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Chuck Heath Sr. and Chuck Heath Jr. on ‘Fox & Friends’

Courtesy of SarahNET

Part I:

Part II:

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  • indemind

    Thanks Stacy….Wonderful Interview….Wonderful Family…*_*

    I Stand With Sarah Palin  …. The Real Deal

  • James A. Tyler

    Was Chuck Heath referring to Frank Aquila’s book at  1:50?

  • socon

    First thing I noticed about Sarah Palin was her fierce intelligence; second was her sterling character.

    • lyndaaquarius

      yes,yes the "fierce intelligence"  so obvious. An honorable woman whom I believe will be our magnificent President  some day. I get the sense that more and more Americans look to Sarah Palin for clarity and hope. We trust her judgement.

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Amen, Lynda!!

  • bassman

    Thanks for posting. I missed it earlier.

  • travelingon

    The Heath’s Rule

  • Lou Welz

    great ===thanks I missed it earlier 

  • Lou Welz

    Thanks I missed it earlier

  • Elwanda Burrell

    They don’t get any better than the Heath family!!!

  • conservativemama

    Such nice, real people.  So refreshing.

  • patnatasha

    I love how her dad say that she is unpredictable and that she has been that way since the second grade.

    • lyndaaquarius

      Was Katie Couric reading the newspapers with an intellectually curious mind in the second grade?    I think not.

  • sodakhic

    My local BAM just received "Our Sarah". Going to buy three. The Heaths are "salt of the earth" superstars.

  • Michael_from_Michigan

    A truly "American Family" from the Middle Class with core values produced from a solid Conservative Christian Faith! 

    This is the "America" the Founders and Framers of our nation wanted to create in light of the sacrifice of blood and treasure!  An America that is being lost to a liberal view of equality and fairness!

    God Bless America!

    Sarah today, Sarah tomorrow, Sarah 2016!   

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Amen, Michael!!!!!

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    Stacy, thank you, thank you for posting this interview!!!!

    She has been reading the newspaper SINCE THE SECOND GRADE … and the MAIN section!!

    What mendacious malefactors,what SOBs, the Lamestream media are.  SLANDER is a very serious SIN!!

    This is America’s real FIRST FAMILY.

    Chuck, Sr. and Chuck, Jr., if you see this, thank you for all that you guys have done for our country.

    Even in Berkeley, California there are some people who appreciate you all.

    God bless always!!

    • DocBarry1

      Thanks to BB for writing what many of us are thinking – thanks and God Bless to the entire Palin Family!!!!!!!!

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Thanks and Amen, Doc!!

        • DocBarry1

          U R the Best

          • BrianusBerkleianus

            :-) !!

    • Christopher H Fromme


    • jester2939

      I don’t think I can say it any better, Brianus!

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        :-) !!

  • lyndaaquarius

    these are very decent people. How they have been forced to suffer by The Left is truly an outrage.  But,every dog has his day.

  • 1776er

    What a wonderful interview.  

    You know there are millions of people who realize what a gem we have in Sarah Palin.   That group is bound to grow as others shuck off the lies and caricatures the Left in America has smeared her with.  

    I am so glad that Sarah’s family has undertaken to undo the false imaging job the LSM has done on Sarah and to properly and authentically define her character and upbringing and what shapes her faith and world view for all Americans to understand and appreciate.  

    This is an incredibly important project.  Undefeated is how Steve Bannon saw and described her.  An American original.  

    The good news is that Sarah Palin is in reserve.  She is waiting the moment.  

    The Left knows the match is yet to begin.  They know that when Sarah Palin comes at them it will be for all the marbles.

    When will that happen?

    Here is a story I heard at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome:

    In 1546 Michelangelo was appointed by Pope Paul III to design and finish the dome of St. Peter’s.  This dome had been the subject of great Italian architects and artists for decades and decades.  They were the Founding Father’s of sorts for the dome.

    Michelangelo was in his seventies at the time of his appointment.  He made drawings and designs but finally admitted that he was too old to finish the job.  Shortly after accepting the commission he resigned citing his age and infirmities.  Michelangelo died in 1564.  

    What to do?  Who had the talent and the brains and the drive to complete this monumental task?  Michelangelo told the Pope there was only one man for the job.  Of all the geniuses and elites of the renaissance Michelangelo knew of only one man to do the job.  That was his very young assistant named Giacomo della Porta.  

    The project quickly ground to a halt.

    The Pope asked della Porta to undertake the task of completing the dome.  della Porta responded "I’m not ready."  The Pope said, "When you’re ready come and see me." 

    della Porta came back when he was ready.  When was he ready?  

    In 1585 Pope Sixtus V appointed Giacomo della Porta to finish Michelangelo’s dome.  The dome was completed in 1590.

    Turns out that hole in the ceiling of St. Peter’s stood open to the wind and the rain for 46 years after Michelangelo drew the drawings waiting for the right man to complete the task.

    Sometimes, for projects of immense import, you have to wait for the right man or woman with the brains, the energy, the drive, the experience and the determination to get it right.   

    We can wait for Sarah Palin to be ready.  When she is, whenever that is, the job will be done right.  

    • CharterOakie


    • James A. Tyler

      Its actually quite brave too… Chuck and Sally Heath already disclosed last year that they were sleeping with guns, and they weren’t even trying to draw attention to themselves. This could only put them "in the crosshairs" (pardon my french) all the more. What at first seems like a cheap marketing ploy externally is actually a pretty selfless act of familial love.
      Although, to be honest, I don’t want to know what they thought when they watched the "Brady Bunch," I want to know what they thought when they watched "The Waltons" lol. I don’t know why I always associate the Palins with the Waltons lol, but I would have loved to hear them come out and say "man that show was fake" or something lol.

    • lyndaaquarius

      what a beautiful,beautiful posting! many thanks. It’s so interesting to me that George Washington’s actual birthday was February 11 and Abraham Lincoln was supposedly born on February 11 and the birth was registered the next day February 12.  Sarah Heath Palin was born on February 11.    She has a profound mission for this nation founded in liberty. "the Left knows the match is yet to begin.They know that when Sarah Palin comes at them it will be for all the marbles".  This is so very true! The really smart ones on the Left recognized this when they first saw her at the 08 Repub convention. And they immediately started the assault. The enemies of Individual Liberty are on the run. They know their perverse  dreams of Authoritarian rule are soon to bite the dust.  It’s an old,old battle. We can wait.

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Wonderful; thanks, 1776er!!

    • conservativemama

      Thank you for the historical reference.  I’m married to a historian and I learned long ago to value his input because he really showed me that if we look back we can often find the way forward.

  • Kathleen

    I should try to loan my copy out after I finish it to as many people as I can get to read it, so they learn the true Sarah.  :-)

  • westernhunter

    What a great family.  Just got my book downloaded on my kindle.

  • James A. Tyler

    lol, funny how I watched Chuck Heath and Chuck Jr. on Fox and Friends this morning and then saw George Obama’s interview in 2016, which I finally got around to seeing. All three come off as so down to earth – I am at odds as to who I find cooler, lmao. I suspect the three would get along fine, lol.

    • hrandym

       Don’t see how you can compare the two.  I need to see George O’s interview to understand.  Why would you speak of the two in any comparison?

      • James A. Tyler

        I wasn’t I was just noting that all three came off as down to earth individuals, despite polar opposite backgrounds. I saw the Fox and Friends Interview, I went "wow, these are two cool dudes." I watched the 2016 Interview of Obama’s half-brother and I went "wow, that’s a cool dude." 

        If you saw G Obama’s Interview, you’d understand – he’s the polar opposite of his half-brother. He’s so genuine and earthy and unpretentious it isn’t even funny; he’s even politically opposite of his brother, from the looks of it (at least from a colonialist standpoint – he seems more Pro-Colonialism than his half brother).

        He had the opportunity to basically throw his half-brother to the wolves by claiming that he doesn’t give him handouts and he didn’t, do it… and you know how that would have gone if the roles were reversed. Barry would have whined all the way to the bank.

        • hrandym


  • CharterOakie

    Thanks for posting the interview!  Can’t wait to read the book.

    Great job, Chuck and Chuck.  We recognized Sarah’s character, spirit, values and at least some of her tremendous ability in the first moments we were introduced to her.  And we’ve seen it all reconfirmed countless times since then.

    We love her and thank God for her life.

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Amen, Bro!!

  • T5S7L

    I just watched the interview with the Heaths on "Fox and Friends." I’ve  heard both Chucks
    interviewed many times and I’ve always been impressed by how unaffected by, Sarah’s fame, they truly are. The term that comes to mind is "salt of the earth." I wish we had more people like them in this country.

    I look forward to reading the book..

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