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Thank You, Mr. James V. Delong

Over at American Thinker, Mr. James V. Delong wrote a thoughtful response to a piece of mine published over there as well:

Anyone who has not seen Steve Flesher’s What Romney Must Do should read it immediately. His major point is that the Republicans make a huge mistake by insulting "the 47%." Sure, there are welfare queens who barter food stamps for color TVs, serial collectors of unemployment, etc. etc. Similarly, there are incompetent teachers who rely on the union as a shield, and public employees who retire on the job.

But such parasites are uncommon. Most people who have become dependent on the government would rather not be. Because they have been reduced to a state of desperation, it is not surprising that they cling to the lifeline of government subsidies, and will vote against threats to the handout. Most dependents would rather regain control of their lives, and most public employees would like to be proud of their work. However, it is an axiom of history that those who are close to the edge of survival are always wary of any innovation that might go wrong.


The real problem is that the Obamacrats, abetted by the Republican establishment, have done serious damage to the economy, and are preventing people from earning the dollars necessary to control their own lives. The establishment then buys their votes with pennies in relief payments. 

This having happened, it is both foolish electoral strategy and inhumane to threaten to cut off the stream of pennies. As Flesher says, channeling Sarah Palin, the focus must be on economic revival that will end the need for the relief payments. All but a few want to avoid dependency, but they must have confidence that their leaders can chart a course to economic revival, and are not just a new group of looters.


Finally, one should read Flesher for his link to Conservatives4Palin. I had not been aware of this group, but it is clear that if the Republican brand is so damaged that the party cannot even defeat Obama, perhaps the worst president in U.S. history, then new electoral arrangements will become necessary.  Palin is emerging as the most honest and sensible of the political lot, and whether or not she ever runs again as a candidate, she will be a king or queenmaker.

You can read the entire thing here.

In response to my piece which he discusses, some called me a “RINO” and accused me of slamming Mitt Romney.  Basically all comments boiled down to the assumption that I don’t want Romney to win.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  As such, I thank Mr. Delong for helping to set the record straight.

Along with Governor Palin, we believe that it’s best for America if Barack Obama is defeated.  That is why you will find constructive criticism against the way Romney is conveying the message of conservatism – especially in these parts.  In order for Obama to lose, Romney has to win. 

My intention was to demonstrate how the 47% of Americans who don’t pay taxes was made up largely by individuals who do not wish to be controlled by or dependent on the government.  Even Democrats know this which is why they work so hard to further burden them with more shared misery.  As liberals recently reminded us, the 47% were helped by Reagan in the 1980’s through the principles of conservatism.  Today, they are suffering under Obama. 

And unlike *some* Romney supporters who didn’t seem to understand the big picture in 2008 of preventing Obama from getting elected in the first place, we do understand why he must not be re-elected in 2012.  It’s why we follow Governor Palin’s lead and wish Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan all the best in firing Obama. 

As Governor Palin has suggested a few times, Romney and Ryan already have the Republican vote wrapped up.  They now have to take their argument to the independents.  Further, they have to provide hope for those in the 47% to believe in conservative principles.  My suggestion to Romney was that he encourage and offer to include these folks hoping for a better future that we all want in lieu of making them feel like their votes are already decided and therefore should be given up on. 

Conservatives don’t believe that.  There’d be no point of running a campaign or working to convince people to vote for you if minds couldn’t be changed.  Since he’s the party’s nominee, it is his responsibility to do it and I hope he does.

The good news is he still has a good amount of time before November to make it happen.

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  • c4pfan

    Thanks for the post and I agree with your statements.

    • Steve_Flesher

      Thank you c4pfan.  It’s nice to know I am not alone.  :-)

  • MaMcGriz

    Thank you, Steve and James.

    Your words are like a balm to my aching conservative psyche.

    • Steve_Flesher

       Thanks Ma!  Always great to hear from you.

    • dmac8889


  • Paul Murphy

     Dear Mr. Flesher:

    I thought your AMT article (and, by extension, this one) was both about right and about wrong. You’re absolutely right, I think, about the campaign and what’s at stake, right about the need to include the 47%, and right about the media’s interpretation of Romney’s remarks – but wrong about the campaign and wrong about what he actually said.

    Understand, please, I’m a tea party guy – and very much wanted to see Ms. Palin become President Palin in 2013. However.. she didn’t run,  Romney is the nominee, and we are where we are. That said, we have to look at his campaign as it is, not as we would make it. We’re ideologically committed, he isn’t – and his campaign is based on appealing to the majority who want good grey government, not flaming ideologues from either side.

    Thus what he actually said about the 47% was not that they should be written off as people, but that they can be largely written off as GOP voters this year  – or, in other words, that they’re prospects for 2016 because they won’t be won over until they see the jobs recovery, the end of Obamacare, and the re-invention of housing market controls (Dodd Franks, Fannie Mae, etc) under a GOP/Romney government.

  • Lemuel Vargas

    In order for the winner of the presidential election, be it Obama or Mitt Romney to be forced to consider and embrace Sarah Palins’ platforms of
    1.fighting the legal corruption (or as Sarah said nicely, crony capitalism)

    2. An end to expanding the federal government via a respect for the Tenth Amendment

    3,Repealing Obamacare.

    4. No more runaway debt. This necessitates prioritizing and cutting spending.

    5. Energy independence, an “all of the above energy policy.” She distilled it down to this: “America’s economic revival starts with America’s energy revival.”

    6. Making America the most attractive country to do business. Included in this is eliminating all federal corporate taxes, which frees up job-creators but requires that they “stand or fall on [their] own.

    The Tea Party in general must win MAJORITY CONTROL of both the HOUSE and SENATE in the COMING ELECTIONS with the contenders having similar platforms as she has


    If Obama wins the Election, he would be forced to work with the Tea Party or he could be overridden by the House and the Senate.

    If the Mitt Romney wins the Election, he/she would still be forced to work with the Tea Party or be overriden, too..

    But the only thing to do is still to GO OUT TO THE POLLING CENTER AND VOTE even if there is no intention of voting Mitt (not recommended) because there are the DOWNTICKET TEA PARTY CONTENDERS THAT STILL NEEDS OUR VOTE

    .A lesson learned by me during the 1986 Peoples Revolution in the Philippines is not to waste a vote by boycotting or not voting because if the majority of voters has the same sentiment, a despised dictator or in this case, a dangerously narcissistic POTUS and a crony laden Congress will win this election and then we could kiss our american dreams goodbye because of the balooning (or burst) debt crisls which is surely to follow.


    • 1776er

      Astute analysis. There are three more or less co-equal branches of Government.  Losing the Executive Branch to a Marxist is not necessarily the end of the world.  Bad, of course.  Very bad. 

      Ultimate power in our system resides with the voters.  Every two and four years the politicians have a date with the voters. It is a day they dread.  All of them. Our problem is that we voters only have power on one day every two and four years.  On all the other days the corrupt politicians of both parties have the power.  If we don’t use our biennial and quadrennial  power wisely then the system continues corrupt with business as usual.  

      The problem we face is that ultimately We are the problem.  Our failure to exercise due diligence on politicians enables the whole system of CC and PPC.  We have seen the enemy and he is us.  

      Re-awakening the sense of civic duty and citizenship is the great challenge for America if we are to exercise that power that the Founding Fathers gave us in the Constitution to protect our own liberty and freedom now and in the years to come.  It’s up to us.  

      The Legislative Branch is the key to slowing down and yes–checking–the Executive.  That is where Sarah Palin is focusing her energy at this point.  

      If Americans don’t snap out of it and take their citizenship deadly seriously then the autocrats and the criminal elites cannot be contained.  

      You are right.  Go exercise the precious guardian of liberty in America–our right to vote.  If you don’t you might not have it for much longer.

  • wodiej

    If you want Romney to win, you could have fooled me.  You post 2-3 articles every day slamming him.  Unless a person is working on Romney’s campaign, unrelenting criticism is only HELPING OBAMA.  

    • Elwanda Burrell

       Maybe Romney needs slammed for the poor campaign he is running!!

    • connservative

      Wodiej, look around you.  Republicans and conservatives all over the media are telling the Romney campaign that it’s got to change – BIG TIME and QUICK.  I disagree with Steve on one point – I don’t think he’s got the R’s locked up.

      Maybe that’s why the House leadership sent everyone home so early to campaign – they may already be seeing a Romney loss, and they need to protect their districts.

    • friskyness

       Romney isn’t with the "people"…….he doesn’t see that his campaign is failing…….hes on one side of the mirror, we are on the other side……we are what he doesn’t see……he needs to  be told what he is missing……………….’

  • SteveBayrd

    It seems that any critique of the Romney campaign draws criticism. Having voted in 10 presidential elections, I can honestly say that only two of those, both for Reagan, were a wholehearted positive choice. The rest were "the lesser of two evils." It is because "we the people" didn’t correct the outrage of the permanent political class that this is so. The emergence of the Tea Party in a very dark hour of American peril brought forth a voice to speak truth to power to both parties. 

    Romney has some good traits as a human. But his instincts are definitely elitist. We are stuck once more with a lesser of evils. So now some want us again to sit down, shut up, and not try to bend a poor candidate to true conservative principles. He is our only shot for now. But if Romney shuns the Tea Party, as he has done throughout, he, and he alone, is to blame for that. Telling honest Tea Party folks to sit down and shut up, again, is disingenuous and the mark of someone who may talk the Tea Party talk but not walk the walk.

    Steve has pointed out the facts of the 47%, with back-up from Mr. Delong. Send the work-willing and retirees of these folks into forced exile at the country’s peril. Gov. Palin would advise Romney correctly, if he would only listen.

    • Steve_Flesher

       Thanks Steve!  You articulate well and it is very possible to offer constructive advice or criticism and it should be able to be delivered without being blamed for having ill intentions or ulterior motive.  I appreciate the supporting words.

      • SteveBayrd

        You’re welcome, Steve. The difference today is that we have sites like C4Palin and voices like Gov. Palin’s and yours that are not cowed by the "go along to get along" people. We are not zealots. We are patriots who face the real world, know it is imperfect, and can compromise on methods if it does not compromise on principles. We’ll do what we must in November. But we will not bow to the permanent political class.

  • conservativemama

    These comments are right in line with something I was just watching on TV on the Cooking Channel. I watched just a few minutes of a special about hungry kids.  It was focused on Virginia (what I saw) and it showed the actor Jeff Bridges and Gov. McDonnell talking to a group of kids.  They were talking about a program that feeds students during the summer.

    And they focused on an African-American family, three kids.  All three take part in a summer program at the boys and girls club.  They are fed during the day.  Then they spoke with the father and he was thankful for this program, but he said that of course he would rather work and be the provider, be the hero to his children.  And then they showed another minority family saying the same.  Thank you, but what we really want are jobs.

    Just as you say here, in the 47% are millions of Americans who want to hear the message we haven’t heard from a candidate since Reagan.  We want to know that a better future is possible and we can get there.

    • Steve_Flesher

       Exactly right CM.  They need to know that opportunity is coming back to America.

      From my perspective, Romney knows what it is to watch someone go from that group to being successful with his father especially. 

      He more than any of us should believe in it and trust that it works. 

      • conservativemama

        My hope is that Romney knows that……………but my fear is that his advisors don’t.  That they are nothing more than political mercenaries.  Romney, if he does know and believe that, has to trust himself and find his voice and know when to ignore or replace his advisors.

        One of Reagan’s most memorable lines was "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall."  And he had to trust himself and ignore the advice of others to speak those words.

  • IndieDogg

    Excellent piece.

    By the way, if those trying to light a fire under Mittens, such as Governor Palin, Steve Flesher and others, didn’t want him to win, they could just shut up and save their matches.

    He’s quite capable of losing the election all on his own.

    When a football coach screams at his fullback who just missed a block, "Next time, flatten the SOB!" is it because he wants the other team to win? No, it’s because he wants his fullback to "flatten the SOB!"

    What’s not to get about that?

    • Steve_Flesher

       Thanks Indie. You’re right and it might also help if he reached out to the tea party as well.  :-)

      • LuvGuvSP

        Great article, Steve & glad to see it and the Guv were acknowledged in kind :)

        This is something I posted the other day re: Team Romney’s lack of Tea Party ‘anything':

        "It’s as if Team Romney’s view is to simply ignore the Tea Party, as if it doesn’t exist. If they were to acknowledge the Tea Party & grassroots, it would mean that recognition alone shows we have standing, legitmacy and are a force to be recokoned with. But doing so means they’d have to deal with us ‘hicks’ out here amongst the lowly masses.

        Besides, I’m sure Team Romney’s view is that they have our vote anyway…who are we to vote for if not the Mitt$ter? They know we’re screwed because we won’t vote for Obama.  So we’re already in his back pocket.  Never realizing of course that ‘we’ can get lots of people fired up if he’d only let us!

        In addition, they don’t want our measly $5, $10, $25 donations from the grassroots.  Can you imagine the snobbery & looks on the faces amongst campaign staffers up in Boston opening checks with more than three 0’s one minute, then opening up a check for five bucks the next?

        • Patriot41

          If this statement, "In addition, they don’t want our measly $5, $10, $25 donations from the
          grassroots.  Can you imagine the snobbery & looks on the
          faces amongst campaign staffers up in Boston opening checks with more
          than three 0’s one minute, then opening up a check for five bucks the
          next?", is not a case of class envy and hate, I don’t know what it is.  Shame on you for talking like that.  I am not a member of the GOPe nor the elite, but I receive request every week from the Romney campaign as well as other politicians.  I have a request asking for just $3.00, so what you are saying is plainly not true!

          Why is it that you and those like you, persistently condemn a man who has had a successful life through hard work and determination?  Is this not the foundation of the conservative principles that we live by?  No one spoon fed Romney!  He has earned that which he has and has given away more then most of us have earned in a lifetime.  Why is there such class envy involved, when talking about a successful business man who is self made?  I simply do not understand such mentality.

          I am not a Mormon nor am I a political moderate, but I am a patriot who loves this country with all of my heart and soul.  While Mitt Romney and I definitely have our differences, I have found no reason to believe that he does not love this country just as much as I do.  I too, wanted a good conservative leader the likes of Sarah Palin and I fought for each and every one of them.  However, it was not to be and I am left with the choice of a man who loves his country and one who has done everything possible to destroy it.  The choice I have to make has nothing to do with an individual’s wealth, it has everything to do with saving our Republic!  It would seem to me, that everyone else who feels as I do about our Republic, would come to the same realization and conclusion.  Damn the torpedoes Mitt, full steam ahead.

          • LuvGuvSP

            ‘Shame on me’?  Look, I don’t know who in the hell you think you are – or – where you feel you get off thinking you have the right to say such a thing to a complete stranger considering I wasn’t even talking to you. 

            What I’ve learned about you is that in addition to butting your nose in where it doesn’t belong, you seem to like passing your version of moral judgment from upon high, along with your ‘don’t condemn a man for making money’ rhetoric.  That seems to keep you so busy that you completely missed the point of the conversation I was having…. with someone other than you.

            What I said had absolutely NOTHING to do with Romney’s wealth.  NOTHING AT ALL!

            I never said anything to "persistently condemn" his success. YOU did.  Not only DIDN’T I say that once, I never said it at all, yet YOU lump me in with yet an additional class of people called ‘those like me’.

            I never said anything about Romney being spoon fed his wealth.  YOU did.

            I never said anything about his religion.  YOU did.

            I never inferred that I wasn’t going to vote for him.  YOU did.

            If you’d take your delusional blinders off, my point was clearly about TEAM ROMNEY.  I don’t even think I used Mitt’s name once (except to reference whose name was on the ballot in November) let alone make any such references as you inferred I did!

            I was talking about TEAM ROMNEY, i.e. – the GOPe, RINOs, people he has around him, the stragegist, the advisors, the people who are working on his campaign, i.e. his TEAM.

            So SHAME ON YOU for projecting your delusional, moral rhetoric onto me. Maybe you’ll think twice before you embarass yourself again in the future.

            • Patriot41

              You can deny your class envy all you want, but it is right there for everyone to see in your own words which I quoted.  You inferences were very clear to see, for anyone who has enough intelligence to read and comprehend.   And yes, if you are indeed a good conservative you should be ashamed of yourself for such comments, whether leveled at Romney or anyone else, even his staff.

              When you make a statement on a public forum, you leave yourself open for a rebuttal if a reader disagrees with you.  What I disagreed with, was your class envy, implying that Romney was so wealthy that his campaign would laugh at a small donation.  Give me a break!

    • conservativemama

      It’s like I tell my girls when they don’t want to hear what I’m saying.  Well, if I didn’t care about you then I wouldn’t bother working so hard to raise you to be the terrific young women I expect you to be.

  • korn8131

    Steve your opinions are sound. So stick to them pal, and  you cannot go wrong. Like Sarah as said many times it’s all about common sense. And you my friend have written a lot of it here lately.

    • Steve_Flesher

       Thanks, Korn!  Opinions are sometimes unpopular depending on timing.  But the good thing about sticking to honesty and common sense is that sooner or later the consensus will be in our favor once again, right?  ;-)

      • korn8131

        Right on my friend!

  • Laddie_Blah_Blah

    "Palin is emerging"? Hello? The guv was the GOP VP candidate 4 years ago, and has been the most effective and persistent champion for conservative values and American exceptionalism ever since. About time some of them took notice, besides those of us who have been here, supporting the guv, for years.

  • ? Jim ?

     On Thursday last, Rush had a bit of advice [YES – really] for Romney regarding the 47% comments.
    He then grouped Romney with the non-leaders in the country.

  • friskyness

    How could he not be aware of c4p?  

  • John_Frank

    Steve, thanks for drawing Mr. Delong’s article to our attention.

  • lyndaaquarius

    Governor Palin fires up the base, Romney needs enthusiasm, therefore Romney needs Sarah Palin and would be very wise to reach out to her and the Tea Party. Please mr. Romney ignore your advisors and do the smart thing. Please defeat Obama.  

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    The ultimate power in our system, by design, should reside with the voters. It is this very design which the Parties chip away at and quite effectively change through their actions. Look at the rule changing and platform modification votes on the floor of both Conventions for your proof. Look at the actions of Harry Reid’s Senate on health care. It is all about jam it down our throats and do not criticize the elite ruling class. Sarah Palin has emerged as one leader, willing to shine a light on the issue. It is why both establishments (one really), despise her and want the people she represents to sit down and shut up. In my view, anyone who tells us to not criticize Team Mitt, to shut up and go along, are in fact, those who are aiding the enemy.  Pragmatic Sarah says vote for the lesser of two evils. She never said, nor does she advocate, shutting up and going along. There are sheep, there are bullies and then there are leaders, willing to stand alone if need be. Steve and Doug are clearly two of the leaders here. Thank You, Gentlemen!

  • otto

    It’s really amusing to me .You talk about the demise of the Republican party if they can’t beat Obama. When just a short 8 years ago they said the same thing about the Democrats defeating Bush. and now look wherre they sit. How quick we forget.
     Ending up with three parties is how the Brits do it ,and it ain’t all that pretty either. Back room deals and wrenching favors are the order of the day. Be careful what you wish for.

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