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Now or Never PAC Enters Missouri Senate Race To Bolster Akin

Washington, DC - The Now or Never Political Action Committee (NON-PAC) announced today that it will be running $800,000 in television advertisements in the final days of the 2012 Election to support Todd Akin in the Missouri U.S. Senate race.

“Now or Never PAC is committed to helping the Republican Party recapture the U.S. Senate,” said Tyler Harber, spokesman for Now or Never PAC.

The advertisement can be found here:

Now or Never PAC has recently targeted four U.S. Senate races, airing television ads in each of the following states: Arizona, Montana, North Dakota, and Ohio.  NON-PAC has previously been involved in three other races this year: Wisconsin U.S. Senate, Illinois Congressional District 8, and in the Republican Primary for U.S. Senate in Missouri.

“Todd Akin may have not been our first choice for Republican nominee in the race to replace Claire McCaskill,” said Harber referencing NONpac’s support of Sarah Steelman in the Republican primary earlier this year.  “But, Congressman Akin plays an important role in securing the Senate chamber.”

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  • AngelaTX


  • sdsali

    It seems to me a very sensible argument.  In the final election you don’t usually get to vote for perfect, you vote for whoever will give you the most of what you want.  The ad acknowledges reservations voters might have about Akin but asks them to weigh which is better.  We’ll see if it works.

    • dave7777

       Kinda like voting for Romney, right?

      • wodiej

        Is Romney Jesus Christ? No and he’s never claimed to be.  We need a good business person to sort through our financial mess and he’s it. 

        • socon

          You’re right–Romney’s never claimed to be Jesus Christ, but some of his mindless followers have come close.

          We don’t need another president elected by a braindead cult.

  • philip127

    I fully agree! I, like many wanted nothing to do with Akins in Aug.-Sept. but, THIS IS NOW! Do you want to cut your nose off despite your face to put Claire back in? He will be a yes vote AGAINST HARRY REID! At this point in sounds pretty good to me. Just like RINOS like Tommy Thompson(Ws), George Allen(Va.) and Connie Mack (Fa), none of them worth spit except for their R vote when needed!
    We’ll live to fight again in 2014 and 1st on the list to takedown will be Lindsey Graham, among others.
    You can all call for the perfect candidate and not vote for a lesser evil, but you might not have a country left or another chance to vote ever again.

  • stevethird

    If you don’t want Akin then get ready for entrenched Obamacare. It’s’ really that simple.

  • friskyness

    I guess it’s better late than never……………..

  • HuntingMoose

    So it OK when libs like his opponent mc Casket say they worst liberal things but when this guy one time is saying something pretty stupid that is it?

    All I can say good for this PAC, they are not fooled like you and keep their attention on what really matters :

  • wodiej

    Despite the idiotic statement he made about rape, McCaskill would be much worse. I hope he and Mourdock have learned a lesson and gained some insight on this subject.  We need to get control of the Senate.  If Reid is majority leader, we will not get squat done.

  • Spec 5

    Sarah PAC should join them.  Any conservative or Republican who thinks otherwise is surely misguided!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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