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Stephanie Cutter Snarls at Palin in Defense of Joe Biden

Maybe Romney will be just fine with Andrea Saul and Kevin Madden, after all.  Especially when you factor in the embarrassing behavior and lies of Obama’s current election staff.

On ABC, Jake Tapper was discussing the blatant embarrassment known as our current Vice President with Stephanie Cutter, Obama’s Deputy Campaign Manager.  Cutter was asked about a comment that Rudy Giuliani made about Joe Biden’s "mental capacity" to be President.  She said the following:

"I would like to point back to his glowing introduction of Sarah Palin during the 2008 Convention," Cutter said. "So if he wants to criticize the capacity of the vice president to take hold of this country, he should go back and look at those remarks and whether he still believes that there true."

Political pond scum like Cutter and others can say whatever they like, this is America.  But it’ll never change the fact that Palin ran a city as mayor, ran the AOGCC as an oil and gas regulator, and successfully ran a state as a Governor while President Obama and VP Biden have run nothing but our country into the ground over the last 3.5 years and have ineffectively run their mouths to the detriment of their own re-election campaign in the last 30 days.

If by now, all Stephanie Cutter and the Obama administration have to run on are false narratives about Sarah Palin in a sad attempt to shoot down the consequences of Biden’s disgusting remarks, their campaign will remain in the sad state it is in right now where even Romney will be able to maintain his momentum.

To further her own embarrassment, Cutter continued the canard about how much she knew with regard to Joe Soptic, the subject in the controversial campaign video which basically accuses Mitt Romney of someone’s death.

"I didn’t know the facts of when Mr. Soptic’s wife got sick, and I only recently learned that through all of the hysteria over that ad," Cutter said "But, Jake, what I do know is what Mr. Soptic’s experience was with GST Steel, after Mitt Romney bought it, loaded it up with debt, overleveraged it, paid himself excess profits and fees, but then forced that company into bankruptcy, leaving Mr. Soptic without a job, without health care, and without his pension."

In lieu of accepting the fact that Romney had left Bain long before any of this occurred or that she was caught on a conference call months ago with Soptic where he told the entire story to her and others on the line, she only digs deeper.  Since liberals like Cutter have such a regard for PolitiFact, they might want to check out the "false" rating the ad received from the organization.

In the end, all Cutter can successfully do is run her mouth on the basis of false narratives.  The Democrats are wading in an exceptional amount of filth this campaign season — even for them.  But commonsense Americans who’ve been listening to the narratives on Palin and her family continue to be perpetuated by the left also see how life for them and for those all around them has become as a result of Obama’s failed policies, Biden’s ignorance, and the rhetoric of their sad apologists.

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  • Audrey_I

    Stephanie Cutter perjured herself when she claimed that she knew nothing about Ed Soptic and coordinating Obama’s campaign with that of super pacs.  The Obama reelection campaign has violated campaign laws and should be fined. Stephanie Cutter should be disciplined. 

  • conservativemama

    Does this woman think that no one’s noticed that Palin has been consequential in the 2010 and now 2012 elections?  Does this woman think that because she lives in willful ignorance we all do?

    Like Steve says in this piece, Americans….all Americans know what’s happened to our lives since Obama and Biden took office.  They can lie all they want, but we’re living the reality that Obama built and it hurts.

  • conservativemama

    And another thing.  Whenever Cutter or someone else, like Jay Carney, tries to repeat the lie that Palin was a joke on the ticket, I wish to God that Jake Tapper or someone would answer right back……………"But Biden has to be micromanaged and edited because you never know what he’ll say, and Palin is endorsing people who are winning elections.  How do you account for the fact that the VP is an embarrassment and Palin is a force in her party?"

    Oh to see that question put to the next person who criticizes Palin.

    • MaMcGriz

       " How do you account for the fact that the VP is an embarrassment and Palin is a force in her party? "

      The good sense and support of the American people.

      This is more obvious every day, and it’s a larger-than-life nightmare for the left and right alike.

      We’re about to pull the plug on their system and restore it to something more, er, American.

      • senator20526

         She might be a force in her own party, but she is not welcomed at the convention…I think we a different line of attack.

        • conservativemama

          Good point.  Let’s win in November and then we’ll see Palin remain engaged in ways the GOPe can’t even imagine.  We’ve seen Palin in action with Obama in the White House.  Palin in action with Romney in the White House should be very interesting as well.

          I look forward to her continued engagement.  Can’t. Hardly. Wait.

        • Bobbi Duvall

          That is because the RNC do not appreciate how much Sarah has done for the Republican party over the last few years – in fact, they don’t even seem to acknowledge it.  I wish the grassroots movement (Tea Partiers, Independents, us plain American folk) would rise up against the Republican Committee for this crap they are pulling.  No one has earned the right to speak at the Convention more than Sarah.  What has Christie done for his party?  What has Rubio done for his party?  They are both good men, and Christie owes his election, at least in part, to Sarah to begin with.  However, all they have done so far is get themselves elected.  Sarah has worked tirelessly for OTHER PEOPLE in order to take the House back for the Right.  Can’t the RNC show any decency by rewarding her with a prime time speech invite for the convention?

  • mymati

    Okay Ms. Cutter lets have a debate challenge between Biden and Palin, oh wait that already happened  and Palin wiped the floor with him and his years of experience. Face it Biden is a dope and wrong on virtually every foreign policy point he expounds on, not to mention spelling of three letter words.  

  • RedDaveR

      Cutter is just taking advantage of the opportunity that the backstabbers in the GOP have given her.
    Some of them will applaud what she said.

  • Whitney Pitcher

    Has Stephanie Cutter been talking to Nicolle Wallace? This is the same sort of stuff that Wallace runs around saying–Palin’s not mental stable. 

    This kind of reasoning from the Democrats shows that their trying to bitterly cling to 2008 when Obama was adored and that Gov. Palin is still extremely relevant. In politics, there is no reason for irrelevant people to be brought up, much less lied about.

    • MaMcGriz

       " This is the same sort of stuff that Wallace runs around saying–Palin’s not mental stable.  "

      The guilty dog barks first.

      Biden’s mental state is degrading before everyone’s eyes.

      Sarah’s becomes more clearly resonant with every passing day.

      • conservativemama


      • senator20526

         I think his hair plugs are in too tight…

  • Jthom26837

    I’m not worried about someone who was proven emphatically to be a congenital Liar attacking Governor Sarah Palin. Unlike Ms Cutter, Sarah Palin has more class, Grace and Gusto. What’s there left to say except ‘I STAND WITH SARAH PALIN!!!! If I say anything else about Ms Stephanie Cutter, my comments would definitely be deleted and I’d be banned from Conservatives4Palin. Therefor, I need to start pracicing self discipline and self-restraint to show my support for Sarah Palin.

  • Gelston

    she looks like she could be John Elway’s sister

  • John_Frank

    Steve, thanks for this blog post and having the Governor’s back.


  • Piquerish

    Cutter thinks Biden is brilliant because libs inhabit a self-constructed and maintained Land of Dim Bulbs. On Palin’s worst day Plugs pales to insignificance near her. He is to intelligence what Etch-a-Sketch is to art. If he’s fit for anything, perhaps wick trimming would suit him, if he’s not too busy slandering people on behalf of his master.

  • ZH100

    Kirsten Powers says emphatically that there is a glaring double standard at how the media ignores Biden when he missteps as opposed to how the media treated Sarah Palin in 2008.

  • Lakerfanalways

    Liberals are freaking out because they know they are going to lose, if the election were held today Romney/Ryan would win, that scares the crap out of leftists because if they lose in November it ruins their chances of turning America into the European progressive Utopia they have always wanted..Stephanie Cutter is just an obama douche bag, notice Obama always associates with pond scum 

    • AngelaTX

      I actually think Romney/Ryan will lose….and when they do, no one can blame Sarah Palin for the Republican ticket’s ineptness.

      • Carolyn Dixon

         looks like romney is hogtying ryan just like mccain did to palin.  sure wish the delegates to the convention would wake up and realize romney isn’t the conservative they all thought he was.  he bought the nomination and was the heir in waiting of the gop elites.

        • wpmwindsong

          What are you taking about?  I just hear Ryan today on a Hannity rerun from last week,  He was as sharp as a tack and was all over all of the hot buttons, including crony capitalism.  There is no good purpose for making things up.   Ryan is holding personal rallies and is getting great responses.   And he calls Obama a failed President.  No mister nice guy stuff. 

          • Lemuel Vargas

            Right on, wpmwindsong!! Methinks this is the lesson they learned from the 2008 campaign. In that campaign, McCain(or the freakin Schmit(or somebody with at similar last name who might have suggested this) hobbled Sarah by not letting her campaign in battleground states which was her suggestion. It is to my belief that the McCain/Palin ticket could have still won the 2008 election in inspite of the stock market crash and McCains lame move to go to Wash. D.C. to save the TARP if only they let Sarah campaign in battleground states then.

            So they are letting Ryan duke it out in battleground states. The only problem is if the campaign staff panics again because of all the polls favoring Obama to win coming out of the LSM or the Old Media and then advising Romney to cut the wings of Ryan. But then we have the New Media such as Breitbart, C4P and others which was not in print before or during the 2008 campaign.This gives the libs a choice of whether to believe the Old Media or the New Media (I know this is a long shot but maybe some of them might be open-minded enough to read the New Media).

          • Christopher H Fromme

            Will be going to a Ryan event in Pittsburgh on Tues morning will have video and report.

    • patnatasha

      I don’t see r/r winning.

  • John_Frank

     Lying liar Stephanie Cutter doubles down on Soptic lies; bashes Giuliani, Palin to defend idiot Biden

  • blueniner

    Where did they find this greasefaced nasty mouthed Yenta, she just started appearing in the news the last two months. She is a paid propagandist.

    • Steve_Flesher

      She was actually assistant to Michelle Obama during the last few years….gone from fetching coffee and opening mail to making excuses for Joe Biden and laughably attempting to condescend to Sarah Palin.

  • angeleno

    All the GOP needs to do is run an ad every day in the major newspapers and TV station in every close state showing side by side photos of Obama looking mean, violent and arrogant because his lies were challenged and of Biden looking like a lunatic from an old silent horror movie (there
    are thousands of such photos of both these criminals). Under the photos the caption should read
    do you want permanent unemployment, poverty and crippling debt for your family and all America? Forever? Then vote for them. They’ve proven they don’t know what they’re doing.

  • Elwanda Burrell

    Stephanie Cutter has a very hard job trying to defend Biden.  However, if she wants to compare Biden to Sarah there is no area that Biden would exceed Palin.  If she wants a list of Palin accomplishments we will send her a copy, if she has time to read all of them the list is so long.

    • dave7777

       Or, they could replay the Palin-Biden debate.

  • Quiet_Righty

    And yet, some people here are not fully convinced that Obama and his corrupt gang really should be removed from office at all costs.

    • dave7777

       On this site???

      • Quiet_Righty

        Yep. We have some who refuse to vote for Romney, and who therefore are going to help Obama win a second term.

        • Carolyn Dixon

           some of us will not compromise our principles and vote for a rino and for sure will not vote for the socialist obama.  we are tired of having these liberal republicans shoved down our throats and having to compromise our conservative principles.  Maybe if more of you who have bought into the romney/ryan mania would stand up for what you really believed in, we could have had a better candidate. 

          • Quiet_Righty

            It didn’t take much effort to smoke you out. 

            Sarah Palin’s decision not to run in 2012 isn’t my fault or the fault of any of her supporters. Or are you talking about some other hypothetical "better candidate"? Who might that be?

          • wpmwindsong

            So what is so RINO about repealing ObamaCare, lowering personal taxes across the board, reducing capital gains and corporate taxes, cutting red tape, cutting spending and reducing the deficit, tightening the borders, reducing entitlements, approving the pipeline, granting drilling permits in ANWAR and in the Gulf, balance the budget, and getting tough on Iran, supporting Israel, stopping crony capitalism, etc.  All the stuff that Sarah Palin supports.  

            What has Romney/Ryan proposed that does not represent conservative principals, at least at a level not witnessed since Reagan?  Really.  Be specific. 

  • Tucson

    Personally I dont care what they sayor do Sarah Palin will be my guiding light in the corrupt world of politics. I will vote as Sarah suggests every time.

    • lyndaaquarius


  • CBDenver

    Cutter’s remarks shows how juvenile the political discourse has become.  Faced with a question about Biden’s mental capacity, Cutter comes back with a childish "well, so’s your old man" schoolyard response. 

  • WEL2

    The Democrats are still  trying desperately  to destroy Governor Palin, because they fear greatly the huge threat she is to them.  She lives rent free in their feeble brains.

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