wire as easily as he crawls on his living room floor with Trig – as shots crisscrossed over his head and explosions went off all around him. He ran through the mud with the ease of a jogger running through New York’s Central Park on dry pavement – his years of commercial fishing in the watery crucible of Brisol Bay served him well.

The awaiting mission team sat transfixed in awe. "He’s an animal," "Straight up Rambo," "Next war I’m in, I want Todd Palin by my side," they said. He then switched from Rambo to Hercules – Palin easily lifted the heavy ammo crate and carried it to the shack. He breached the door, while a teammate hurled the crate in. Palin got his team back to the helicopter and swash-buckled to safety as the shack was obliterated behind them.

Todd’s daughter Bristol Palin wrote about her dad’s mission success in a Bristol’s Blog entry.

These dramatic frame grabs and video bring to life today’s living Rambo and Hercules. The segment featuring Palin begins at 30:55 in the video.

Sniper Training. Palin uses a bolt action chambered in .338 (likely .338 Federal) on his moose hunts.

M-249 SAW Training

M-249 SAW Training

Palin’s Handiwork: All Kill Shots

The Drop

Go! Go! Go!

Guard Shack Be Gone…

It Used to be A Target…

Palin Fires His SCAR MK 16 with HAMR Scope

Palin First to Clear the Barbed Wire

Palin Stands in the Mud…

And Walks Toward his Objective…

Like Walking on a City Street…


Palin Transfers the Ammo Crate…

Breaches the Door…

POV of Palin Breaching the Door

Mission Accomplished


SCAR stands for Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle and was specifically developed for special operations under this program.

The manufacturer, FN Herstal USA is a subsidiary of the Belgian Fabrique National, which is well known for the world’s original "black rifle" – the FAL (Fusil Automatique Legere – Light Automatic Rifle), which was the "Right Arm of the Free World." The FAL was the standard rifle of armies in 90 nations. Original FN-FALs are illegal for import, but DS ARMS manufactures civilian legal and select fire models right here in the USA. The SCAR likely traces at least some of its lineage back to the FAL.

The FN SCAR is a gas short-stroke piston operated select fire rifle with a stock that both folds and collapses. It has a built-in M-1913 Picatinny rail top and rails on the forearm. The reciprocating charging handle, magazine release, and safety are all ambidextrous. SCARS numbered 16 fire the 5.56 x 45 mm NATO and .223 rounds and accept standard M-16/M-4/AR-15 magazines. Models bearing the number 17 fire the 7.62 x 51 and .308 rounds. Both SCAR models come in civilian legal semi-auto only versions and cost over $2,200.

Palin’s SCAR was fitted with Leupold HAMR Scope, which is a 4 x 24 fixed scope with a built-in reflex site for close quarters combat engagements.

MK 13 EGLM 40 MM Grenade Launcher

The MK 13 can be used as a stand-alone 40-mm grenade launcher or mounted on the bottom forearm rail of a SCAR. Todd Palin’s as mounted.

M-249 SAW

Another FN Herstal product, the M-249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) is a belt-fed 5.56 x 45 light machine gun. Todd Palin trained on this weapon but did not use it in his Amphibious Assault mission. The SAW was issued to Dolvett Quince, and taken out of action when Quince nearly drowned on splash-down.

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  • Elwanda Burrell

    Got to love the Palin family, they are the best of the best it is no wonder the GOP establishment, libs and media hate her. The Palins gets the job done…..way to go.  When the DWTS season starts we will get our voting fingers ready and vote for Bristol!!!

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Amen, Elwanda!!

      • Spartan4Palin

        I love how Todd was thinking of lifting the spirits of Dolvett when they got back to camp!!!

        God bless this family!!!

        • BrianusBerkleianus

          Amen, Spartan!!

  • Laddie_Blah_Blah

    Way to go, Todd! Hope they have it available on video on demand, as I missed the original telecast. Finally got to see the US women’s soccer team squeak out that win over Canada in the Olympic semis via VOD. What a battle. Too bad one of those 2 teams had to lose.

    Stars and Stripes sounds like more of an overmatch than Canada – US was. Todd has got to be the favorite.

    • excopconservative

       The video is posted above.  All the episodes will be available at

      • Laddie_Blah_Blah

        I just finished watching on VOD. The only thing Todd seemed to have trouble with was shooting the military weapon. That was surprising. But he excelled at everything else – first guy out of the water, first guy through the barbed wire obstacle, fastest guy through the mud – he was the best of all the contestants, at least on that first episode. He even beat the military team members through that obstacle, and handled the mud better than most of them, as well.

        Hope Track gets to see his old man. He would be proud.

        • CBDenver

          I noticed that after he adjusted the sites his aim was much better.  Apparently the sites were out of alignment

  • LLDub

    Haha….I’d love to have that Leupold HAMR sight for my AR, but at over $1,000, they’re a little pricy unless you REALLY need one.   And, they’re fixed a 4x power so for close quarter they have a 1x red dot on top.  Still, it’s a dream scope.   All in all I’m surprised they were able to pull of such a great show…for TV.  

  • DocBarry1

    Wow wow – what a remarkable 2 some Todd and Sarah – both outstanding as individuals and what a union

  • Sue Lynn

    Remember when Sarah Palin told us "Todd is hard core". I can see the look on her face just watching it . Sure hope Bristol took some pictures to share!!!!!

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    Thanks much, Ron, for the article and the great photos.

    Todd and Sarah: America’s Real First Couple!!

  • AngelaTX

    And this is what a real man looks like!

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Todd Palin: The First Dude of the United States of America!!

  • white531

    Found my way to this site from The Right Scoop, courtesy of K-Bob, one of the moderators on that site.  I am a huge fan of the Palin family and their fighting spirit.  Todd Palin should make the next Rambo sequel. Thanks for posting the article and the great photos.

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Welcome to C4P, white!!

    • AngelaTX


      • white531

        Angela, I always feel welcome among followers of Sarah. :)

  • PaMom4Palin

    If Todd was in the WH we wouldn’t need a secret service…he is a one man army!! 

  • texanpride

    What is not to love about these people? I so loathe the establishment in the Republican party that has tried time and time again to undermine Sarah. Hopefully, we can rid ourselves of these cowards.

    • white531

      I support the Republican Party because the alternative is unthinkable, but I would love to see Sarah re-decorating the White House come this January.  She’d have to pack her own gun though, because all the Secret Service would be hangin’ out with Todd.

      (edit was a typo)

  • fobshield

    Todd did really well and one can only assume that he will continue to do so. But what was really telling about what kind of man he is, is what he did after the physical competition. The first thing he said was we need to go and help lift the spirits of the guy who was not able to complete the event. That speaks volumes about the Palins. Regular folks. Real concern for others. Real. Not fake. As Sarah is when it comes to the concern for our country and all her fellow citizens.

  • Joan

    Picabo Street had more help but she did a great job too.  All the women were awesome.

    I would like to know why it took a lot more time to rescue Todd’s partner than Street’s partner?

    Since Todd went before Street, I guess they learned from watching his mission.

    • Laddie_Blah_Blah

      "Since Todd went before Street, I guess they learned from watching his mission."

      Exactly. No mission lesson goes unlearned. 

  • Jthom26837

    Todd Palin Sir,

    You saved the mission. You saved the show.
    Todd Pali Rocks!!
    Sarah Palin Rocks!!

  • TeflonWarrior

    You betcha! As a military member I was extremely proud of him and Picabo completing the objective even though things didn’t go perfect, it rarely does. For Todd though after the Team congratulated him he told them, "Hey, let’s not forget Dolvett" a mark of the military’s ethos of never leaving a man behind. 

    The most telling comment I think came from former Seal Chris Kyle,  “Forget Chuck Norris, send in Todd Palin!” Yeah, baby!!

    Let me hear your Momma Grizzly ROAR!!!!

    • DocBarry1

      Todd, is the man!

      After watching Todd in action, you can see why people hold up "Palin Power"

      As it always should have read "Palins’ Power"

      A shout out to 1st Responders – the Military what a group What a Country – thanks

  • MiBones

    What I most admire about Todd is his concern for his teammate. At the end of the mission, he is getting a compliment about "heart", which is a great compliment, but he wants to get back to  Dolvett, to lift his spirit up.

  • Charles

    As an actual Army vet  I earned my "stripes" (E-5) the old fashioned way.  By serving and giving up several years of earning ability.

    I refuse to watch this trash.

    I do not care to "game-ize" the military.  This trivializes war, and war is not a game, nor is it trivial.  These "stars" are not committed to years of low pay and the possibility of getting in the gunsights of someone who wants to kill them.  With cameras rolling, they will not be subjected to the insults and verbal abuse I endured.  They will not be forced to run laps around the barracks with rifle at "high port," apologizing to Sgt E-6 James T. Curry at the top of their lungs for a minor infraction, as I was.  They will not have to skip a meal if they fail the Horizontal Ladder.  Their hands will not bleed for two weeks (blisters on top of blisters) from their introduction to that same worthy device.

    Anyone who wants to know what the military is REALLY like always has the option of enlisting.  In REAL basic training you don’t get to go home afterward, you are all equal as less than worthless, you WILL be up at 5:30 and cleaning the barracks.  My only income in Basic was $67/mo as a Private E-1 (1966).  Like to see a "star" live on that.

    When WW II started, real stars like Jimmy Stewart and Ted Williams gave up their lucrative careers and joined for the duration.  Both were decorated combat pilots, Williams was an ace.

    Those "stars" earned their "stripes."

    • TeflonWarrior

      Buddy, I understand your point about gaming it, what we do is not a game. I earned my stripes (E-8) through 4 deployments to some not so friendly places. Right now America understands so little about it’s own military, we don’t have anyone that has even been considered this election cycle for the top job that has any background.  This can give Americans a small idea about what you and I faced, it also rallies many around our nations warriors, definitely honorable.  Furthermore the proceeds go to military causes.

      Having a son in the military, I know that the Palin’s have the utmost respect for our military and would never do something that undermines it. If you watched the show you’d realize that.  Even after going through the scenario these guys admitted that what they did was nothing even close to what really happens so please think twice before you lash out like this. Thanks.

      • DocBarry1

        I feel that it shows respect and honors the Military and first responders

    • hrh40

      Ooooo lookie, a lackey.

      We can see your comment history, ya’ know.

      But you are amusing, like a dog toy.

      Just an FYI, although your closed mind is already made up, the show supports the military in every way possible, including having just as many real-life military ops as celebrities, and having the celebrities play for military charities.

      But you go ahead and enjoy your closed mind.

    • Laddie_Blah_Blah

      I earned my stripes the old-fashioned way, too, including a full tour in Vietnam. Calm down.

      The show gives the military a chance to show the rest of the country what a simulated special ops mission is like. The military guys on the show have earned their chance to display their prowess and bravery under conditions that two of the celebs on the very first show would have drowned, trying to perform, had they not been rescued by their military team members.

      Several of the military folks have completed tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, and Wesley Clark was a company commander back in Vietnam. Go and complain to them about it, why don’t you? Maybe they know at least as much as you do about the military. And maybe they could teach you some lessons about what its like to bad mouth their show. Those guys are lifers, and gave up a lot more than "several years of earning ability".

      I mean, boo friekin hoo for you. 

    • Seabee

      You should watch it. Todd Palin’s partner is raising money for his charity GotUR6.
      charity for vets like you.
      Six laps around the "grinder" for you and when you’re done "drop" and give me 50.
      BTW, I serve 21 years in the Navy, from Vietnam to Desert Storm.

    • socon

      I find your post disingenuous.  A lot of money will be donated to military charities because of this show–I doubt if the vets who benefit from those funds will complain.

    • famouswolf


    • Aaron

      I have not seen the show because I do not currently live in the U.S., but isn’t this competition to earn money for military causes and not to put in their own bank accounts?

  • friskyness

    Obama would be crying……………..

    • socon

       …and wearing his mom jeans.

  • jgrimes

    I have new upgrade internet system, able to watch all this w/o pauses. Stars earn stripes is great.
    Go Todd………………

  • golfmom3

    I wish I could watch Track and his buddies (wherever they are) watch his dad doing this!  That would be great! 

    I’m sure Todd thinks of them and knows how much tougher it is when it’s real — what a tribute to the military.

  • Scarlett_156

    Wowee. O.o Sometimes I wish I had a TV. 

    • Joan

      You can watch it on the internert at the StarsEarnStripes site.

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