Romney, GOP Establishment stage a coup at the RNC; Update: Michelle Malkin on the aftermath

I’m not trying to be overly dramatic, but if this isn’t a coup, I don’t know what is. For background, Mary Beth, Ian, Steve, and Stacy have been all over this story about the Mittster’s henchmen attempting to change the rules at the RNC in order to facilitate a power grab by Romney and his beloved Establishment.  (See here, here, here, here, and here.) The result of the Mittster’s new rules will be to centralize power in the hands of the Republican Establishment in Washington at the expense of the grass roots. It will also have the effect of making a primary challenge to Romney from the right in 2016 (if he wins) more difficult, given that he will control the party apparatus to an unprecedented degree given his new rules.

During Governor Palin’s interview with Mark Levin, the Great One mentioned something about John Boehner bringing up the rules change for a voice vote. Levin said that Boehner ignored the “nos” which were at least as loud, if not louder than the “ayes” so that he could give Romney surrogate John Sununu what he wanted. I wanted to believe this couldn’t be true; that the Republican Party to which I’ve given so many votes over the years couldn’t possibly stoop to this kind of Soviet-style maneuver. I was wrong:

This is nothing short of appalling, and is indistinguishable from the kind of thuggery we’ve come to expect from Democrats. They didn’t have the votes to ram Romney’s self-serving rule changes through the convention, so Boehner and Sununu (standing next to Boehner in the above video) simply circumvented the vote by declaring “the ayes gave it” despite all evidence to the contrary. What has the Republican Party become? How is this any different from Nancy Pelosi’s “deem and pass” gambit in 2010? More importantly, how are we supposed to support a party and candidate who demonstrate such utter contempt for their voters? If anyone has an answer, please let me know because I can’t support a party or candidate for whom this kind of behavior is acceptable.

Update: Michelle Malkin on the aftermath of Team Romney’s power grab in Tampa:

I have no patience for the Republican party-bots telling these front-line soldiers to shut up in the name of unity — and to hide “in-fighting” because the Left will publicize it. It should be publicized. Conservative activists and Tea Party members have worked their asses off within the system, doing the groundwork of righting the wayward GOP ship from the inside. These are the door-knockers, sign-makers, phone-bankers, and message-spreaders who fueled the Tea Party revolution and who enabled the 2010 GOP midterm victories. They fought for and earned their place at the table.

I also have no patience for the sideline-sitters who gripe that rules fights are booooooring and meaningless. The Tea Party conservative activists are doing what an effective movement is supposed to be: They’ve moved on from protests and rallies to the nuts and bolts of party politics. These battles matter, because exercising grass-roots muscles makes them stronger.

Finally, I have no patience for the addled critics who think we are unable to multi-task. Yes, you can criticize bad GOP maneuvers AND maintain the fight against Obama and the progressives at the same time! It’s easy if you try.

Much more here. Be sure to follow the link and read it all.


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