Act of Terror

I can understand the need for secrecy in some situations.  Military intel is important during ongoing conflicts where we don’t know if there may still be an imminent threat; on 9/11, the government knew quite a few facts that they didn’t immediately disclose because they weren’t sure if the attack was over yet.

What they didn’t do on 9/11 was try to tell us a lie.

Bush was very measured in his immediate response when Andrew Card rushed up to him in front of the second graders at Emma Booker Elementary School to tell him that a second plane had hit the World Trade Center.  Liberals make fun of it, but I know better.  There are quite a few things that I didn’t like about George W. Bush, but the look on his face told us everything we needed to know about the man.  He was not going to tolerate what was going on, and when a course of action was decided the action itself would be swift and decisive.  He didn’t lie that day to protect a belief or make us feel better – he called it a premeditated attack, which is exactly what it was.

Obama didn’t do that.  As Candy Crowley was so giddy to point out, Obama did use the words "act of terror" during his remarks in the Rose Garden the day after the attack on our embassy in Benghazi.  He wasn’t referring to the attack itself, however, and it took a full two weeks before anyone in his cabinet agreed that it was a premeditated terrorist attack timed to coincide with a protest in Egypt.  In the immediate aftermath, Obama and his entire staff tried to claim repeatedly – even vehemently on occasion – that the attack was spontaneous and split off from a protest over the video "Innocence of Muslims".  Coincidentally other riots broke out in the Middle East and the MSM began painting us as the insensitive jerks of the world for so offending another culture that they’d riot and call for our destruction (as if jihadists the world over haven’t been screaming for American blood for a couple of centuries).

There are a number of reasons why Obama wouldn’t want to admit that the attack was carefully planned and executed, and none of them should be taken lightly.  First, Obama and his liberal followers want America to believe that Islam is a religion of peace and there is no jihad.  Unfortunately for that narrative Americans have been victimized by jihadists since the early days of our country, during the Barbary Wars.  Second, they want America to believe there’s no reason to be at war – I might believe that when the TSA stops groping people at airports.  Third, Obama hopes that by profusely apologizing for everything that offends Muslims he might be able to fix his legacy and win peace.

Worst of all is the now-known security issue.  A month before the attack, Ambassador Stevens and his head of security, Lt. Col. Andrew Wood, requested more security only to be told that not only would they not get the added security they were requesting, but American security was being reduced at the embassy.  Violent activity in the area had all of the people at our embassy worried, and Stevens himself raised concerns that the Libyan militia security had been compromised.

What on Earth could possibly make Obama and his staff do such a thing?  Why would they carry out a security drawdown when the seasoned professionals at the embassy were sending warnings that it was almost suicidal to do so?  When is the press going to wake up and start asking him the tough questions about this incident that they have, so far, refused to ask?  When will they stop covering for him, and how many have to die before they admit he was a poor choice for the Presidency?

We the people should be outraged that a sitting president would be so flippant as to appear on The Daily Show and say that "if four Americans get killed, it’s not optimal."  We should be beside ourselves that he would characterize the attack as a "bump in the road."  We should be hearing both sides of the aisle demanding to know the truth, but liberals are protecting him. This is hardly Obama’s first scandal.  Governor Palin was derided by liberals as having no executive experience, yet she had been a mayor, a commission chair and a governor.  Obama had nary a day’s executive experience and not a single congressional accomplishment to his name and somehow he was the better choice.  During his Presidency, he has proven just how inept he really is.  How can liberals possibly still believe in this man?

It seems to me that Obama is making quite clear that he does not love America and wishes to see her destroyed.  If we are so divided that we can’t agree on the fact that Obama needs to go, he may very well get his wish.  The jihadists will get theirs, too.  We cannot let that happen.

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  • Freempg

    Obama will be defeated, and most likely in a landslide. If he is not defeated it will be as a result of unprecedented corruption. We will have no choice, then, but to throw off this government by revolution, as is our constitutional right and duty.


       Count me in…..I’m keeping my powder dry.


    Mel, I feel your anger. This man should not only be impeached for dereliction of duty, but he should be behind bars. I don’t care if the election is only several days away…..Boehner and crew should be up in his face about this.
    Being the very proud mom of two army soldiers, it breaks my heart and really p*sses me off that Obama will be soon out of office without even a talking to, let alone any retributions for his crimes.

    • $8196935

      When Obama leaves in Jan., his actions are not shelved and forgotten, there are invetigations going on and will continue.
      This is not over

  • WalkTogether

     "What they didn’t do on 9/11 was try to tell us a lie."

    You mean: What they DID do on 9/11 was try to tell us a lie.

    • JubaDoobai!

      I agree. They, the Democrats and the LSM, told us Bush knew and that 9/11 was an inside job. The party of lies and their shills sold that to many Americans for the sake of political power and the advancement of the anti-America cause.

  • Rob Hart

    Thanks for this article, Mel. Your last paragraph says it all in a few sentences. Short, sweet, and to the point; Obama does not truly care for America as his personal history shows.

  • The Ranger

    WalkTogether, this is not the place for 9/11 conspiracy theories.  I do not put up with them.

  • conservativemama

    Those who still support Obama are either stupid or diabolical.  Stupid will always be with us.  They’re economically illiterate and seem to think that money really does grow on trees.

    Diabolical wants what Obama wants, to hurt the US, to bring it down.  To, as my husband says, make us as consequential as Belgium.  No logical argument will sway them, they have different goals than we do.  We must simply defeat them and know that we must always be on guard against them.

    If Obama cannot call what happened at Fort Hood an act of terror, then Benghazi is no surprise.  He really is following the Carter model:  miserable economy topped off with a foreign policy disaster.

  • carmtom13

    Excellent article. Thats all this administration knows how to do is blame someone else and lie to the American people.

  • Argus_C4P

    To paraphrase Mitt Romney from last night, "this act of terror and it’s presidential response is brought to you by the letter "O" and the #16 trillion.
    While Clint Eastwood talked to an empty chair, Americans have been led by an empty suit.

  • John_Frank

    Mel, thank you for this post and welcome to c4p.

    Andrew Bostom:  Pre-9/11/12 Benghazi Attack Pentagon Report: Al Qaeda Jihadists Significant Threat to Libya

    Why were members of two Islamist militant groups that have affiliations with Al Qaeda, being the February 17 Martyrs Brigade and the Libya Shield, providing security interior and exterior security at the American consulate compound at Benghazi?

    Diana West: Benghazi’s Real Scandal? Uncle Sam Joined the Jihad

    Rosenthal: Marines in Benghazi "Supported" by Jihadists

  • patnatasha

    the dufus is worst than nixon.

  • 1776er

    Excellent post.  Welcome.

    That Obama lies is not surprising.  Unfortunately, he is a pathological, sociopathic liar.  That’s what they do.  That’s how they roll.  

    Obama is a habitual liar from his youth on.  His life is a lie.  He hides it.  He doesn’t want anybody to know the truth about him–his origins, his upbringing, those who influenced him, his education including what he studied and with whom he studied, his Alinskyite training and agitator profession.

    Obama lies because lying works for him .  It has always worked for him. Lying is what has got him where he is.  

    So lying is always and everywhere Barack Obama’s first option.  He lies when he doesn’t have to.  He even believes his own lies ARE the truth.  

    Anyone who has worked in a large organization for any length of time knows that the culture of that organization flows from the very top down through to the bottom of the organization.  The head guy sets the tone and the acceptable modus operandi, the culture, the standards and the way to conduct yourself for the rest of the people in the organization.  

    So, it is no surprise that the Obama Administration lies and the people in it take their cues and leadership and example from Barack Hussein Obama II.  See Joe Biden.  See Jay Carney.  See Susan Rice.   And since the LSM sees itself as a volunteer arm of the Obama Administration—See the LSM.

    To understand the truth we have to get behind the lies.  The question we have to ask ourselves is: Why?

    Finally, we are beginning to see dribs and drabs of editorial and op-ed opinion seeking the answer to that question.  Why?

    Why lie and deny that Benghazi was a spectacularly successful military attack on U.S. soil in the form of our Consulate?  Why lie about it?

    I have called the reason Benghazi Syndrome.  Benghazi is the inevitable consequence of a Foreign Policy based in an ideologically driven world view that Weakness is Strength.  It is a hope that by showing empathy and sympathy for people who really, really want to kill all of us that they will relent and act in a civil manner to resolve our differences. 

    American Foreign Policy under Barack Hussein Obama II is shot through and through with Benghazi Syndrome.  American Foreign Policy is a catastrophic failure across the board.  

    Obama’s lies are designed to keep the American people from focusing on this glaring naivete and its inevitable consequences.  Benghazi had to happen.  The tragedy is that our people serving in Benghazi knew it down to their bones.  They pleaded for adequate security. 

    They were denied.  They died.  Obama lied. 

    Benghazi Syndrome killed Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods.  We might also rightly infer that Brian J. Terry was killed by Benghazi Syndrome.  

    The inescapable conclusion staring all Americans in the face is that more Americans are going to be killed in the future in pursuit of Obama’s Foreign Policy.  Lots of them.  All over the world.  And eventually right here in the homeland.  


    Obama is a failure as a President.  

    Obama’s  domestic policy is a failure.  Obama has failed to deliver on his promises.  There are no jobs.  There aren’t going to be any more jobs under Obama’s Marxist Socialist economic world view. 
    Low growth.  High unemployment.  Trillion dollar annual deficits. $16 TRILLION of federal debt headed for $21 TRILLION by the end of a second term by Obama’s own estimate in the ONE budget he has sent to Congress.  He can’t even get a single Democrat–not one–to vote to pass his Budget proposals.   

    Americans feel, hear, see and touch Obama’s Domestic Policy failures on a day to day basis in their daily lives going from the supermarket to the gas station past strip malls full of vacant store for rent signs.  Americans SMELL the failure of Obama’s Domestic Policy.

    Obama’s Foreign Policy is a failure.  Obama failed to protect American lives overseas.  Benghazi is the tragic evidence and proof of this colossal failure.  Four dead Americans testify to abysmal failure. Now, our tears, and our heartache and the pain we feel for the families of the fallen convict us of the truth of the reality we face.  Truth convicts.  It convicts us.  It convicts Obama.  

    The need to prevent Americans from knowing the truth and drawing authentic conclusions from the truth is why Obama and his whole Administration resorted to the Lie as their first option in responding to the Benghazi attack.  

    They don’t want us to know the truth.  They had to lie.  They must continue to lie.  So, they will.

    The deaths of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods in Benghazi and Brian J. Terry on the Mexican Border  must not be in vain.  We cannot allow their names or the memory of their sacrificial service to this country to be washed into the misty past and out of memory behind a wall of lies.  

    Their deaths–their lives–can be transformed from grotesque waste and senseless horrific suffering into a renewed national resolve to be guided by the truth no matter where it takes us.  

    That is an outcome that those patriots would be willing to die for–again if necessary.  

    The place to start– the place for Americans to definitively respond to Obama’s lies– is at the polls on November 6.

    God, give us the resolve.


  • Marianne

    After President O’Bonehead made his brief remarks in the Rose Garden that day, he walked away from the podium without taking any questions (no doubt because Air Force One was gassed up and ready to take him to his supremely-important fundraiser in Las Vegas). I believe that if he had stayed and taken questions, we might have had an answer right then and there as to whether the pre-planned terrorist attack perpetrated by Islamic militants on American soil was being regarded by his administration (or His administration, as He would prefer it) as a pre-planned terrorist attack. Of course, this all assumes that 1) someone in the press would question him on his use of the term, "act of terror", and 2) he was willing to give an honest answer to the question.

  • 1776er

    Hannity, God Bless him, is asking the why? question.  Why lie about Benghazi?

    Krauthammer:  Two reasons.

    1.  The 9/11 attack came a week after the Democrats had spent 4 days jumping on Osama Bin Laden’s grave.  This was Al Queada’s response.  Osama is dead.  Al Queada is alive.  Obama could not admit that.  It could not admit that all the crowing about decapitating Al Queada and the war against terror being all but dead was not accurate.

    2.  The media ignored Benghazi and focused on the Video from the get go.  Blame America first.  Obama thought he could coast through Nov 6.  He thought the media had his back on Benghazi.

    That’s good for a start to the answer to the question: why?  

    Now, Romney has to get to the bottom of this question on Monday.

  • JubaDoobai!

    Here are a few more reasons to lie:

    1. Benghazi could be the MidEast version of Fast and Furious in which Obama was deliberately arming terrorists, just as he’s doing in Syria.

    2. The slaughter of the ambassador in Benghazi could have been considered a small price to pay for the dismantling of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. What did Obama do? He elevated Muslims’ feelings, poor babies, over and above free speech. Moreover, he brought in a film trailer no one had ever heard of (how did Obama hear of it?) and used the usual terrorism from Muslims as an excuse to move against free speech. To appease the anti-West, anti-liberty Muslims, Obama had the film maker arrested on parole violation charges. There will be no court hearing until after the election.

    3. Benghazi and the death of four Americans could have been a small price to pay for the advance of Islam and sharia in America. What did the president have to say about the so-called prophet of Islam? Not exactly an endorsement of free speech. Walid Shoebat argues that the film and the filmmaker himself is questionable. Shoebat wrote that nobody in the village where Nakoula is alleged to have come from has heard of him. Furthermore, Shoebat contends that the filmmaker is actually a jihadist Arab from Judea and Samaria or Gaza, and his intent was creating a rationale for attacks, if that is the case, then the arrest itself could have been a scam.

    In wondering how the Obama administration heard about this tape, my eyes turn to Hillary Cinton’s aide, Huma Abedin and her Muslim Brotherhood connections. If the filmmaker is a terrorist, Abedin is the perfect conduit because of position and connections. Moreover, this would make Obama complicit in Benghazi because he refused to provide security and left the ambassador entirely open to kidnapping or murder knowing full well that something would happen, and having on hand a false justification for murder which no justification no one had seen. Perhaps Obama hoped to mount a rescue or something. Whatever, the intent seemed to have been to advance an entirely Islamic agenda against the U.S. and make us more sharia compliant. If four people die, well, "it’s not optimal," but Obama will take what he will get.

    IMO, just as Fast and Furious was a planned assault on the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, so was Benghazi on the First Amendment and on the very foundation of our society and values. Therefore, Obama had, to his mind, just cause to lie when Benghazi blew up in his face. Not lying would result in impeachment and imprisonment.

    Anyway, I’m back, under a different name.

  • BrianusBerkleianus


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