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Rush Limbaugh: "If Obama wins, it’s the end of the Republican Party”

Via Mediaite:

He went on to refer to MSNBC host Chris Matthews saying last week that an Obama re-election would mean the end of conservatism. “Nope,” Limbaugh disagreed, “if Obama wins, it’s the end of the Republican Party.”

“There’s going to be a third party that’s going to be orientated towards conservatism — or Rand Paul thinks libertarianism,” he continued. “If Obama wins, the Republican Party will try to maneuver things so conservatives get blamed. The only problem is right now, Romney is not running a conservative campaign.”

“But they’re going to set it up, ‘Well, the right sat home, the right made Romney be other than he is.’ They’ll try to deflect the blame, but they got who they want,” he said of the Republican Party’s selection of Mitt Romney for president.

Rush is right on a number of levels. If the Mittster loses, the Republican Establishment will indeed blame conservatives. In 2016 they’ll be pushing their next "Mitt Romney". Jon Huntsman, anyone? But, as Rush notes, the Republican Establishment got their guy, and if he loses, it sure as hell won’t be the fault of conservatives. It’ll be the logical end result of a party whose powers-that-be are embarrassed by conservatism, and are doing everything they can to purge conservatives from their ranks. Go figure that conservatives are less than enthused about supporting their anointed one. And whenever conservatives feel inclined to cut the Mittster some "ABO" slack, his penchant for saying stupid things like this is a stark reminder of why they didn’t trust him in the first place.

Whether or not an Obama victory sends the Republicans the way of the Whigs is anyone’s guess, but it certainly should. I for one won’t shed any tears, and will actively support a third party oriented toward constitutional, limited government conservatism. Conservatism triumphs every time it’s tried, but unfortunately those running the show in the party that purports to be the home of conservatism have made it crystal clear that conservatives are no longer welcome. Click below to watch Rush’s comments:

(h/t Steve)


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    But I thought Rush was "moved by the convention"?
    Rush is all over the place…one day it’s all Mitt love and the next day it’s "they got who they want". Maybe I’ll go back to listening to Rush when he makes up his mind which way he really feels.

    I’m with you Doug about a third party….where do I sign up?

    • dmac8889

      Rush hangs with Establishment types, but is a Conservative at heart.  He battles with this.  He simply didn’t see the anger coming from the Pro-Palin crowd and the TEA party as a whole.  He simply doesn’t (like everyone else) understand its strength.  When he got enough grief from both, he decided to check the Conservative blogs and sees that the anti-Republican Party crowd is for real.  He in turn is telling his Establishment buddies "you got your guy on your terms"  if you mess up, the Conservatives which make up 70% of the voting block on the RIGHT is GONE!   He thought with the Ryan pick the Conservatives were satisfied.  We were somewhat, but the Convention brought back the distrust.  The ENTIRE speaking group were all Bush aligned people. 

  • n4cerinc

    Hold the Golden EIB Microphone!

    Rush was giving the listeners the big "Don’t believe the hype" talk yesterday about not believing the polls etc. I agree with him to an extent. The only troubling poll I saw was the one that always favors Romney, which is Rasmussen. It is also the most accurate poll from 2008. Rasmussen had Obama up 5 pts yesterday. 

    But back to Rush. He said something that reminded me of something someone else said not too long ago. Yes, Laura Ingraham said something similar, but she did not say "There’s going to be a third party that’s going to be orientated towards conservatism or libertarianism". 

    Sarah Palin said this during the RNC to a caller in to Foxnews. So it seems the big names in conservative media are all bracing themselves for a possible end of the Republican Party if Romney manages to lose the Oblunder. 

    • mark

       Although Mitt isn’t my first choice of Rep. candidate, I would vote for a broom at the corner of my room but not for the usurper of the WH. I understand Rush and his uncomfortably with Mitt, but he must support him because Mitt is infinitely better than current occupier. 

  • Pete Petretich

    Bring it on, Rush! What are we waiting for?

  • Lennart Bilén

    Obama will win: Economic collapse

    That is our future, unless or perhaps

    We will find our backbone

    And Obama dethrone

    The train to the future has gone off the tracks.

  • $31890345

    rush is not the north star. the north star shines from the great state of alaska and creates the shining path. sindero luminoso

  • Pete Petretich

    Is it any coincidence that the Obamas are selling their house in Chicago and buying a house in Hawaii? They are force-feeding us their extreme liberalism and then bailing on the most liberal, Democratic city in the nation!

    • n4cerinc

      can’t say I blame them for leaving Chicagoland and moving to the continent of Asia or as we know it, Hawaii.

    • Guest

      Ohhh…it’s their house, eh??? Who would buy it? Sounds like a plot….

  • Timothy Jacques

    It won’t be Huntsman, it will be Jeb Bush they’ll push on us.

    • n4cerinc

      My money is on little Jebbie myself. 

      • Shawn Austin

        yeah that’s a great idea. People will never assume he’s related to that idiot George Bush. The American ppl are so dumb they’d NEVER notice MMmmWWWWwHHHahHHAaaa

    • section9

      The Bush Family plotting is going according to plan. However, it will backfire.

      • dmac8889


  • CrackerJacker

    How about one party for fiscal conservatives and one for social conservatives?  That way we can see which the American people would really get behind.

    • colint

      Social issues should NOT be in the plank of a political party. We should not care whether a leader in his PERSONAL life is prolife or prochoice or whether the leader is this or that religion or an athiest. We do need to know if he has been an honest law abiding citizen and  what the leader’s knowledge, experience and abillies are in matters for which the government is responsible. Social matters can be dealt with outside of politics by lawyers for social interest organizations in the courts and eventually SCOTUS.

      What we need is someone like Sarah. Sure she is prolife but, unlike many on this site she does not go on and on about abortion and miillions of babies murdered etc. She is a model that others should follow. She does not see others who have different personal lives as evil. If a conservative political party EXCLUDED social issues it might well attract democrats who are fiscal conservatives but who are chased away by those who want only those who share their sociaal values in the party.

      • Guest

        Social issues should fall under states rights. 

        • colint

          Could be but some issues relate to the Constitution and end up being decided by SCOTUS.

          • Guest

            Yes…they do.  But where do they start usually?  In the states.  I’m not meaning all social issues….but states should have the right to legalize gambling or other things if that is what the people of the state would like to have.  That is what the 10th amendment was put in for.  If you weren’t happy with how a state was run or the policies they enacted…you have the ability to move to another state while still having the ultimate protection of your basic rights from the federal government.

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    Rush is covering his bases and responding to Mathews at the same time. His first point about the inevitable financial collapse is more telling. That is when there will be no political parties. Just a New World Global "Disorder". Soros, Obama, and Islam will divi up the proceeds and China will say……hey wait just a damn minute, we have Nukes and billions of people to spare!

  • section9

    This conflict has been coming since Eisenhower left office in 1961.

    The Republicans were the natural majority party after the Civil War, but they screwed things up during the 1920’s and followed inflationary policies which helped to cheapen the value of money and exacerbate the Great Depression. For their tomfoolery we had fifty years of the Warfare/Welfare State, which we have to this day.

    The time is fast approaching when the Conservative Movement gives rise to a Conservative Party. I suspect that the one who will lead it will be Sarah Palin, which is why she stood aside this time.

    Limbaugh sees the handwriting on the wall: the GOP is ruled by entitled Bourbons who don’t care a whit about Reaganism and liberty. Their only care is to get their hands on the swag. And they just got through ramming a rule down the throat of the party rank and file to cement their hold on the party, an act that is certain to lead to a backlash that will, in all likelihood, break up the party.

    Palin’s time is at hand.  She was shrewd enough to keep her distance from Romney’s moderate Republicanism and his thoroughgoing betrayal of Reagan. She will reap the benefit when she reenters the political arena. And it may be to form a new Conservative Party.

    • Guest

      Just for the record : Eisenhower’s terms ended in Jan 1961……………….

    • Terrenceor

      Conservatives did not screw it up in the 1920’s. There were three Presidents in the 20th Century that actively tried to restrain the reach of the Federal Gov’t. Coolidge during the 1920’s, Eisenhower in the 1950’s and Reagan in the 1980’s were the only Presidents in the 20th Century that were not Progressives.

      Of the three of those, Reagan was the only one to not balance the budget.

      • everythingispolitics

        Just not true sir. Reagan did nothing but spend while he was in office. He spent on noble things like defense and economic growth, but government certainly grew historically under Reagan.

        • Terrenceor

          Absolutely he grew defense, especially after it was decimated during the Ford and Carter years. Please name one domestic program or Dept. he expanded or created. He was constantly battling Congressional Democrats on Domestic spending. He shut down Govt I believe 5 times.

        • socon

          Why do you conveniently omit the fact that Reagan had to deal with a liberal congress when he was in office?

          Reagan had to make deals with Tip O’Neill if he was going to defeat the USSR.  But you already knew that, didn’t you?

    • dmac8889

      I like most of what you stated, but the Republicans didn’t screw things up with the exception of Hoover.  He went on huge spending plan, followed up by high taxes.  FDR followed this.  This is why we had the Great Depression.  These two Presidents believed Gov’t was the answer.  This was Keynesian economics.  The problem with Keynes theory is after you spend, you have to pay the bill.  Thus they always raise taxes.  This thwarts the economy, taking back any gains you get from a burst of Gov’t spending..  Instead Reagan allowed the American people to keep 2/3rds of the income they earned.   This change the economy from a Corporate economy (where Corporations hire the majority of Americans) to a small business economy.  True it lead to deficits, but if spending was eased, the revenue coming in would have resolved the debt.  That didn’t happen.  Spending continued until a decade later.  Bush and Clinton raised the Taxes.  The economy slowed in 2000-2002, until Bush cut taxes again.

      If we were still a Corporate economy, the Stock market Crash in 2008 would have been much worse, and more devastating.  Corporations would have laid off in Depression like numbers to reach their bottom line.  Small business if they were able to survive (still being tested) simply were able to lower their profit margin and keep the employees, who they had relationships with. Small business acts more like a sponge when collapse comes, than a tomato like reaction from Corporate America.

  • Phil Arnold

    I believe that the only real hope for our country to be restored is for Obama to beat Romney, and for the GOP to be crushed, and be replaced by a more conservative third party.

    • $8196935

      You really do not know.  Another 1930s European. 

  • Jonathan Poletti

    Yes, and Palin is minimizing her presence now, lest they blame her (again) for their own defeat. 

  • IndieDogg

    No, Rush, not the end of the Republican Party… the end of the Republican Party as we know it.

    Building a third party is asking for a lot of unnecessary work when there will be a perfectly good carcass of a party there for the taking, should Mitt forget his Mittens and get frostbite in November.

    Look at the work Governor Palin is doing, out among the grass roots, planting seeds, nurturing them, watering them with her endorsements, appearances, money, working the buffet lines across the country. Those candidates are all running as Republicans, not third-party candidates. If a common-sense human being (a term I prefer to a label – conservative to me only means someone who has what my dear mother used to call basic "common sense") wins a Republican primary, whether it’s for dog wrangler or President of the United States, they are the party’s candidate.

    And, at the Presidential level, the party’s nominee becomes, automatically, the titular head of the party, until they leave office or the election is over, should they not win.

    So, I get Rush’s sentiment and I hear what he’s saying, but I’d phrase it a bit differently. If Obama wins, the Republican Party "as we know it today" will cease to exist.

    And if Sarah Palin should declare for the REPUBLICAN nomination and win it, she will be the head of the "former" Republican Party. And, because of the way the system is set up, there’s not a thing they can do about it.

    By turning their back on their own nominee from 2008, by allowing her to be attacked at will without defense, by forcing her to walk the coals on her own brave, bare feet while they turned their heads, they have done something they didn’t plan — call it the rule of unintended consequences — they have inoculated her against the same strategy in the future. There is nothing left to throw at her, from either side. The kitchen sink? They threw that long ago. There’s barely a splinter of wood left from the kitchen itself. They’re out of ammo.

    I know the responses, "they" are evil and "they" will never let the Governor win "their" primary. But, it’s not their primary. It’s the primary of a party, run under some very specific rules. If she runs, under those rules, and wins, she wins. After all, if they lose this election, they won’t have any credibility or leverage left. Besides, truth is, if she’d run this year, she probably would have won (the Republican nomination). [Not questioning her decision – I make it a habit not to second guess the shrewdest political mind I’ve come across in a very long time, or her personal decisions, because that’s exactly what they are, personal decisions.]

    So, I say, if Obama wins the election, why create a new party when there will be a perfectly good one sitting there that nobody’s using.

    • dmac8889

      IndieDog,  your forgetting one very important idea.   To win the Republican nomination, the votes must come from registered Republican voters (in most states.).  That means Conservatives and Independents must register Republican.. Good luck with that.  Many like myself JUST unregistered Republican.  Its more likely we will start a new Party, where the Bush people aren’t calling the shots.  Many will state it will mean permanent doom, but I believe the LEFT will have their own departures from the Democrat Party.  The GOP leaders will give us the big tent speech, but if we stay they will only be going on the enemy media to attack Conservatives, which they have for four years now.  I don’t trust them.

  • $8196935

    Not the end of the Republican Party but any opposition to Obama.

    If anyone thinks there will be a Jeb, Sarah, or whoever as opposition to Obama in 2016
    will see no free election.  Many can’t grasp what is going on, they have been afraid
    to vett Obama starting with 2007 and have not followed what he and his administration are doing.
    thus see him as just another Democrat.

    Some have no idea what we are facing

    • socon

       Sometimes I think Mitt’s the one who has no idea who and what he is facing.

      • $8196935

        I think he knows Obama ‘s mouthpieces, the MSM, Public Schools, Unions, Universities, etc.
        are all pushing Obama’s Left wing, Pro radical Muslim propaganda in a way to make it go down easier not to mention forums with trolls who also push the wish for Obama’s win

        • socon

          I don’t know.  If Romney really believed he was up against a dangerous foe wouldn’t he try to unite his party behind him?  I believe he was foolish to diss the Tea Party at the convention.

          The only trolls I see on this forum are those who are hardcore Romney supporters pretending to be fans of Sarah Palin.

    • everythingispolitics

      Why would there be no election in 2016? These doomsday scenarios are laughable.

      • socon

         I’m not so sure.  Who knows what will happen if our economy collapses?

        • 01_Explorer_01

          Not if….its when….

          • socon

             Ouch!  Why don’t more people see it coming?

            • 01_Explorer_01

              If they can’t see 16 trillion in debt then it is their fault.

      • $8196935

        Those who say laughable are more frightened and tell thenselves it won’t happen..

        Just like some think Communism is just like anyother political party.
        When I got a special visa to get into East Germany in 1983 I can tell you,
        you would have seen the Russian soldiers I stood next to in high black boots and hammer and
        cycle on their cover, the locked churches and synagogues.
        The couple of cars on the streets, to never see a grocery store, to have an old woman approace
        you in German say at the threat of her life, you don’t know what we are living through and the list goes on.

        Dozens of my neighbors decades ago were recent years out of the Nazi concentartion camps.

        Some a little later escaped from communist countries,.

        today I am around 4 miles weat of 10s of thousans of Middle East and Horn of Africa Muslims.
        See them on busses in their hajobs and burkas.

        I don’t have the luxury to play the game, it won’t happen here.


        • 01_Explorer_01

          Not all the military  supports Obama.  Navy seals and special forces are on the peoples side.  We also know where the Texas and Alaska national guard stands.

          • $8196935

            I am in a city with the largest concentration of military not to mention the Home of the Navy SEALS here in San Diego

            I know the military I speak with are voting for Romney and the many military in my family are voting for Romney.

            He is the non Obama

            • 01_Explorer_01

              So you think the military will let Obama rule as a dictator.  You don’t seals very well.  They would land on the White House lawn and BO knows that.

          • socon

            Most of the military does NOT support Obama.  Why else are the democrats trying to suppress their vote?

  • MJosephSheppard

    Doug Brady’s post here at C4P gives his analysis of Rush Limbaugh’s comments regarding the coming third party should Romney lose. It may be that the converse is equally correct-if Romney wins, and doesn’t deliver i.e. flip- flops, then that would probably ensure the emergence of a genuine third party even more quickly than an Obama victory would.

    Is a (Palinite?) third party option viable? I show that in my opinion, at the link above, based on historical data analysis, it most certainly is.I say Palinite because of this:

    "Sarah Palin said a third party option is not beyond the realm of possibility. When asked if she would consider creating a third party if neither Gov. Romney nor President Obama would budge from their current positions on a variety of issues, Palin left open the door. "Look what happened in the mid 1800’s. The Whig party went away and the Republican Party surfaced. Because the electorate got sick and tired of the party fighting for power and not doing the will of the people."

    Palin went on to say history could repeat itself. " If history is an indication it is a possibility," she said. "If the Republicans don’t remember what the planks in the platform represent … that is opportunity to prosper and thrive in the most exceptional nation in the world. We do that through a free market. If the Republicans become like the liberal left and democrats, I wouldn’t be surprised if history didn’t repeat itself."

  • patnatasha

    and a romney win would mean a thrid party as well.

    • 01_Explorer_01

      Palin 2016

  • misterlogic0013

    looks like everyone is coming up to speed (Sarah time)  what he didn’t say because he is being cautious is, either way over for GOP as we know it today, win, win for Conservatism / Libertarianism / grassroots Americans, go ahead Prebus your call .. I suggest you call Sarah anytime soon will be good .. Go America, 911 remember .. we are in charge .. patience .. God Bless America / the land of the Free .. thanks Sarah ..

  • 1776er

    Obama is going to win this election. IMO, the vote margin will be surprisingly large.  Perhaps not a landslide but substantial nonetheless.

    Americans are going to follow the European 2012 voting profile.  We, too, will reject any notion of Sudden and Relentless Reform, "austerity", living within your means and limited Government.  The jobs data will only get worse.  There is a fair chance that the markets will finally recognize economic reality and begin a long slow grind down by the time the election rolls around.  We may be in a shooting war with Iran and perhaps Syria.  

    23 million unemployed, underemployed and dispirited Americans and millions more worried that they will join that group will cling to Nanny and look to Obama and the Socialists to secure their living.  Obama is slowly selling the "give me one more chance" pitch.  Americans will to their utter destruction.

    It will be 1936 Roosevelt vs Landon all over again.  Obama will ascend the Capitol Steps on January 21, 2013 to address a shell shocked nation looking with pleading eyes to Washington to "fix it" and make the unbearable uncertainty go away.  

    Obama’s Second Inaugural Address will be almost identical to FDR’s Second.  He will say:  

    "I see 1/4 of the Nation ill-housed; 1/4 of the Nation ill-fed and 1/4 of the Nation ill-clothed.  I see a Nation in decline and in tatters.  It is the 1%ers fault.  They did this to you.  They haven’t paid their fair share.  It’s not your fault. We will do to them what the Mau Mau did to the immoral British Colonialists in my father’s day in my home country of Kenya.  Together we will look to Government for the answers here in America.  We will make the Rich pay.  On Nov. 6 you spoke America.  I heard your voice.  Soon the whole world will hear all our voices." 

    Mitt Romney will retire from active politics and pursue money in private life.  He will be a genial yarn spinner for the rest of his life. He will be welcome at Republican rubber chicken reunion dinners of old out of power politicians all across America.  A nice guy who was up against the forces of history.  Just like Alf Landon. 

    The Republican Party will survive for a while.  Perhaps one or two more dismal election cycles. But there will be defections.  Some will move over to the Democrat Party a la that guy in Pennsylvania whose name I have already forgotten.  Some will retire.  The Republicans will see their ability to squeeze K St and Wall St and Corporate Crony America dwindle and with it the money that is the mother’s milk of crime, corruption and American politics.  They will just fade away.  Gen Patton was right:  Americans hate losing and will not tolerate a loser.  At least they won’t continue to fund them.

    What ought to come next in American political life is not clear to me.  We will take the Marxist Socialist experiment to the limit, IMO.  How long that will take is anybody’s guess. But the experiment in Obama Socialism will fail.  Bigger Government will not solve our problems.  Socialism has always failed and this time it won’t be different.

    Post Obama Socialist collapse something new is coming, IMO.  It may not be Democracy as we have known it.  It may not be Freedom as we have known it. The new American experiment will be different.  My guess is that coming out of the chaos of national bankruptcy power will be in a decentralized form of social organization where the most rewards go to the hardest workers.  Everybody will know who they are and will not protest the inequality of outcomes.  Osama Bin Laden said that when people look at a weak horse and look at a strong horse, they choose the strong horse. People will look locally for solutions to strong characters who will set the rules.  They will have to.  They won’t be able to look to Washington to make the unbearable uncertainty go away.  The printing presses will have long since stopped humming.  Washington may become a ghost town of falling down monuments and empty government buildings going to rot.  

    I am too old to see how the story will turn out.  But I am pretty sure we are quite near the end of the First American Republic.  1776 – 2026?  RIP.  250 years to failure of Democracy.  

    I don’t think there will be the energy left after this election to form a Third Party.  Sarah Palin had a chance to do it in the two years leading up to Nov 2012.  She passed for I’m sure good, sound reasons.  But I think that moment is passed.  The old Republic is sinking into the future.  No Third Party launched on a spasm of too late patriotic emotion is going to stop the flooding of the American Titanic at this stage of history.  The holes are too big.  The ocean of corruption flooding the engine room is unstoppable.

    A new thing is coming.

    • technopeasant

      I hope you are not right, but I fear you are.

    • $8196935

      Obama will end America as we know it.

      Guess you are one of many here who refuse to believe what Sarah states,
      Obama is transforming this country to what we won’t recognize

    • socon

      Sarah Palin didn’t have enough support to form a third party.  It is our failure not hers.

      A maelstrom of violence and famine is coming if what you say comes true.

  • 01_Explorer_01

    I’m ready for a third party.  One to get excited for in 2016.  I think there should be a third party regardless how Mitt performs.

  • Guest

    The Constitutional Conservative Freedom Party!!! 

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