Todd Akin digs in his heels; Update: Current and former Missouri Republican senators call for Akin to step aside; Update II: Akin tells Huckster He’s staying in

It certainly looks that way. Akin’s campaign released a new ad today asking for forgiveness or something. The fact that using precious campaign resources to beg voters for forgiveness is a clear sign that you’ve lost whatever control you had over your campaign escapes him utterly. Despite calls from across the conservative spectrum for Akin to salvage whatever chance remains for the GOP to flip McCaskill’s seat and repeal Obamacare, this moron appears to be yet another politician more concerned with advancing his own career than his country’s future. To punctuate this, Buzzfeed’s Ben Smith is reporting that Akin just placed a new ad buy for August 22-27, presumably to run this new ad defending the indefensible:

Media buying source tells me Akin just placed  8/22-8/27 buy.

Oddly enough, liberals think he’s doing just fine and hope he remains in the race. Not only does that ensure a McCaskill victory in November, allowing Democrats to divert scarce resources to other races, but it’s also a fundraising bonanza up and down the ballot and across the country for Democrats:

As loud as Republican leaders were in their calls for Akin to leave the race Monday, national Democratic leaders were as conspicuous in their silence, even as they vocally condemned Akin and his comments about rape.

But why would Democrats take it easy on Akin when he is so close to falling? For the same reason that Republicans are piling on—pure politics.

With Akin on the ticket, Democrats believe they now have the perfect ultra-extreme opponent for the moderate McCaskill, a former prosecutor who tried hundreds of rape cases in her past career. They also have a poster boy for the Tea Party image they want to paint on Romney, Ryan, and the GOP, all in an effort to win over female and independent voters.

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz sent a letter to supporters Monday, pointing to Akin as representative of the entire GOP’s attitude toward women. “Akin’s choice of words isn’t the real issue here. The real issue is a Republican party—led by Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan—whose policies on women and their health are dangerously wrong.”

In a separate letter, the chairwoman of the DSCC, Patty Murray, called Akin’s views “repulsive,” but instead of calling for him to leave the race, Murray asked supporters for $25 to “make sure that reckless, fanatic Todd Akin agenda never gets to the Senate.”

I never saw that coming, heh. It’s easy to picture Harry Reid sending his newest BFF a case of Dom along with a “go get ’em” letter. Mark Halperin is reporting that frantic Republican leaders can’t even get Akin on the phone. Indeed they’re so desperate that they may be resorting to the unthinkable: asking the Huckster to conduct an intervention:

Well, that’s the hope of national Republicans who, again, are having trouble  even getting him on the phone, let alone being able to make the case. Huckabee’s  support was so important to him, their hope is that he can make the case for the  good of the party, as you said, thinking about the Supreme Court, thinking about  the Senate seat, and the impact it can have on other candidates to get him out.  I don’t know that they know that Huckabee will do it. I don’t know that they  know that Huckabee will be persuasive. But it shows the extent to which they’re  grasping in the establishment to find someone somewhat outside the establishment  like Mike Huckabee, who could be an ambassador to him, to try to get him to see  that this is not going to work if he goes forward.

This begs a couple questions: (a) Will the Huckster agree to conduct the intervention? and (b) Will Akin listen to reason? The answer to the first is anyone’s guess. The second? I’m not optimistic. CBS’s Jan Crawford captures the monumental dilemma conservatives are facing with the following tweet:

Sr GOP source on the full-court press to get Akin to step aside tells me: “It’s hard to reason with an idiot.”

So it would seem.

Update: Via ABC’s Rick Klein, current and former GOP Senators from Missouri are calling for Akin to step aside:

Senators Blunt, Ashcroft, Bond, Danforth, and Talent (quite the Missouri GOP group) call on Akin to bow out of #MOSEN race.

These people are all heavyweights in Missouri Republican politics. Bond and Danforth were both long-time Senators and both retain significant influence in the Show-Me state. Blunt, as a sitting U.S. Senator from Akin’s own party, will also be difficult to ignore. But then again, see Jan Crawford’s tweet above.

Update II: Akin just told the Huckster he’s staying in. “I won the primary” is the reason he cites, along with the bogus PPP poll showing him ahead by one point. He also compared himself to 9/11 firefighters or something. Oh, and this idiot even cited McCaskill’s “gracious comments” as a reason for remaining in the race. This guy is delusional.  What are the chances Missouri conservatives can mount a third party run? Bye-bye Senate. Ed Morrissey has more here.


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