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@AGUGrizzlies: Happy #Halloween From American Grizzlies United

Happy Halloween!

Here are a few costume ideas from the HillBuzz website: CLICK HERE.

(The only costume idea we would add is The Obama-phone Lady)

Tonight is also a GRRREAT opportunity to demonstrate how Obama-nomics (borrow, tax, spend, redistribute) work. By focusing on Obama’s redistribution part, PJTV‘s Steven Crowder made a GRRREAT video about Obama’s fair share nonsense.

Steven went to a Halloween carnival and redistributed candy from kid’s Trick or Treat bags to make the structure of Trick or Treat more “fair.”

The response?: “Hey, dude that’s not cool. It’s not fun to take people’s candy. That’s my candy, I worked hard for it.”


One child said they should call the police because Steven was taking things that didn’t belong to him. Steven rationalized that this was not theft, this was fairness, and he was just taking from those who have more, and giving to those who have less…

Watch Steven’s video: HERE

Have a safe and GRRREAT Halloween everyone!

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