Steelman’s Not Done Yet (And Neither Are We)

The Associated Press still hadn’t called the race for Todd Akin in the Missouri Senate race but Sarah Steelman already called to congratulate him anyway.

This confirmed one thing we already knew.  Sarah Steelman is a lady of class and integrity.  She was a strong conservative candidate who appealed to us for her Palinesque quality of bucking the establishment and making enemies within her party when attempting to cut earmarks, proposing to eliminate pensions for lawmakers, advocating term limits, and preventing taxpayer dollars from funding frivolous projects.

It’s no wonder she caught our collective eye.  It’s no wonder she caught Governor Palin’s eye.  She was our candidate, we worked hard, and I don’t regret one second of it.

I began writing about Mrs. Steelman when I introduced the Missouri candidates to C4P back in October of 2011.  She immediately called to thank us for the article.  She was very humbled and even back then, she was quick to point out her admiration for Governor Palin and her supporters.  Steelman gets us and we get her, too.

Despite tonight’s unfortunate loss, I know we can count on Steelman to not give up.  She will stay involved on the 2012 scene to help us take our country back.  She’s strong enough and young enough to make one heck of an impact without a title, just as Governor Palin would want her to do.  And like other great public servants we know, she’s young enough to run again someday for whatever she’d like.

In the weeks leading up to Tuesday, Steelman’s race was a bit unique compared to other state races we’ve witnessed.  In Texas, Nebraska, and Indiana, there were far less candidates than in Missouri.  We knew it was going to be a challenge.  Yet, we didn’t care about who seemed sure to win and neither did Governor Palin.  We vetted the candidates and we collectively made the best choice we could.

With one of her opponents having a lot more money than her and with the other benefiting from a surge of ads paid for by Democrat incumbent, Claire McCaskill; Steelman remained the underdog.  Yet, with all of this tough competition, she lost the race to Akin by seven points and is close for second place (less than 1%) with 98% of the precincts reporting.   The last PPP poll had her at ten points under the winner and five points under the runner-up.

Even though we share collective disappointment, I know we remain clear.  We know what we deserve. Steelman, with our support, let the establishment know we’re right on their tail and not going away.

With all that being said, we must assume the same respect for competition that the Governor possesses.  We came close, but someone else won.  A win is a win despite whatever unfair circumstances we believe could have carried it.  We dust ourselves off and move forward.

In my article back in October, I covered both Steelman and Akin (Brunner had not entered the race yet).  Regarding Todd Akin, I said the following:

He is 64 years old and has a lot of legislative experience under his belt, too.  He served in the Missouri House of Representatives from 1989-2001.  He then went on to win a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives in 2001 and is still in that seat today.

Like Steelman, Akin is a strong constitutional conservative.  He is an outspoken critic of embryonic stem cell research.  He is also very conservative on life, second amendment, immigration, and tax increases.  He has received a 97% rating from the American Conservative Union.

His voting record isn’t bad either.  Further, he sponsored bills including one to control federal spending, one to prioritize spending as we approached reaching our previous debt limit, and co-sponsored a bill to restore second amendment rights to Washington D.C.  You can read all of them here.

Todd Akin won the primary. He’s a strong conservative and Claire McCaskill must go.  Call it “ABC” if you must.

Thanks to all the readers for your help.  Thanks to Sarah Steelman for running a great and honorable campaign.  I’m proud and satisfied with our support of this fabulous lady and the impact we had.

Our work continues….

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