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Romney, GOP Establishment stage a coup at the RNC; Update: Michelle Malkin on the aftermath

I’m not trying to be overly dramatic, but if this isn’t a coup, I don’t know what is. For background, Mary Beth, Ian, Steve, and Stacy have been all over this story about the Mittster’s henchmen attempting to change the rules at the RNC in order to facilitate a power grab by Romney and his beloved Establishment.  (See here, here, here, here, and here.) The result of the Mittster’s new rules will be to centralize power in the hands of the Republican Establishment in Washington at the expense of the grass roots. It will also have the effect of making a primary challenge to Romney from the right in 2016 (if he wins) more difficult, given that he will control the party apparatus to an unprecedented degree given his new rules.

During Governor Palin’s interview with Mark Levin, the Great One mentioned something about John Boehner bringing up the rules change for a voice vote. Levin said that Boehner ignored the “nos” which were at least as loud, if not louder than the “ayes” so that he could give Romney surrogate John Sununu what he wanted. I wanted to believe this couldn’t be true; that the Republican Party to which I’ve given so many votes over the years couldn’t possibly stoop to this kind of Soviet-style maneuver. I was wrong:

This is nothing short of appalling, and is indistinguishable from the kind of thuggery we’ve come to expect from Democrats. They didn’t have the votes to ram Romney’s self-serving rule changes through the convention, so Boehner and Sununu (standing next to Boehner in the above video) simply circumvented the vote by declaring "the ayes gave it" despite all evidence to the contrary. What has the Republican Party become? How is this any different from Nancy Pelosi’s "deem and pass" gambit in 2010? More importantly, how are we supposed to support a party and candidate who demonstrate such utter contempt for their voters? If anyone has an answer, please let me know because I can’t support a party or candidate for whom this kind of behavior is acceptable.

Update: Michelle Malkin on the aftermath of Team Romney’s power grab in Tampa:

I have no patience for the Republican party-bots telling these front-line soldiers to shut up in the name of unity — and to hide “in-fighting” because the Left will publicize it. It should be publicized. Conservative activists and Tea Party members have worked their asses off within the system, doing the groundwork of righting the wayward GOP ship from the inside. These are the door-knockers, sign-makers, phone-bankers, and message-spreaders who fueled the Tea Party revolution and who enabled the 2010 GOP midterm victories. They fought for and earned their place at the table.

I also have no patience for the sideline-sitters who gripe that rules fights are booooooring and meaningless. The Tea Party conservative activists are doing what an effective movement is supposed to be: They’ve moved on from protests and rallies to the nuts and bolts of party politics. These battles matter, because exercising grass-roots muscles makes them stronger.

Finally, I have no patience for the addled critics who think we are unable to multi-task. Yes, you can criticize bad GOP maneuvers AND maintain the fight against Obama and the progressives at the same time! It’s easy if you try.

Much more here. Be sure to follow the link and read it all.


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  • momofsons


  • HuntingMoose


    So what. They just gave another reason for a third party in 2016


    and all disgrundled democratic and republican representatives are welcome

  • IsraeliCojones

    Thanks for posting this video, Doug.

    I just cannot find words to describe how I despise this wimp called Boehner.

    This guy has to be primaried to hell and sent back to his bar to do the dishes.

    And if I was a Conservative voter, I would vote for his opponent, in the case he would make it to the general.

    • socon

       Boehner’s just doing Romney’s bidding.  No surprise here.

      • mark1955

        Boehner doing Jeb/Roves bidding.

    • Carolyn Dixon

       let’s get alan west nominated when he wins in november.  he would be a terrific house speaker.

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    Ask George Soros. There is little difference between the candidates for President. They both need to exercise control over the electorate by any means necessary. It justifies their end game, and his.

    • IsraeliCojones

       I won’t ask George Soros for anything.

      • section9

        Well,  you could ask for the titles to the empty Jewish homes he sold to the Offizieren in the Waffen SS during the War. That would be a start.

        • socon

           The guy’s a monster.  He even looks like one.

        • IsraeliCojones

          I would probably get a loaded Glock before I ask him, then.

          • Mountain

            Love your spirit, IC.

            Soros is like MAFIA scary……… maybe worse!

            • IsraeliCojones

               Worse. Difficult for me to say how much I hate this Nazi.

  • AyePatriot

    I’ve been an "Unaffiliated" voter for decades, but switched to Republican in ’09 precisely so I could have my voice heard in primary elections. I attended two caucuses for the first time in my life so that I could be a delegate at the county assemblies, and my husband was also a state delegate in the last two elections.

    With this corruption we just witnessed yesterday, there’s no longer a reason to be a registered member of either party. I SHALL BE CHANGING MY REGISTRATION ASAP – THE REPUBLICAN PARTY JUST KILLED ITSELF. IT IS NO LONGER ANY DIFFERENT THAN THE DEMOCRAT PARTY.

    Bring on the "party of freedom" that Sarah Palin talks about.

    For the love of the country, for the defense and protection of the Constitution, and for the sake of a future living in liberty, Bring on President Sarah Palin.

    • socon

       Sarah the Reformer!  Bring on the zealots!!

      • Polarbearpapa

        Zealots4Sarah !!!!

        • socon

           I’d wear that t-shirt!

          • Carolyn Dixon

             should I design one?

            • socon

               I’d buy it.  I would love one in red–Sarah’s favorite color!

      • Leroy Whitby

        The zealot hobbits . . .

    • Benjoyce

      Spot on AyePatriot. I stop being a republican long time ago. The minute they start destroying Sarah Palin that was it for me.

    • BlueGood

      As, posted earlier, I really don’t think a 3rd. Party is an option, but now a MUST.

      I heard at best a tie in the voices, there should have been a Hand Count or a recorded vote!

      I watched Ann R., C. Christie AND Ted Cruz. All gave very good accounts of themselves and inspiring words.

      What REALLY surprised me though, Ted Cruz did NOT even whisper Sarah Palin’s name in his speech…that fact to me was very telling…..

      Feels to me like the "Fix" is in…very sad….

      "The Silent Party of the United States of America" ??? for Silent Majority…????

  • Laddie_Blah_Blah

    Doug, agree with everything in your commentary, except I am not that surprised. Thank goodness we have the internet so that we can stay connected as the current state of affairs is so unacceptable to so many of us.

    This cannot stand. It must be fought, and the people will fight it.

    • Laddie_Blah_Blah

      And many thanks to you, Mary Beth, Ian, Stacy and Steve for your efforts to keep the rest of us informed.

    • MaMcGriz

       Have you spoken with your daughter about this, Laddie?

      I shudder to think how many Americans are unaware of this and don’t recognize it for its significance.

      o/t, but to my great surprise the Denesh Souza movie (2016?) is playing this weekend just fifteen miles from here! We’re going for a matinee on Sunday. Can’t wait. 

      • Laddie_Blah_Blah

        Not yet, but she is coming over for dinner Sunday and then we are going to watch "Lost City", Andy Garcia’s epic abut the Cuban revolution. She thinks the socialized medicine that Castro offers is just the best in the world, so I wanted her to get the perspective of someone who actually knows Cuba, and can speak with authority on the kind of police state that Castro runs down there. 

        If you don’t mind, I will mention that there are people here who care about her. I will bring this coup matter up with her, as well. She knows that I don’t think much of Romney, already, and this outrage will confirm to her, I hope, that her dad knows a little bit more about this stuff than she does.

        Thanks for asking MaMcGriz.

        • MaMcGriz

           You’re welcome, Laddie. I look forward to your report on how the conversation goes. I’m betting she doesn’t know about the coup or what it signifies, and her Dad will open her young eyes a bit.

          I know folks in the Caribbean who also speak very highly of the Cuban medical community. It was the only medical care many had ever had access to, so they were naturally grateful, and being isolated and largely uneducated in such matters, they were prime targets for the Castro regime, as it was the main tool of spreading their message of socialism and anti-American beliefs. They also trained many young (non-Cuban) people in guerilla warfare.

          It grieves me to see people romanticize Guevara and Castro and his comrades.

          • Laddie_Blah_Blah

            That is very interesting. I may have to concede her point about the Cuban medical system since I have it from such a reliable source. She knows a medical professional whose opinion she respects who says the same thing. 

            If it is not too much bother, do you have a link you can recommend? I want to bone up before she comes over here, just to show I have an open mind, even on Castro.

            "It grieves me to see people romanticize Guevara and Castro and his comrades."

            Garcia’s movie should help dispel any illusions about Castro, Che, and what they did to Cuba. Che was a ruthless murderer, and is portrayed exactly as he was. Movements like Castro’s, and Al Qaeda, for that matter, tend to attract homicidal sociopaths who can indulge their worst proclivities, and still be regarded as heroes by the gullible. So it was with Che, and still is with numerous murderers in the radical Islamic movement, who are regarded as role models.

            When they killed Benazir Bhutto, for example, they sent a suicidal patsy to approach Bhutto’s motorcade carrying a small infant. The infant was booby-trapped. Bhutto refused to take the babe in her arms, perhaps fearing an assassination ploy, so the suicidal patsy detonated the charge, killing all 3 of them. My daughter was appalled. She used to work in a local day care center, and could not imagine that anyone would do such a thing.

            I have told her stories from Vietnam that are just as bad, or worse, about radical Stalinists and what they did in that country. 

            Sarah is so right in observing than man is a flawed creature.

            • MaMcGriz

              Your daughter is so fortunate to have a father like you to help guide her through these tender and vulnerable years of her intellectual life.

              I’m afraid I don’t have anything to offer by way of links
              with regard to the Cuban medical outreach in the Caribbean, but if you do a search it might help to also use President Reagan as a +search word. He reportedly put a stop to the program in Jamaica, which made him a hated man there. I also recall the term for the young people the Cubans were training being ‘brigadistas.’

              Let me know how it goes.

              • Laddie_Blah_Blah

                Thanks MMG. She and I are very close, in spite of politics. I’ll give you an update. I am curious, myself, as to what she is going to do this November. If Obama doesn’t scare her into political sobriety, I don’t know what else could possibly do it.

          • Laddie_Blah_Blah


            Just to let you know, she pulled into my driveway with an "Obamacare" sticker on the rear bumper of her car, parking it right next to the "Romney" sign planted on my front lawn. What will the neighbors think?

            She had no idea about the Romney coup, but understood the implications, when I explained to her what he and his cronies had done. 

            I did not mention it, before, but she is going to visit Cuba next week. Naturally, no one else wants her to go, especially her husband (he’s not going) and I. She is going alone and is not part of any organized tour.

            She agreed to watch "Lost City" with me when she came over. A number of the actors in the movie had relatives executed by Castro. Andy Garcia spent the first 8-9 years of his life growing up in Cuba. She doesn’t have any illusions about Castro, and the movie certainly did not whitewash what Castro and Che did during the revolution. But, in spite of my best efforts, she is a proponent of socialized medicine, and Cuba’s system seems to have drawn her interest.

            She told me she has a friend, here in the USA, who has relatives in Havana who are "well off." Of course, no one in Cuba is well-off unless they are party members or have friends who are party members, so I figure she’ll be safe. She will only be there for 4 days.

            As if that’s not bad enough, she wants to go to Pakistan, next.

            • MaMcGriz


              Keep me posted, ok?

              • Laddie_Blah_Blah


              • Laddie_Blah_Blah

                She arrived in Mexico yesterday and will be in Cuba today. She should be back next weekend. At least she is rethinking her trip to Pakistan.

                • MaMcGriz

                   Holy spagoli, let’s hope a week in the third world will be enough to dissuade her from wanting to next visit the stone age. And please tell me she isn’t blonde.

                  I can’t recall if we’ve talked about it, but has she been to the Caribbean or other developing nations in the past?

                  • Laddie_Blah_Blah

                    "I can’t recall if we’ve talked about it, but has she been to the Caribbean or other developing nations in the past?"

                    Hah. She spent a summer in Peking, where she was in an exchange program as a student. Missed her bus to class one morning and was mugged when she chose to walk, instead. They use knives in China, because they can’t get guns. They didn’t hurt her – just took her money.

                    She spent 3 weeks in India, partly in New Delhi and some time touring the jungle along the Ganges. She struck up a conversation with a guy in her hotel who was part of a wedding party. Making small talk, she asked him how the couple-to-be had met. They hadn’t, as yet, but he told her they would meet for the first time on their wedding day. While she was traveling along the Ganges, she learned that a funeral ceremony was going to be held that night, but that women were barred from observing. She bribed a tour guide who took her to a nearby temple where she could see the whole thing through a crack in the wall. They put the deceased (a woman – I guess she was allowed to attend) on a barge, set it afire, and shoved it into the middle of the river. The Indian poor are still so neglected that they send out carts to pick up the dead in the streets every morning. That one was an eye-opener for her.

                    About 2 years ago she and her new husband traveled to Egypt (Cairo), where he had spent his teenage years. He knows the local Arabic dialect. Even then, before the "Egyptian spring", he noticed how many more soldiers packing weapons there were than when he was there as a teenager. She is now an accomplished belly dancer, as a direct result of that trip.

                    She has been to Morocco, where her luggage was stolen, Mexico (a couple of times), and all over Western Europe (England, France, Italy), but never east of Venice.

                    Cuba is her first trip to a communist police state. We will not hear from her until she returns next weekend. They do not take credit cards down there, so she has only cash, but she can wire for money from Western Union if she gets mugged, again, as she was in China, and the Swiss embassy down there runs interference between the Cubans and our state department. I told her not to send emails because they would be read by both the Cuban and American security people.

                    Except for the trip to Egypt, and another to the Bahamas last year with her hubby, she has gone everywhere on her own. Of course, the trip to China was part of an exchange program, and that was chaperoned by college officials, and they were escorted everywhere by Chinese security.

                    Either her husband or I will pick her up from Dulles next Saturday night, depending.

  • AmazedOne1

    I am absolutely appalled at this proceeding. Yet, I’m waiting to see how Sarah responds and what direction she suggests before deciding on which direction to go.

    We still have to defeat Obama.
    We still have to get conservatives into Congress.

    If there is anything I can do now to make changes in the party itself during this election period between now and November, I’ll be willing to do it. Unfortunately, for right now, I can’t see much that can be done. I’d love to be wrong on that point.

    After November, we’ll see if Sarah still wants to continue to change the GOP from the inside or step out and lead from there.

    • Polarbearpapa

       Thanks for letting us know where your allegiance lies…tell Romney thanks but no thanks on another chance….

       "Fool me once, shame on you…fool me twice, shame on me"…. 

      • AmazedOne1

        I resent your snarky and UNTRUE implication.

        My allegiance lies with Sarah.

        If Sarah changes her goals, then I’ll follow her lead.

        At this point in time, her marching orders are:

        #1 Defeat Obama
        #2 Elect conservatives to Congress

        • Polarbearpapa

          You post like a Romney supporter…not a Sarah supporter….you change your tone..I change MY opinion of you…

          ..Notice I said MY opinion…

          • AmazedOne1

            SARAH SUPPORTS ROMNEY and RYAN 100%.

          • IsraeliCojones

            Explain to me how Sarah has changed her primary goals since yesterday.

            Explain to me how AO1 is guilty of reminding us that they haven’t.

            Is she lying or what?

            • Laddie_Blah_Blah

              IC, see my response to Polarbearpapa, above. I tangled with both Amazed1 and wpmwindsong right here about 2 years ago. They are paid Romney shills, only at that time their task was to trash and demean Sarah. Now it is to pretend they support her while always exhorting the conservatives on this thread to vote for Romney.

              Every time I see one of them post here, I am going to call them both out.

              • IsraeliCojones

                The only paid operative I crossed here was a "Julia". I suspect there is another one who has a moniker only a Liberal could have.

                I’m positive that AO1 isn’t. For wpmwindsong, I don’t think so either.

                Since I’m pretty sure you don’t believe that I’m shilling for anyone but Sarah Palin, here is my opinion:

                – Each vote and decision as per this vote belong to the citizen that holds them.

                – The GOPe are doing everything they can to throw this election to Obama, and on this also they must be fought.

                – In the miraculous case that Romney wins, the GOPe are doing everything they can to avoid a Conservative challenge in 2016 because they already know it will happen.

                – The goals of Sarah Palin haven’t changed since yesterday, no more than those of an outstanding Conservative like Mark Levin, who cannot be suspected of having any love lost for Romney.

                – No one knows what Palin will do after the election. I would advise all Palinistas here not to get their hopes up at the thought that she might walk away from the GOP then, because it is not sure at all that she will do so: she may opt for another strategy entirely, and in this case, we will have to trust her (or not, that is also an individual choice)

                – AO1 is not guilty in any shape or form to remind us that Sarah Palin’s goals haven’t changed, and me, a Palinista, happen to agree with her (and Palin) that these goals remain mandatory, whatever I think of the GOPe as a whole, and I thinkl a lot (or rather, I spit a lot).

                – Now, if somebody decides to stay home or vote 3rd Party in November, as an individual, I will perfectly understand it, since the GOPe is doing the impossible to get this outcome.

                – The only thing that is ABSOLUTELY unacceptable for me as a C4Per is shilling for Obama here, in Sarah’s house. This, I will fight to death. All the rest is a matter of difference of opinions.

                • Laddie_Blah_Blah

                  IC, I assure you that I crossed swords with those 2 a couple of years ago. It went on for weeks, and, at that time, they were as anti-Palin and as rational as Keith Olbermann.

                • Laddie_Blah_Blah

                  IC, notice also how often one or the other posts here. They get paid for piece work, and the more they post the more they get paid. How many Palinistas post here as much as they do? Neither you nor I do, so why are they constantly on this blog lobbying for Romney and exhorting us, in virtually every post, to vote for Romney?

                  • IsraeliCojones

                    Look Laddie, if you talked yourself into this, no one can talk yourself out of it.

                    It’s like me when I talk to morons who presume – without knowing me at all – that I want Obama defeated because I fear for Israel or something.

                    They have convinced themselves it was so, so even I, who perfectly know what I think and how I feel, can’t convince them that they’re wrong. It’s that absurd.

                    Think whatever you want about these posters, but "calling them out" for each of their posts won’t help this site nor advance Palin’s cause. It will just make these talkbacks even more crappy than they are.

                    Contest their opinion (as I did for wpmwindsong today in the OT) but for the rest, your assumptions are just that: assumptions.

                    And assumptions are what is killing this site in my opinion.

                • Laddie_Blah_Blah

                  "Contest their opinion (as I did for wpmwindsong today in the OT) but for the rest, your assumptions are just that: assumptions."

                  I based those statements on prior extensive experience with those two, not on assumptions. You can choose to believe that I am lying about those experiences, if you wish.

                  "Look Laddie, if you talked yourself into this, no one can talk yourself out of it."

                  Uh, IC, that is rather insulting and beneath you. I am not in the habit of "talking myself into anything." I am fact-oriented and what I have told you about my prior experiences with both Amazed1 and wpmwindsong are fact.

                  "And assumptions are what is killing this site in my opinion."

                  You, IC, are not only making assumptions about my statements, you are implying that I am either a liar or paranoid. And you presume to lecture me on "killing this site?"

                  • IsraeliCojones

                    Now come on. Nothing I’ve written here is insulting

                    Your opinion is based on your experience, but it’s just that, an opinion.

                    I have another opinion entirely and I read the same posts, and no, you don’t have to tell me to "wake up" just because I disagree with you. WTF is that?

                    You have absolutely NO PROOF of what you are saying, none, it’s just your subjective analysis resulting from your reading, and if differs from mine, end of story

                    So tell me how a debate on that kind of stuff is helpful, because I fail to see it.

                    That’s why I won’t debate those who make assumptions about me just because I’m Israeli.

                    End of this boring conversation.

                    Have a nice day.

                • AmazedOne1

                  IC, I’m sorry that Laddie has wasted your time today with this nonsense. But, I’m humbled at your defense. Also, appreciate your insightful answers pointing back to the basics: this country needs to be saved. 

                  I agree with all that you’ve said both in this thread and throughout the day.

                • Laddie_Blah_Blah

                  IC, You have not seen the posts I am talking about, from 2 years ago. I will reluctantly take the time to see if they are still in the C4P archives. If I can find them and link to them, you will see that both Amazed1 and wpmwindsong are Romney operatives.

                  I have told you about those posts, and you implied that they do not exist. If I can find them and link to them, you should read them for yourself, and then tell me you still do not agree with everything I have said about both of them.

                  At that time their mission was to come on C4P and discredit Sarah Palin, and they did that so virulently as to put Keith Olbermann to shame. At that time, it was widely believed that Sarah would enter the 2012 race, and the goal then was to discredit her as much as possible, and they both tried. They worked in tandem, as a team.

                  Now, of course, Sarah is no longer a threat and Sarah’s supporters are mostly wary of Romney, so they have been sent back here to persuade as many as possible to vote for Romney no matter what he does, such as engineer the party coup that the moderators here have been writing about. Naturally, wpmwindsong sees nothing wrong with Romney’s power grab.

                  I mean, read their posts to me! Wpmwindsong does not think there is any thing wrong with crony capitalism, either. Do you know of any other poster here who is not informed about and appalled by crony capitalism?

                  I know what I am talking about.

      • MaMcGriz

        This is a perfect example of the kind of personalized, totally irrelevant, off topic cat-calling posts responsible for the toxic atmosphere here.

        Pure ugliness for ugliness’ sake.

        C4P deserves better.

        • Polarbearpapa

           Thank you for your support…

      • AmazedOne1

        If you disagree with what a poster is saying, fine, challenge his or her ideas. But assumptions don’t need to be made about the poster ("you" statements), and the poster himself mustn’t be the subject of a post.

      • Laddie_Blah_Blah

        She is not just a Romney supporter, she is a paid Romney troll. Both she and wpmwindsong showed up here almost 2 years ago and posted trash about Sarah for weeks, until I threatened to call the Romney camp and tell them they were wasting their money on those two fools.

        They repeatedly claimed, for example, that Sarah did not write "The Undefeated" until I caught them in several blatant lies and mis-representations. I thought they were gone for good, but they have reappeared, no doubt at the Romney camp’s request, to try and enlist support from conservatives on this thread.

        Don’t fall for it. Virtually every post from both of them includes an exhortation to vote for Romney. That’s what they are getting paid for, and that’s what kind of people who work for Romney, paid shills.

        • IsraeliCojones

          She is not just a Romney supporter, she is a paid Romney troll.

          You are wrong.

          They repeatedly claimed, for example, that Sarah did not write "The Undefeated"

          What do you mean? Bannon wrote the synopsis for this film, not Sarah.

          • Laddie_Blah_Blah

            "They repeatedly claimed, for example, that Sarah did not write "The Undefeated"

            What do you mean? Bannon wrote the synopsis for this film, not Sarah."

            Sorry, IC, I meant "Going Rogue."  Two years ago, "The Undefeated" had not yet come out. My mistake. I am too damned lazy to go back and retrieve those posts, if they are still in the C4P archives, but those 2 are very bad actors.

            "She is not just a Romney supporter, she is a paid Romney troll.
            You are wrong."

            I am right. I spent weeks jousting with both her and wpmwindsong. She is a deceitful creep and a paid operative. Has been for 2 whole years. Wake up.

            • AmazedOne1

              You are lying. I am neither a "deceitful creep" nor a "paid operative."

              I don’t remember the words I said when we first met, but I do recall that many people have trouble with the understandable fact that Sarah had an experienced writer to help her with the ins and outs of a first book. On Lynn Vincent’s website, "Going Rogue" is listed as "By Sarah Palin with Lynn Vincent."

              • Laddie_Blah_Blah

                Oh, my goodness, thank you for confirming what I already knew. You are a deceitful creep. I will find your posts and wpmwindsong’s posts from 2 years ago, if I can, and link to them so that everyone else here can see exactly what you and he are.Too bad you were so stupid as to not change your moniker.

                Go back to the Romney campaign, where you belong. Do you deny that you are connected to the Romney campaign, or that you are here at their behest?

            • socon

               I remember wpmwindsong at AmSpec Blog about 3-4 years ago.

              Really wouldn’t surprise me if he/she is a paid  Romney operative–there were several on that site alone.

              • Laddie_Blah_Blah

                Amazed1 has acknowledged to me that she was the one who, two years ago, claimed that Sarah did not write "Going Rogue". Here is her exact quote:

                "I don’t remember the words I said when we first met, but I do recall that many people have trouble with the understandable fact that Sarah had an experienced writer to help her with the ins and outs of a first book."

                Believe me, there was a lot more to it than that, e.g. she was too stupid to write it, how could anyone believe that such a dummy could write a book, etc., etc., etc. She and wpmwindsong worked as a team denigrating Sarah with every post they made, back then. Now they have returned to troll for votes for their man Romney, now pretending to be supporters of the same woman they derided 2 years ago.

                I  am not going to stand by and let them get away with it this time, any more than I let them get away with what they did, last time.

                Both of them are so "clever" that they did not change their monikers when they came back, so I should be able to locate their disgusting remarks about the guv from the C4P archives, if I can find them. Their presence here, again, on their new mission, tells you what kind of cynical and unprincipled people run Romney’s campaign.

                • socon

                  I understand.  It didn’t take me long to see Axelrod wasn’t the only political goon sending out astroturfing trolls after the 2008 election.  It was a two-front war, and the Mittbots were every bit as vicious as the Obots!

                  Still chaps my hide.

    • Guest

      Wait and see….wait and see….wait for someone to lead so we can follow….

      Did George Washington wait and see?  Did Thomas Jefferson?  Did Lincoln?  Did Dr. King? 

      Haven’t you ever actually LISTENED to Sarah Palin?  The message she has been trying to get across for so many years is that it is NOT JUST SHE THAT CAN LEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!  There comes a point in time when someone needs to stand up and we can either be a nation of leaders or a nation of wait and see-ers.  Sarah has TRIED to teach us that EVERY ONE OF US can make a difference and we can’t just sit on the sidelines waiting for George Washington because Washington may never step up! 

      • AmazedOne1

        Sure, every one of us can make a difference. But, if we are more powerful if we’re organized and heading in a similar direction. Otherwise, we all run around with great vigor, but not solid outcome.

        The people you mentioned were all leaders — but they didn’t all burst on the scene at once. Humans need one leader at a time. Right now, Sarah is doing a great job of leading. 

        I think she has a big picture in mind that we just don’t see yet because the foundation must be laid first. We just need to be patient enough to see what it is that she’s planning.

        • Ricardo Galvan

          There is no significant difference between Obama and Romney. Just a day or so ago Mittens came out and endorsed abortion "for the health of the mother," as well as rape and incest. This is essentially the Democrat position. Obama used the same words when advocating for partial birth abortion, stating it can’t be banned since there must be an exception "for the health of the mother." The court ruled that the "health" of the mother includes such things as disparate as mental and emotional feelings.

          • AmazedOne1

            Well, at this point in the process, there are only three choices in November:



            No vote at all

      • TheresaAK

        Exactly!  "Some here" like to repeat certain cherry picked comments from Sarah, and run the gauntlet but are totally oblivious to HER MESSAGE.

        "Let’s wait"..

        Don’t make a move until Sarah says something…but if it’s something they don’t like or agree with, what then?

        Sarah did not start the Tea Party nor co-opt it ….she recognizes that it is We The People who marched against the massive overreach of our Government…

        Some people are only followers, and cannot think for themselves…

        Sometimes it’s so frustrating…getting "some here" to understand this….."We The People" reality…

        Sarah is not looking to be a General…she is looking for Americans to step up to the plate, think for themselves…

        When one looks to a person as the only hope, that becomes cult like…and Sarah would never want that.

        • AmazedOne1

          If you’re talking to me, then talk to me directly. If not, then name names instead of using this ridiculous "some here."

          • TheresaAK

            LOL…..not everything is about YOU…and isn’t YOU disallowed? LOL

            • AmazedOne1

              My note contained TWO options, not just one.

              And, yes, of course I can use "you" when that’s what your note was all about. Your note repeatedly discussed people ("some here"), not an ideology.

        • Carolyn Dixon

           each one of us has to stand up for our own principles and beliefs, not be a follower and not be told to sit down and shut up.  when we compromise our own principles then we have no one to blame but ourselves when we continue to vote for these rino republicans.  If you want our country back, stand up, fight for what is right and say no to the mobster mitt and his d. c. thugs.  also refuse to send any more money to the rnc or any of their hand picked candidates.  send donations to the candidates who best represent your principles.  If Mitt loses we will be the better for it because we then can hold obama’s feet to the fire.  we will demand the house and senate when taken by republicans begin impeach proceedings against him and if the refuse, we will hold them accountable in the next election.  either do their jobs as ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES suffer the consequences at the next election.  they work for us and it is time they learned this once and for all.

    • MaMcGriz

       Yes, it’s beyond appalling.

      I’m prepared to follow her lead, even if it means joining the party in order to have a ….well…I was going to say "voice," but well…. anyway, it’s all about the work, and I know Governor Palin instincts will guide us well.

      This is just getting warmed up, and the abject terror of the base currently on display by the spectacle of this desperate herd of pachyderms is all the evidence we need to know what we have to do.

      The GOP will pay for this.

      • socon

         I’m with you, MaMcG!

      • AmazedOne1

        the spectacle of this desperate herd of pachyderms

  • Emerson_C

    I think ‘Soviet style’ is a perfect description.

    • MaMcGriz

      Spot on, Emerson.

       fwiw..After the effects of illegal immigration metastasized in California, it became our region’s experience that any loophole the democrats wormed through was roundly condemned by the republicans, who’d mysteriously fail to stop it, and then proceed to turn that wormhole into a permanent and reinforced tunnel.

      These cats are not our friends, and haven’t been for a long time.

    • Seabee

      republican apparatchiks, zampolits, politburo

  • Polarbearpapa

    Hey GOPe………

    Mike Denver – (Turn Out The Lights) The Party’s Over!

  • travelingon

    This is how my guy from GA replied to me just today:
    "Thanks for contacting us over the last few days regarding the work of the rules committee
    at the RNC Convention in Tampa. We consistently worked for and voted
    with the grass roots ever since the rules committee began meeting last
    Friday.   We did that again yesterday when we voted against the final
    version of the rules as amended. Even though the rules were made better
    by the amendment to new Rule 16, we still opposed the rules when the
    vote was taken.Despite our opposition, the rules passed on a 78-14 vote.
    Two minority reports
    were proposed, but there was not nearly enough support for either one
    to make it to a floor discussion.  We met with the Georgia delegation to
    discuss and vote on whether to sign on to the report.  The delegation
    voted overwhelmingly against signing on to the reports because it was
    clear from the rules committee vote that the rules were going to pass
    even if there was an extended floor fight.  The rules came to the floor
    for a vote and were adopted at the convention last night.

  • Benjoyce

    First it is ABO, now ABR. As I have stated in previous comment, I cannot in my right mind vote for this guy. The true colors are coming out. If this guy becomes president what will stop him for being another Obama. I will just pray for the survival of this country. We all want Obama out, but if this is the replacement I will take my chances with the other guy at least we know what he is going to do.

    • MaMcGriz

       Then shame on you.

    • Quiet_Righty

      Woefully stupid remarks. You don’t have to like Romney but he is no Obama. Never was, never will be.

      • Dan C

        What he did last night at the RNC was very Obama like! So is his statement "I LIKE MANDATES."

        • socon

           You forgot RomneyCare.

    • IsraeliCojones

      I will take my chances with the other guy at least we know what he is going to do.

      No you don’t, for at least one reason: he won’t fight for reelection this time. He will be completely unleashed. There is no way the US can have him 4 more years at the helm and survive as a Constitutional Republic, let alone a superpower.

      No way.

      • Carolyn Dixon

         God can stop him.

        • IsraeliCojones

          Not without you.

          G-d is complacent with what a People wants regarding power. IOW, any Nation always gets the leaders it deserves. Always.

          When a people decides to fight against a destructive leader, it sends to G-d the message that it doesn’t want this destructive leader, and He, in his Mercy, complies.

          If they send the opposing message, He complies too.

          • Mountain

            Spot on, IC!  Good theologian you are…..

  • Mr.L

    Delegate: "I am back to square one" There are hundreds of people
    in that convention hall who feel like this woman does. I agree when you ask "how are we supposed to support a party and candidate who demonstrate such utter contempt for their voters?" How many voters who are aware of this are asking the same thing.  This utterly stupid power grab may give this country another 4 years of Obama.

    • section9

      This was not stupid, nor was it short sighted.

      Jeff Goldstein over at Protein Wisdom has a must see take on this. Basically, he writes that fix is in and we’re going back to Big Government Bushian Republicanism, and this is designed to head off a Tea Party revolt led by Palin and others that would ensue once the Tea Party people realize that Romney has no intention of repealing Obamacare.

      The question is: what happens when Palin decides not to play their game?

      • Mr.L

         I agree with what he wrote thanks for sharing the article. The reason I call it stupid and, I’ll add, unnecessary is because they may not make it over the finish line by slapping the face of the people who are going to go out there vote, knock on doors, phone calls etc. I’ve been hearing from so many who were beginning to embrace the idea of unifying to help Romney, after this not so much so. 
        I think if these rules were to stay in place she would definitely have a hard time running as a Republican if she wanted to challenge in a few years.  I wonder how these rules could be reversed. But if they cannot there’s no stopping a person to run on the independent party line.

      • IsraeliCojones

        Section, I reposted a post of yours in the O/T and forgot to thank you. I hereby do it and for this one too.

        Now a question:

        The question is: what happens when Palin decides not to play their game?

        How do you see it if she decides so?

        • senator20526

           She has two choices ……stay in the party and elect more conservatives into offices and play the long game…..or  opt out of the party and elect more conservatives into office and form the Conservative Freedom Party…..

          • senator20526

             ….the second choice prevents the GOPe from winning another election period!!!!!!

            • IsraeliCojones

              I would like to be as sure of that as you are.

      • patnatasha

        they will play her game.

    • patnatasha

      this sucks royally.

  • xthred


  • WEL2

    Governor Palin is a political chess player who is several moves ahead of her opponents. That is why it is difficult sometimes to understand immediately why she is doing what she does.

    She is supporting Romney-Ryan and is asking her supporters to support them, too. This why she is doing this. First, Romney is not the threat to our country that Obama is. This will not be a typical vote for the lesser evil. Four years of Romney in the White House would probably be a mixed bag of good and bad, but four more years of Obama would be a huge national disaster! Second, if Romney loses and she primaries him, she can say she supported the Romney-Ryan campaign.

    Note, also, that in her statements of support for Romney-Ryan, she is setting the bar for what commonsense, constitutional conservatives will expect from a Romney-Ryan administration. Moreover, she is subtlety warning that, if that administration fails to meet expectations, she will make Romney a one-term president.

    If Romney and the other members of the establishment block her from effectively challenging Romney in the 2016 Republican primary, she will make Romney a one-term president by leading a third-party challenge. That base of the third party will be composed primarily of a coalition of conservatives and libertarians.

    • SonOfOriginalTed

      I disagree.  I’ll be blunt.  Palin’s/Conservatives’/Tea Party’s prospects for redirecting our nation ARE NOW BETTER IF ROMNEY LOSES (but of course Palin can’t say that). 

      • WEL2

        If Obama is reelected he will leave the U.S. in shambles when he leaves office.  Unlike Obama, Romney does not hate the U.S. and want to destroy it.  People who ignore these facts are almost as dangerous as Obama, because they are ready to enable him to continue his destruction.

        • dave7777

          It’s too bad Romney doesn’t share your view. If he really wanted to win, he would reach out to all groups. Instead he want to have his cake and eat it, too. He wants to win, but only on his terms. That is why his power grab is so stupid. 

        • hrh40

          Not necessarily. Not if we have a Congress who understands it’s co-equal powers with the President and stops him and investigates him and impeaches him.

          • WEL2

            The President can do many things that Congress can do nothing about.  Impeaching a President is almost impossible.  The President can block the Congress from creating laws.  The President is very powerful, especially when he is willing to ignore laws and the Constitution.

            • Terry Malpass

              especially when he is willing to ignore laws and the Constitution."

              Isn’t that redundant?

              • WEL2

                The Constitution provides the foundation for the laws approved by the Congress and signed into law by the President.

                • Terry Malpass

                  I was being flip…

                  but some folks forget the Constitution IS law. The supreme law of the land.
                  Saying something is unconstitutional is the same as saying something is unlawful, illegal.

  • Guest

    Keep this in mind….if they weren’t so damn afraid of Sarah Palin….they wouldn’t be doing this kind of grab.  That should make EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US PROUD!!  We ARE being heard.  And that is why they are taking so many dramatic steps to silence us.

    Princess Leia said it best….The more you tighten your grip, Tarkin, the more star systems will slip through your fingers.

    • Polarbearpapa


    • carmtom13

      Excellent! I like your reasoning.

  • Ric

    Hey… the GOPe has signed its exit papers… again… and… again…

    Here is our agenda… 1st  Get rid of Obama… or we could just give up now!
                                     2nd Get the base in place for the TEA PARTY
                                     3rd  Get Gov. Palin elected Pres. of USA-TEA PARTY

    STEP 1 is critical – I know many of us do not care for Romney but we need him to evict Obama… they used the TEA PARTY in 2010… we use him for now…

    This is not an instantaneous process… we need to be in it for the long run.

    • SonOfOriginalTed

      I disagree.  If Romney wins, Palin will have to go third party, yet our nation will be further stuck in the status quo.  If Romney loses, Palinistas/Tea Party merely take over the GOP after November.

      • WEL2

        With the actions taken at the convention, it will be impossible for a Palinistas/Tea Party take over of the GOP after November.

      • AmazedOne1

        merely take over the GOP

        Sure. NO problem. Simple to accomplish. Merely do it.

      • IsraeliCojones

        You really think the US will survive after 4 more years of that, right?

        How delusional and ignorant can you be? You’re already on the verge of collapsing.

        • OldPat

           Pot, meet kettle.  LOL.

          • IsraeliCojones

             WTF do you mean?

            • OldPat

               May I suggest you re-read the second sentence of your post and ponder its point (or lack of one).

              • IsraeliCojones

                May I suggest you either stop talking to me as if I was a mind reader and state an opinion so that I can have the joy of demolishing it if it’s ridiculous, or just knock it off if you don’t have anything substantial to say (and obviously you don’t)?

        • Carolyn Dixon

           why compromise your principles when  you were just kicked in the face by this power grab from mitt and his band of thugs?  i’m tired of being told my voice matters.  well apparently it no longer does.  i will never support the RBC with money nor will I cast a vote for rino romney.  Perhaps having obama 4 more years will wake up the rest of the country to show what God’s punishment is for a country that was founded on Judeo Christian principles and has turned her back on Him.

          • IsraeliCojones

            You can do whatever you want with your vote, as far as I’m concerned.

            But if you see Obama as a punishment, then the punishment will go on to its term, which might be death of the Constitutional Republic as we know it.

            As much as I HATE the GOP, I’m too much in love with the US and the unique Freedom experiment they represent for the rest of humanity, to even accept to think about it.

            But that’s just me.

            • socon

              We understand everything you’re saying, IC.  We just don’t believe there’s much difference between the two parties.  The Democrat party is full of Progressives and is dead; The Republican Party has a lot of Progressives, too, whom we’re fighting for control.

              GWB also spent a huge amount of money when he was POTUS–he just spent it outside of our country on "nation-building."  GWB damaged the Republican brand so badly the country elected an incompetent Marxist to succeed him!

              Romney has a very liberal governing past and we don’t trust him to be much different from GWB.  Time will tell, but his aggressive power grabs are very troubling.

              I understand why you disdain the Democrats.  If I were an Israeli, I would too.

              • IsraeliCojones

                I completely agree with you regarding parties (and by the way, it has nothing to do with being Israeli).

                That said, for the two individuals, I beg to differ.

                Obama and his clique are sick. They are boundless, almost plainly satanic in my eyes. Obama is bent on deliberately destroying the US, it’s what he wants.

                Romney is a Liberal, a RINO, and I’ve got nothing for him but utter contempt (especially after yesterday) but he’s not America’s enemy. I already know (after what I’ve seen yesterday) that his policies will revolt you (he will repeal OCare to replace it by RCare which almost won’t be better) and you’ll have to replace him in 2016 no matter what. They already know this.

                I won’t blame anyone if they don’t vote ABO. But I will be desperate for you all if Obama wins.

                • socon

                  I agree that Obozo is nuts.  Just remember one thing though:  He was elected because of a big-spending, feckless RINO–GWB,

                  And things are pretty damn desperate right now.

                  • IsraeliCojones

                     I know who gave us Obama, sister, I know.

                    I’ve got no love lost for all these creeps.

                    • socon

                      The hell with all of them.

                      I sure missed Sarah tonight.  She should have been there.

                    • IsraeliCojones

                      Don’t you worry :) She’s with us for decades :)

                    • socon

                      I was almost embarrassed she wasn’t there.  Everyone else was.  No one talks about it like it’s a secret or something.

                      I’ve never seen anything like it.

                    • IsraeliCojones

                      Look, let’s face it: this Convention is a disaster. What happened yesterday is an obscenity of the first order. And it won’t go quietly in the dark. It’s going to have huge consequences.

                      Imagine if she had been there, in the public, unable to do anything, while Boehner was screwing the Delegates (and hence the grassroots) on live TV. Imagine if she would have been giving a speech as if nothing had happened before. What a disaster for her, she wouldn’t have heard the end of it: "You were there! Why didn’t you say anything?"

                      When I saw what I saw yesterday, I thought: "How G-d loves this woman. He protects her constantly"

                      I can’t say how grateful I am for this.

                    • socon

                      Okay, I get it, IC.  It’s divine!

                      Of course.  That explains the feeling of strangeness I keep getting.  It’s so disconcerting.

                      Thank you so much.  I feel more at peace now.

                  • IsraeliCojones

                    Glad I could help :)

                    G-d bless you.

    • Carolyn Dixon

       according to the gope and mobster mitt, our voices are irrevelant.  as such my vote is too and it will not go to romney the rino and his band of thugs.

  • ProudAmerican247

    We’ve got to retire that permanent political class in DC that caused the problems. They’ve had their chance, no more."  – Sarah Palin

    This utter contempt for the grass roots will not stand.

    There’s going to be a 3rd Party. Count on it.

    And we’re going to haul their A***S out of there if it’s the last thing we ever do!

    • AmazedOne1

      What date did she say that? 

      And, was she talking about starting a third party, or about reforming from within as she consistently has been doing?

      • ProudAmerican247

        Sarah said it on Hannity from Gilbert, AZ @ the rally for Kirk Adams. Monday, I think. There was a vid posted here.

        She didn’t hint to a third party, (at this point anyway), just that…


        • AmazedOne1

          Thanks for the details. That helps a lot. 

          I agree that for years and years and in many different phrases, she has said that the status quo has got to go. But, she has not made any overt steps toward establishing a third party even though there have been plenty of her supporters urging it. So far, she has focused on changing the party dynamics from the inside. 

          So, I’m just waiting to see which way she decides to go next.

          • OldPat

             Pot,  meet Job.  All that ‘waiting’ you do must be hard work.  LOL.

            • AmazedOne1

              That makes no sense.

          • Carolyn Dixon

             once she gets enough true conservatives elected to the House and Senate who will back and support her, i believe she will run as an independent in 2016.  she knows the gop has the fix in for 2016.

  • Timothy Jacques

    VA delegation (in the front row), in unison, sounded an objection and wanted a recorded vote (as by rules and protocols have the right) but Boehner just ignored them and declared no objections.

  • UnhyphenatedAmericanVet

    The great thing about the last four years is there are millions of TP/Sarah folks that can now see thug style leadership no matter where it is coming from, and the mitt crew just highlighted their own shortcomings yesterday for all with eyes to see, and ears to hear…good luck on your quest mittster crew you shall have to do it on your own without me.

  • Pete Petretich

    Another aspect of the centralized (Washingtonian) control is that lobbyists and K-Street Republicans are bound to have a field day. Corporations, Foundations, and assorted other big money ninnygoats love to throw money at people like that to try to "influence" public policy and spending.

    That is the EPITOME of crony capitalism!!!

    "The K Street Gang: The Rise and Fall of the Republican
    Machine by Matthew Continetti"

    "Jack Abramoff"

    "K Street Project"

    • Carolyn Dixon

       we the people have the power of money when we no longer give to the rnc and give only to the candidates of our choosing and to sarah’s pacs.  what will the gop/rnc do then when their funds dry up?  I urge all of you to withdraw your names from the rnc/gop and don’t give any money to them.  they think we are no longer relevant.  let’s show them.  and let’s help todd akin get elected to the senate in spite of the water boy – reince preibus.

      • Terry Malpass

        reince preibus

        Happened to be on channel where he was on podium for a bit. Wife looked up and asked "who’s that?"  I told her RNC chair.

        her face was priceless. "That?"  Amazed at how timid and wimpy he was. Just a gut reaction she had.

        • Carolyn Dixon

           mark levin started calling him "water boy" last night so I continue the monaker (sp).  It fits.  He did the mobster mitt and hinchmen bidding.  he will pay for this big time when money dries up from conservative voters.

      • Pete Petretich

        I believe that Akin is an evil monster.

        • Carolyn Dixon

           he might be evil but the rnc doesn’t want him.  voters in mo elected him, time to help him in spite of water boy preibus.

          • Pete Petretich

            He’s still evil, you can talk nice-nice all you want.

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