Take the ‘Our Sarah: Made in Alaska’ Contest Quiz; Updated: The Contest Has Ended

Governor Palin’s father and brother, Chuck Heath, Sr. and Chuck Heath, Jr., have written a book to give the public an intimate, inside look at who Sarah Palin is, what her values are, and how her experiences growing up have shaped her life. They want you to be a part of this incredible journey. Complete this five-question questionnaire about Governor Palin. Those who answer all questions correctly will be entered into a drawing for an autographed copy of their new book, Our Sarah! There will be five winners. Have fun…and good luck!

Update on September 18: As announced, the Our Sarah: Made in Alaska quiz ends September 18th. There are just a few more hours to participate in the quiz, so if you haven’t taken it, now’s your last chance! (Those who have already taken the quiz, please do not retake it.)

In just a few days, we’ll know who the five winners are!

Update II: The contest has ended. Thanks to all who participated!

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