A Vote For Obama; Updated Editor’s Note

I was stunned to check my last post and find a comment about Romney’s pro-life beliefs.  The commenter said they were not voting for Mitt Romney because of his stated beliefs on the issue of abortion.  What’s even more incredible is that five people clicked "like" under the comment.

I am here to tell you exactly what I think Governor Palin would say: a vote withheld from Romney is a vote for Barack Obama.

You’ll have to fast-forward to about the 6:50 mark in that video to hear her thoughts on it.  She says in that interview – and has said before – that while Romney may not be what we as Tea Party Conservatives believe is the best candidate, right now he is THE candidate standing against the horribly failed policies of Barack Obama.  Like it or not he was the Republican pick.  Yes, he’s been rather sophomoric when talking about Governor Palin.  His entourage hasn’t been the most gentlemanly when her name has come up.  Four more years of Obama frighten me almost beyond words, and the fact that so many are so willing to see only one issue when deciding who they will vote for (or even that they won’t vote at all) is shortsighted at best.  I would personally call it cowardice.

For me, this all goes back to Rick Santorum’s campaign and some of the ridiculous things he has said over time.  Dan Savage was so extreme in his anti-Santorum campaign that I feel nauseous just thinking about it, but Santorum himself does have a short fuse and is very judgmental.  He’s also what we call a "social conservative" – the type of person who believes that social issues are at the heart of the fight for America’s soul.  They’re not willing to take the high road and say "I’m not willing to judge".  You’d have a tough time finding one who counts homosexuals among their friends.  Social conservatives are the type of hard-right-wingers that give all conservatives a bad name.  Santorum said more than once that he didn’t believe we had a Constitutional right to privacy, and he toyed dangerously with "common good" ideals that we tend to get so angry with liberals over.  Where we as the Tea Party will bristle at the notion that the government has a right to grope us at airports and police should be allowed to enter our homes without consent or a warrant, social conservatives dismiss such notions as borderline anarchy.

Our founders did not have an easy time deciding what the Constitution and the Articles of Amendment would say.  They debated for months in sweltering conditions about what rights should be afforded individuals in this new country.  Men from all walks of life hammered each other for quite some time before they came up with the document that we today hold up as the basis of everything that we believe.  Parts of that document are often ignored, sometimes even twisted into something entirely different.

The First Amendment: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

The "establishment" clause is so often quoted these days that we forget the whole statement and the whole meaning.  Congress is barred by the First Amendment from establishing a state religion – at the same time, Congress cannot pass any law that is based solely on one religion’s belief.  While I as a pro-lifer have scientific reasons for being against abortion, the overwhelming majority of other pro-lifers I know base their belief on their religion.  Congress cannot pass a law just because your interpretation of "god" says so; if they did, they would have to recognize laws by every other religion represented in America, including Islam.  I don’t think any of us really want Sharia enclaves in Minneapolis and Detroit.  The flip side of that statement bars the government from refusing to allow religious displays on public land – something that atheists conveniently forget.

The Second Amendment: "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

Nowhere in that phrase does it say anything about a militia being necessary for this law to apply.  We the people have the right to defend ourselves – period.  The government is not allowed to infringe upon that right, but they have continually tried.  If you notice, the most dangerous cities in America are all led by liberals and all have very restrictive gun laws, most often banning handguns in public.  Self defense is a base, primal trait that all living creatures obey.  My front door is locked for YOUR protection, not mine – and the government has no right to tell me that I can’t defend myself and my home.

The Fourth Amendment: "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

This is the part that Santorum and his supporters don’t get.  Nobody is ever allowed to simply kick in your front door just because they have a hunch that you may have done something they don’t like.  If you know your neighbor is gay, they are allowed by the First Amendment to be gay and this amendment protects them from government intrusion.  Liberals will scream bloody murder if this right is infringed upon and someone is convicted of a crime they didn’t commit, but they’ll give the TSA autonomy and say that it’s for our protection.  The Fourth Amendment is frequently forgotten when it’s convenient.

The Tenth Amendment: "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

This is the one rule that our government has ignored completely for over a century.  Where in the Constitution is the federal government given the right to establish a department of education, or energy, agriculture, and health and human services? We have the bureaus of economic analysis, industry and security, international labor affairs, land management, reclamation, and multiple bureaus for different statistics.  Social Security was supposed to be voluntary – now we have separate taxes for that and medicare and BOTH are in dire straits.  Our government has taken powers that it never had the right to take, and we have slept through everything.  Much of what the federal government does now should be left to the states to lead.  Even the states have taken too much power and ignored rights given by the Constitution.

Both sides have forgotten on more than one occasion that we all have certain inalienable rights.  The current President has flagrantly ignored our rights in order to cram his Marxist beliefs down our throats.  Hard-right social conservatives saw the anger over his anti-Constitutional behavior as an opportunity to swing the pendulum in the other direction.  That is the other extreme, and extremes are what we should be avoiding.

If you refuse to vote for Mitt Romney because of one social issue that you absolutely refuse to let go of, be it abortion, contraceptives or gay rights, you are selling your entire country short.  We cannot afford another four years of Obama.  Social issues will be the least of our worries if we don’t learn to stand together.

Update by Doug: Bill Whittle takes on the "lesser of two evils" nature of Mitt Romney’s candidacy in the video below and he makes some of the same points Mel did above. It’s worth a watch.


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  • poljunkie

    Retire Obama to Hawaii 2012. 

    • Guest

      retire BHO to a hut with bars & cement walls

  • 01_Explorer_01

    Basically you vote for Obama and you get a full Depression that will last years.  With Romney we miight have a mild recession first part of 2013 until things get on track.


      You do know that it will take more than just a few months to get this country back on track don’t you?…..more like many years. 

      • wodiej

        And do you know allowing obama to get re-elected means it likely will not ever get back on track?

      • wpmwindsong

        As soon as Romney is elected, even before the inauguration, the stock market will start to rise, home sales will increase, 401K’s and IRA’s will stabilize and start to grow again, and companies will start to use the cash that they have been holding on to for capital improvements, jobs creation and planned expansions.  It will be based on the fact that private sector business will breath a sigh of relief, like the rest of the country, that we have an American at the head of the government, not a Marxist. 

        And that will be in addition to the impact of Romney’s Day One Job One agenda which will provide additional impetuous to the economy.  

        • Polarbearpapa

          Did I stumble onto *CINO4Romney site……..

          *conservative in name only

          • wpmwindsong

            I am just repeating what Rush Limbaugh basically said.  You will see things start to turn around immediately.  Why not, when Romney’s plans are basically Sarah’s?  

            That is why Lee Iacocca, Donald Trump, and other business people and every conservative organization, including Sarah Palin, are supporting Romney.  They see a pro-private sector business President who actually understands the free market system which is necessary to turn this economy around. 

  • TheresaAK

    What a load of long winded crap…shame on you.

    • http://www.arizonarangerems.blogspot.com The Ranger

      Do you actually have a rebuttal, or are you just going to insult me? 

      • http://twitter.com/Super_Sachiko Jasmine Clark

        says the person who spent this whole article insulting social conservatives.

        • http://www.arizonarangerems.blogspot.com The Ranger

          Insulting social conservatives was not my point at all.  As for my comment to TheresaAK, at least my article had a point (however poorly it was delivered); I gave an argument.

      • John B. Hefmier

        She does not have to insult you, you already insulted plenty of people, myself included. 

  • Guest

    Mel…who are you and why are you here???
    If someone votes out of principle, so be it !
    However, I don’t think you or anyone else can make a
    statement not to vote on principle. It’s up to the
    indiividual to regard his/her higher principle.
    I’m ABO, but far be it from me to attack our
    C4Pers as you have done. Your logic if not based
    on truth is without basis….it’s only your opinion
    and should be stated as such.

    And as I’ve said in other incidences, just because it’s an
    opinion doesn’t mean you’re right.

    Really your attack is uncalled for…. especially being a newbie contributor.
    There are more professional & respectful ways to be persuasive
    when one considers the audience. IMHO

    • TheresaAK

      Well said…I think we meant the same thing…but you were more articulate than I…

      • TENCOLE

         ahhhhh……..but Theresa…..yours was quick and to the point. :))

        • TheresaAK

          Hi Theresa…lol

      • Guest

        actually yours is the better summary !!

        • TheresaAK

          Always good to see you chzn2bfree..

          • Guest

            You too TAK…you’ve been missed, but I understand from posters ankle healed & your back at work. Long recovery…we got the benefit…but glad you’re enjoying your freedom again.

    • colint

      I see that this is Mel’s 4th Tread article. Thread articles are, I assume, approved by those managing in this site. Obviously they agree that SHE has a right to be heard here. I liked what she had to say about beliefs as the relate to the Constitution.

      Yesterday there were many comments nitpicking at Romney. He is not anyone’s FIRST choice but he is the GOP candidate and is all we have to defeat and replace Obama which is essential.

      Some said they would not vote for Romney. Whether you vote matters only if you live in a swing state.  Sarah is encouraging people to vote for Romney. Should those  encoraging people not to vote for Romney be working against Sarah’s Objectives on a Palin support site.

      • Guest

        IMHO…I agree with polarbearpapa…Mel should not write one more line on C4P as a contributor.

        • MaMcGriz

           Ahhhh, our ever so tolerant clique of " the real Christians" speaks.

          Nice job, y’all.

          Real nice.

          I’ll bet y’all have a real impressive collection of pitchforks and torches.

          • xthred

            "Christian clique?"

          • Guest

            MaMcGriz….what is your definition of "real" Christian ?

        • http://www.arizonarangerems.blogspot.com The Ranger

          Well, you have a right to your opinion.  You’re not required to read what I write in the future, either.

          • Guest

            So very true…I came to the same conclusion….and so it will be.

      • wodiej

        well said.  But your use of the word "nitpicking" is too kind.  Way too kind. 

    • wodiej

      So like others you think it’s Ok to attack people here daily who don’t agree with you and will vote for Romney to save our country but no one is supposed to challenge you? I didn’t hear you or other Romney haters mind Doug Brady posting 2-3 articles daily criticizing Romney.  

      Some are using principles as their excuse for not voting for Romney. Is it principled to let the country go down the toilet because Romney is not as pure as some would like? Is it principled to to think one’s views are more important than GOD’s? 

      No matter how it’s looked at, this election is going to be about turn out.  One less vote for Romney hurts him no matter how you look at it.

      • Guest

        yes….I believe in higher principle regardless of worldly logic.
        Each individual must choose accordingly…that’s what I respect & will support to my last breath. It’s called freedom of choice since the Garden. If people choose sin…that’s their choice; if people choose G-d that is their choice. Life is about realtionships & choices.

      • http://www.arizonarangerems.blogspot.com The Ranger

        It is merely your opinion that what you believe is God’s opinion as well.  I should have put it better, but how do you know you’re right?  There are quite a few liberals out there who think their beliefs are the only thing God agrees with, too – so who decides who is correct?

    • http://www.arizonarangerems.blogspot.com The Ranger

      We can’t afford voting on principle.  You’re not making a statement, you’re handing the election over to someone who has proven that he will destroy our country.  As for who I am, I’m a thirtysomething woman who has been writing about politics for over five years.  I’m not attacking anyone – I’m telling the truth.  Governor Palin is one of my biggest heroes, and she was never willing to make abortion the biggest issue of her political career. 

      • xthred

        Principles are old fashioned? Okay.

      • Guest

        Mel…please you are making untrue accusations.
        You’ve been writing 5 yrs…please post links to those.

        • http://www.arizonarangerems.blogspot.com The Ranger

          Untrue accusations?  Like the accusation that Obama will destroy America?  Well, not quite four years in he’s got us about halfway in the hole.  One of the blogs that I used to write for is gone now – the other I still write for is not meant to be construed as a satellite of this page.  If you want the info, I will give it to you privately.  You can send me a message on Facebook by clicking on my name.

  • Lemuel Vargas

    In order for the winner of the presidential election, be it Obama or Mitt Romney to be forced to consider and embrace Sarah Palins’ platforms of
    1.fighting the legal corruption (or as Sarah said nicely, crony capitalism)

    2. An end to expanding the federal government via a respect for the Tenth Amendment

    3,Repealing Obamacare.

    4. No more runaway debt. This necessitates prioritizing and cutting spending.

    5. Energy independence, an “all of the above energy policy.” She distilled it down to this: “America’s economic revival starts with America’s energy revival.”

    6. Making America the most attractive country to do business. Included in this is eliminating all federal corporate taxes, which frees up job-creators but requires that they “stand or fall on [their] own.

    The Tea Party in general must win MAJORITY CONTROL of both the HOUSE and SENATE in the COMING ELECTIONS with the contenders having similar platforms as she has.


    If Obama wins the Election, he would be forced to work with the Tea Party or he could be overridden by the House and the Senate.

    If the Mitt Romney wins the Election, he/she would still be forced to work with the Tea Party or be overriden, too..

    But the only thing to do is still to GO OUT TO THE POLLING CENTER AND VOTE even if there is no intention of voting Mitt (not recommended) because there are the DOWNTICKET TEA PARTY CONTENDERS THAT STILL NEEDS OUR VOTE.

    A lesson learned by me during the 1986 Peoples Revolution in the Philippines is not to waste a vote by boycotting or not voting because if the majority of voters has the same sentiment, a despised dictator or in this case, a dangerously narcissistic POTUS and a crony laden Congress will win this election and then we could kiss our american dreams goodbye because of the balooning (or burst) debt crisls which is surely to follow.



      Mitt will NEVER "work" with the Tea Party…..he doesn’t give two hoots about us now, and it will be worse after he’s elected.

      • wpmwindsong

        Since Sarah is not the leader of the Tea Party (there is no such thing as a National Tea Party), exactly who do you have in mind that Romney needs to be working with?  He is promoting Tea Party agenda.  That is what is important. 

    • wpmwindsong

      This about covers it.   



    Mel…..you DO know that this isn’t a cult….right?
    No one group of people supports the governor more than we do. We all have our own reasons for it and we all have been inspired by her in our own ways. But that doesn’t mean that when Palin says jump….we ask how high.
    If there is one thing that I’ve learned from Palin over these last few years is to vet, vet, vet…..question, question, question…..just becasue there’s an "R" after a politician’s name don’t make them one…..and most important……not to sit down and shut up.

    Sarah believes ABO at all cost……where as I believe ABO up to a point.
    Sarah used to tell us that it was important to get Obama out of office, but it was just as important who we replace him with. Now she leaves that last part out. 
    I love the fact that her "support" for Mitt is difficult…..when you can barely mention the candidate’s name, what she doesn’t say becomes much more powerful than what she does say.

    I appreciate why she believes the way she does…..and I’m sure she appreciates why I believe the way I do.I think she would want us to have these discussions….don’t you?
    I think she wants us to leave our blinders off, not develop excuses and rationalizations for unacceptable candidates and make out opinions heard.

    Bottom line Mel……I want to be able to sleep well at night. Voting my ideals and for what I think is right will let me go to bed knowing I’ve done the right thing. 

    BTW Mel……..If my one little non-vote from the state of Illinois is going to make a difference, then this country is in a whole world of hurt.

    • wpmwindsong

      In a general election, one must take the position that all states are in play.  Remember, it was Illinois that ended up electing JFK by less that one vote per precinct.

      And there is no logical reason to not vote for Romney.  On the economy, national security, believing in America’s greatness, support for Israel, a stronger military, balanced budgets and lower taxes, and even on social issues. 

      What one does when no one is looking tells more about a person than political ads.  It is telling that the rumored October surprise by Gloria Allred is that there is a woman who will claim that Romney counseled her in his ecclesiastical role as an LDS Bishop not to get an abortion, thinking that such would accrue negatively to his benefit. 

      While he took the political position that he would not alter current laws in Massachusetts regarding choice, he has proven to be pro-life at his core; and he has also said that he would appoint justices who would be in the mold of overturning Roe v Wade and promote a Life Begins at Conception amendment.  

      There is no comparison with Obama’s evil agenda and to suggest such is being blinded by something that has nothing to do with saving America.

      • TENCOLE

         Listen, JFK won  because of the corruptness of Mayor Daley…..it had nothing to do with who voted or not voted…….but who counted the votes.

        "No logical reason to not vote for Romney"…..seriously?!?…..there’s not enough room nor time to list all the reasons.
        Even though I’m "pro-life"…….that doesn’t really sway who I vote for. My head isn’t in the clouds….I know that Roe vs Wade will NEVER be overturned. The fact that Mitt "flip-flops" about  how HE truly feels is what bothers me.

        I need to have the confidence that someone will say/do what they promised they would and I want Mitt to be a man of his word……and he just isn’t.
        During this whole campaign he was so busy trying to be what he thought we wanted him to, that he lost sight of just who he was. I want him to be honest with us and if I don’t agree with his policies so be it….but at least I know what those policies will be. 
        I want him to stand up for what he believes in, whatever that would be and not worry whether it’s something that me, you or the man in the moon believes in. Like I said, I want him to be a man of his word….I need that.

        Please, please, please don’t even try to tell me what/who Mitt is. We all know what/who he is already and you making up excuses and rationalizations for him is bringing out the desperation in you……desperate to get rid of Obama…..but at what cost?

        • wpmwindsong

          Based on your great knowledge of Mitt, what exactly will he do as President that is not in line with the conservative principles he has campaigned on and which Palin supports?   Be specific. 

          What will he ask Congress to do that is different from what he has campaigned on?   What campaign promises will he not follow through on in terms of policy? 

          Will he not encourage energy independence?  Will he not rebuild the military?  Will he not work to reduce regulations on small businesses?  Will he not reduce spending and balance the budget?    Will he not work with Congress to repeal Obamacare?  Will he not stand up with Israel? 

          Again give me a logical argument to not vote for Romney based on policy and his sterling record in business and in keeping campaign promises for the 4 years as governor in balancing budgets, cutting deficits and creating surpluses? 

          And do so as a reason that Obama needs to have 4 more years.

          • TENCOLE

             "What will he ask Congress to do that is different from what he has campaigned on?"….with his history, probably something completely different. 
            He is not going to repeal Obamacare….he’s already backpeddaling and stated that he wants to just "tweak" it"…..the "taxes" that start in Jan will remain to fund the "Romneycare" that he wants initiated.
            What about Obama eo of bypassing congressional approval for presidential appointments? It was passed by our "conservative congress" because Boehner and Cantor were out twisting arms…..because "Mitt want’s us to pass this"
            . http://www.therightscoop.com/mark-levin-slams-house-republicans-for-voting-to-eliminate-senate-confirmation-for-169-presidential-appointments/

            Energy independence is an easy one…..yes that will be addressed, but Mitt has democrats he has to appease first. Wonder what he’ll appease them with? hmmmmm

            Rebuild the military? Did you know that R/R will be the first Presidential/VP with no military background what so ever? He has so many foreign affair advisers it makes your head spin. But, he does have 5 sons also with no military background…..so I know he feels their pain…..not.
            Let’s just say I’m certainly not very comforted.

            Reduce spending and balance the budget….not in our lifetime. It will take more than one election cycle to do that.

            Yes….you’re right when you say he’ll stand with Israel.

            wpm….you need to stop insinuating that I support Obama because a can’t stand Mitt.
             I. HATE. OBAMA.  that’s right, I said it….and I can’t say it any louder or simpler for you to understand that.
            I have the luxury of my vote not counting and as I have said….a hundred times….that if I lived in a different state, I would hold my nose, scream out obscenities and pull the lever for Mitt…..but I don’t have to.
            I don’t care what Mel, Bill Whittle or you say…….I’ve lived in Illinois my whole life and you gotta trust me when I say that my vote does not count.

            • wpmwindsong

              But what is the benefit of discouraging others in states that do count?  You are putting your C4P yard sign up saying that Romney will not do what Palin says he will do in turning this country around. 

              If you do not wish to vote for him.  Fine.  But don’t spread your misery around to others.   We are 14 days away, and you are still campaigning against the only candidate who can defeat Obama.  Maybe this it time to keep it to yourself.   Maybe you can check back after the election when Obama is history.  

    • http://www.arizonarangerems.blogspot.com The Ranger

      I never said we shouldn’t vet the man.  Yes, vet him!  Question him!  The people who will blindly follow him irritate me just as much as they irritate you.  You’re missing my point completely.  Nowhere did I say we shouldn’t hold his feet to the fire.  If you want to be able to sleep at night, then you need to focus on getting rid of Obama right now. 

  • Polarbearpapa


     "  Four more years of Obama frighten me almost beyond words, and the fact that so many are so willing to see only one issue when deciding who they will vote for (or even that they won’t vote at all) is shortsighted at best.  I would personally call it cowardice."

     "He’s also what we call a “social conservative” – the type of person who believes that social issues are at the heart of the fight for America’s soul.  They’re not willing to take the high road and say “I’m not willing to judge”.  You’d have a tough time finding one who counts homosexuals among their friends.  Social conservatives are the type of hard-right-wingers that give all conservatives a bad name. "

    "All of us who were engaged in the struggle must have observed
    frequent instances of superintending providence in our favor. To that
    kind providence we owe this happy opportunity of consulting in peace on
    the means of establishing our future national felicity. And have we now
    forgotten that powerful friend? Or do we imagine that we no longer need
    his assistance? I have lived, Sir, a long time, and the longer I live,
    the more convincing proofs I see of this truth-that God governs in the
    affairs of men. And if a sparrow cannot fall to the Ground without his
    Notice, is it probable that an Empire can rise without his Aid?"

    Benjamin Franklin

    Psalm 47
    7 For God is the King of all the earth;sing to him a psalma of praise.
    8 God reigns over the nations; God is seated on his holy throne.
    9 The nobles of the nations assembleas the people of the God of Abraham,for the kingsb of the earth belong to God;he is greatly exalted.

    " While I as a pro-lifer have scientific reasons for being against abortion, the overwhelming majority of other pro-lifers I know base their belief on their religion.  Congress cannot pass a law just because your interpretation of “god” says so….."

    My "God" is spelled with a capital "G"….He is the Great I Am…..you may serve a "god"……. but we do not……And it is He that knew even you before you were born….
     Jeremiah 1:5″Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations."

    " Hard-right social conservatives saw the anger over his anti-Constitutional behavior as an opportunity to swing the pendulum in the other direction.  That is the other extreme, and extremes are what we should be avoiding."

    Colossians 1

    15 He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation.

    16 For
    by him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible
    and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all
    things were created by him and for him. 

    17 He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.

     I am insulted and outraged at your attack on Christian conservatives…the people of C4P come from many different beliefs and backgrounds with one common point of contact…..Sarah Palin …and to call folks cowards because they do not agree with you …..it shows your ignorance…

    ..and for you to use Sarah’s name to justify your attack the folks here is shameful…

    I don’t know who let you contribute to C4P……But you should never be allowed to write one more line on this blog…..

    ..But before you go Mel..

    ..Apologize to every Christian Conservative on C4P…..

    • Guest

      Thanks polarbearpapa!!

    • http://www.arizonarangerems.blogspot.com The Ranger

      NO.  I am a Christian, too, and if you cannot accept the fact that you need to answer for the way you force your beliefs on others then you have a problem that I cannot help you with.

      • xthred

        You are forgetting The First Rule of Holes.

      • xthred

        I Cor 6:9,10

        • http://www.arizonarangerems.blogspot.com The Ranger

          That passage talks about the Kingdom of God, not America.  There are several scholars, BTW, who don’t believe that the word Paul used in that passage actually means "homosexual" or "effeminate" – he coined the term, and it’s difficult to translate, but the word more likely refers to a male prostitute.

          • xthred

            Good luck with that.

            • http://www.arizonarangerems.blogspot.com The Ranger

              That’s all you have to say?  Are you aware that a rather large number of Judeo-Christian denominations and organizations are beginning to agree with that?  Do you honestly believe that you are the only one interpreting scripture correctly, or have you ever bothered to question what you’ve been taught?  I did.  I was extremely pious when I was younger.  I even landed a full page in my high school yearbook with just me and my bible – I was infamous for my attitude.  I still believe, I just happen to believe that my interpretation of faith is not the only one out there, and even if I disagree with the liberal churches and their ridiculous political posturing there is nothing out there saying that I’m right and they are wrong.  Like everyone else in creation, I have to take everything on faith.  You cannot club people over the head with your beliefs and expect that you won’t be offended in return.

      • Guest

        Mel….xthred made a citation to 1 Cor 6: 9,10.
        Why? If it’s what I think then there are more important
        matters than the election, and anything posted on this
        thread. I sensed something in your wrtiting, but couldn’t place it.

        Life is about relationships, first and foremost with our Creator…
        to love Him with all our heart, mind, soul & strength. As a Christian,
        one is being transformed into the image of Yeshua (Jesus). In riding the fence
        there is grieving the Spirit of which we are to avoid.
        You still have a choice, and will pray this night
        for you….if you know the truth then abiding in truth is to follow.
        In Hebrew, it’s called t’shuvah…returning…if not by your own
        strength then by the Spirit….

        Sorry if sound preachy, but truly your spirit is so much more important
        than current political issues. If you become a little restless, blame it on me
        and my prayers for you. If I’ve erred, please, let me know.

        • Polarbearpapa

          True….very true…

        • http://www.arizonarangerems.blogspot.com The Ranger

          You’re preaching to the choir, actually.  I’m already a believing Christian.  I never said social issues weren’t important; what I meant to say (and, yes, the message was likely lost) is that we cannot consider them THE deciding factor.  Politics and religion should remain separate.  Yes, a number of our Founders were believers, but did you know that many of them were Deists?  Thomas Jefferson wrote his own version of the Bible, leaving out the parts that he didn’t agree with.  You and I may call that heresy because of what we believe, but that doesn’t make us right.  America may have been founded on religious principle but we were never intended to be a "Christian" nation.  If that were the case then the First Amendment would hold no sway at all.

      • Polarbearpapa

        Force them on others?…..You bad mouthed Santorum for his belief’s like he was working for the Devil.. and then called the posters on C4P a bunch of cowards because they do not agree with you….who’s forcing what on who….and you talk about not judging people…I suspect you are just another CINO bluffing his way through life….

        • http://www.arizonarangerems.blogspot.com The Ranger

          HER.  I am a woman.  Read my other posts if you really want a sense of what I believe.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AZO2ARDEL5SAXKWXEWUQEGCDRE Marc

    "It has been charged that refusing to support Mitt Romney is tantamount
    to a support of Barack Obama.  Apart from being a bold-faced,
    mathematical lie, this is done as a matter of bullying.  If I vote for
    Romney, he gains one vote, and if I vote for Obama, he gains one vote,
    but if I vote for neither, it is a zero-zero proposition.  None for, but
    also none against.  Put another way, in order to believe that Romney
    starts out at a “plus one” with my vote, one must first presume that my
    vote belongs to Mitt Romney and the Republican Party, but that is an
    arrogantly faulty presumption.  My vote belongs to me."

    – "On the Charge of Treason" from the website Mark America

    • wodiej

      Turn out is the key.  If you stay home, that is one less vote for Romney no matter how you look at it. 

      • TENCOLE

         I never said I would "stay home"……there are other votes to be cast on that ballot.

    • GetWhatYouPayFor

       Rombots read Alynski too. They personalize, ridicule and bully. Closet Progressives.

    • wpmwindsong

      "My vote belongs to me".  That is a faulty presumption.  You don’t have a vote if you don’t vote.   A vote not used is not a vote.  When you vote, then you have a vote, and it has to go to one or the other. 

      Your reasoning makes no sense.  Why is turnout such an important thing then?  It is because it assists the candidate in getting more votes than the other side.   As an example, if only 30% of blacks vote rather than 60%, that would not help Obama.   And if fewer conservatives chose to not vote for Romney for whatever reason, it can lead to Romney’s defeat.  If every conservative held the same attitude that their non-vote is irrelevant and chooses not to vote, then there could be only on result; and it would not be good. 

      If anything, not voting is a half vote with your feet.  It does not negate an opposite vote of the other side.  Voting is all about getting
      more counter votes than the other side.   

      Your reasoning is like if the Yankees decided not to play an insignificant opponent on the road to the Pennant for whatever reason.  It would end up being a 1/2 game loss in the won loss summary; and in a close race, that could make the difference.  If you do not play the game, it counts against you and for your closest opponent.   

      • Terry Malpass

        " You don’t have a vote if you don’t vote.   A vote not used is not a vote. "

        Then how can not voting be a vote FOR anyone if a vote not used isn’t a vote?

        • wpmwindsong

          It does not cancel out an opposition vote.  If 3 people vote for Obama and 4 people could vote for Romney, but 2 decide to not vote for Romney because they have some personal hangup, then Obama wins.  A non-vote benefits the opposition.  

          If a bunch of blacks decide not to vote for Obama because they do not like his gay marriage stand, then it helps Romney.   

          The only control we have is our vote, and to hope that the opposition does not turn out is counter productive.  We either vote for our candidate or vote to cancel out votes of the opponent.

          • Terry Malpass

            kinda went right over the hairline didn’t it? 


    • barracuda43

      If you don’t vote for Romney then it is actually a negative 1 vote. You can cancel somebody else’s vote out by voting.

  • IndieDogg

    If a burglar was standing at the doorway of the vault containing your life’s savings, along with the future savings of your children and grandchildren, and you could stop them with the push of a button, would you stand silent and not push the button because the burglar wasn’t pro-life (choose your definition of the term, as there are many)?

    That would make as much sense as supporting Barack Obama – the man who is actively robbing us of our economic futures – because his opponent’s position on abortion doesn’t suit you.

    That burglar has about as much power to decide whether or not an abortion is performed in the future as does the next President. Meanwhile, our Republic is at risk. So saith the Governor time and time again. It is truly astounding that some self-declared supporters of Governor Palin only support her when she agrees with them.

    Any c4p supporter who helps re-elect Barack Obama to the Presidency should be ashamed of themselves.

    [I will fight to protect your right to disagree with me, but that is my opinion.]

  • uksarahfan

    Silly and unnecessary post. Be very careful about calling people cowards Maguire – there’s plenty of Rombots and lefties who are only too pleased to swiftly label Governor Palin a gutless coward for not running in 2012. 

    • Freempg

      uksf, you’ve got to come with more than that. Be specific. No drive-bys. I would be interested if you would elaborate. Also, your comment about Rombots calling out the Governor. Why would they? It would be more her disgruntled former supporters that would.

    • wodiej

      you don’t seem to mind using vulgar language when you disagree w someone.  But calling someone a coward offends you?

  • Freempg

    Mel, that commenter was "Ducks in a Row" and those that "Like" are birds of a feather taken flight from the Chicago sewers having been programmed to fly over sites like this and bird drop. They are trolls. Look at Ducky’s history and you will see comments at places like Rolling Stone and Mother Jones. This is "its" first comment at C4P.

    I am not of the school that these sociopaths should be ignored. I’m glad that you took them on, although you should not consider you even made a dent in their hardened psyches. They need to be ridiculed, called out as being among the diseased. They are desperate fools employing desperate means and are likely being paid by illegal campaign contributions from the Chinese. They are the enemy within.

    • wodiej

      they are not all trolls.  Many are regular bloggers here and have been for some time.

    • poljunkie

      Hey now, once in awhile I post at Rolling Stone. Believe it or there are still times when they have a good article or two on music. 
      Often times though when I am there- I end up getting into a p*ssing match w/ the people that comment under the guy Matt’s column. Matt hates anything to the right of center. And I loathe his ideology so.

  • ZH100

    Interesting article.  Thanks  Mel.

  • wodiej

    Wow…you’re a brave soul.  Thanks for a great read.  Expect a litany of criticism for it.  People who are extreme in their views on either side typically have an intolerance for others who do not agree w them.  And they are not all "trolls."  Many are people who have blogged on this site for a long time.   A couple of them apparently are resorting to behavior very similar to stalking because they disagree w some of the postings.  

    I’ve learned through the years that calling oneself a "conservative" does not make that person a saint.  


       And calling yourself "severely" conservative doesn’t make you one.

    • http://www.arizonarangerems.blogspot.com The Ranger


  • wiskeyjack

    Your efforts on this article are commendable.  But I couldn’t help but think your reference to Palin re "a vote withheld from Romney is a vote for Obama"  is perhaps overstating your insights on the Governor’s words.  Of course she will say that.  To do otherwise would cause blame from the rino’s to rest squarely on her shoulders should Romney fail.   She may even mean it.  What would seem to be certain is that a win for Romney is a virtual death warrant for Sarah’s political career.   So what is then:  Romney or Sarah?

    • polarfan

      Romney will not win a 2nd term!!


      • barracuda43

        Thank you Kresken!

  • polarfan

    Not voting for the imperfect vessel called Mitt Romney is "INSANITY"!

    Again, Sarah is right….


  • CliffNZ

    I think many pro lifers  base their opposition to abortion on their value for all human life.  It is a deep knowledge that science supports. It is not a religious edict we ‘interpret’ , however it can be a revelation we receive. I am glad C4P allow articles that challenge views and provoke some healthy debate. Sarah Palin would be all for it. One of the things she said that has most resonated with me was "Put your faith in ideas not politicians." She encourages people to know what ideas they agree with, then find the platform that will enable as many of those ideas to be pursued.  I like hearing different ideas being expressed on this site also. 

  • CTmom2

    I happen to agree with Mel. 
    I do not post very often, but I regularly read C4P.  I knew about Sarah Palin two years before
    McCain picked her because my daughter moved to AK in 2006.  I am still driving around with a Palin 2012
    and Team Sarah bumper stickers on my car and will do so until Nov. 7th. 

    I nearly got to meet Sarah in New Hampshire and wept when I
    couldn’t shake her hand because she had to go catch her flight.  I wept a month later when she said she would
    not be running for President. 

    But, Sarah has said ABO. 
    She is my leader and I will be following her advice.  Romney was not my pick, of course, but Obama
    must not be reelected.  And so I will
    work to make that happen.  And I will be
    praying that Romney will follow Sarah’s recommendations for how to get our
    country back on track.

    I completely understand how some here feel so passionately
    about Sarah that they will sit this out. 
    Sarah inspires such passion and commitment that it almost feels as
    though we are cheating on her, especially if we work to elect Romney, or even
    just vote for the man.  But, look what we
    reaped in 2008 when conservatives sat that election out. 

    So I have chosen to both work and vote for Romney, but will
    do so with my protest bumper stickers in place. 
    Obama must go.  Sarah said so.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GNTC646T64CYO54I4SDUMDT3EM otto

    I agree with most of what you write BUT ,you are veering off into dangerous waters when talking about abortion. I do not cite religeous reasons, as most don’t, for being against abortion.. . This is a life that has no voice. Has no one speaking up for him or her. The fact that God agrees is a very large plus. To take the babies life is just wrong on any level. And an abombination. And i will not be a part of it..

    And though i agree that Romney should be given the chance for Obama is a large flop ,and i will vote for him, there is no cowardice in not voting ,as you suggest.


    One man’s voice is his vote. Let him speak as he will without scolding from you. If he does not use his vote as he wishes then what say does he have in any election.
    The vote is his alone. His voice….Not yours.

    Now ,if you are suggesting that we cast off all the customs and past that this country was built on. Then don’t talk to me about gays. Talk to me about dogs marrying men,about men having one hundred wives ,if they so choose. and on and on… God is a large part of the building of America whether you like it or not.

    If we make no judgements on our society than where does it end ? I suggest that there is no end.
    and maybe one day you’ll find yourself on the short end of the stick.

  • SusanWo4p

    Here’s a little advice:
    Berating and condemning others for what they believe, and demanding that they comply with your opinions/conclusions, is not how you are going to coax others into voting for Romney.
    Indeed, you probably just succeeded in pushing some folks COMPLETELY AWAY from voting for Romney.
    If you want folks to vote for the GOP ticket…just keep telling the truth about Obama…and steer clear of belittling others.

    • Terry Malpass

      I was thinking the same thing. 

      I had made my peace with what I’m gonna do Nov. 6. This atricle just reminded me of why I DON’T WANT TO VOTE FOR MITT!

      Now, I have to start the whole process over again. I need to stop reading these articles…

    • xthred

      A-frickin-men. This is too good of a site for this junk. Take it to Ace or HA.

    • http://www.arizonarangerems.blogspot.com The Ranger

      When those others are belittling me, I feel little compulsion to try to make them feel better. 

  • WEL2

    I do not like Mitt Romney, and I do not like some of the things he has done and some of the things he probably would do.  I am going to vote for Romney, no matter what anyone says or writes, however, because four more years of President Obama would destroy our nation.  We would survive four years of President Romney.  I am looking forward to voting for Sarah Palin in 2016.

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