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Newsbusters | Andrea Mitchell: I Plead Guilty To Being One Of The "Elite, Smart People"

Gee, and you thought Barack Obama had an inflated opinion of himself. After watching Andrea Mitchell in action, he might actually need self-esteem therapy . . .

On her MSNBC show today, Mitchell rolled a clip in which Rick Santorum told the Value Voters Summit audience that "we will never have the elite, smart people on our side." After asking a former Santorum aide what he he meant by the "elite smart people," Mitchell declared "I think I should plead guilty." View the video after the jump.


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  • OldPat

    What is that popping sound I hear?  Is it Andrea Mitchell’s little bubble of smug superiority being burst as she realizes WE are coming to Washington?

    LOL.  Not a chance, and not nearly as bright as she thinks.  Rather, it’s small capillaries in her head going ‘pop, pop, pop’ one by one.

    Hey, Andrea, I guess you finally figured out those face-lifts were only gonna carry you so far, but you gotta do a lot better than this if you’re gonna keep those brain cells from atrophying.

    You see, girl, that sound we’re all hearing when you try to think is just Mother Nature’s gentle reminder to ‘Use it or lose it.’ so you best get to work.  LOL.

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