Obama supporter: I’m voting for Obama because he gave me a free phone

Obama was in Cleveland yesterday. Here’s one of his supporters explaining why he’s the man.

Ah, the intelligence of the typical Obama voter. Forget finding a job or worrying about the country’s imminent bankruptcy, just “gimme” some free stuff. This is Obama’s idea of a model citizen, undoubtedly the type of individual on which he based his government-dependent Julia character. None of this is new for Democrats, of course, as we heard pretty much the same thing from Obama’s supporters in Detroit about three years ago:

What is it about the residents of dying, rust-belt cities that they’re unwilling to better themselves and are perfectly willing to sell their souls for a little “Obama stash”? Could it be the fact that these cities have been run for generations by Democrats and this is all their citizens know? Could it be the wonderful public education system in these cities over which Democrats preside? Or is it simply something in the water that causes brain damage which manifests itself as OBS (Obama dependency syndrome)? Whatever the case, if this kind of thinking ever becomes close to a majority in this country, its game over for America. Obama’s certainly trying to

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