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SarahNET Radio Launches "Steel Resolve" Featuring Sarah Steelman Weekly – Devito

SarahNET Radio today reported that it will be adding a new feature to its weekly Palin Update. "Steel Resolve" will consist of commentary from former U.S. Senate candidate Sarah Steelman. SarahNET reports:

SarahNET Radio is adding more Sarah to its lineup. The network dedicated to promoting Governor Sarah Palin and providing Palin news features the weekly shows The Palin Update with Kevin Scholla and Breaking It Down With Bristol.

Now a weekly commentary is about to start starring Sarah Steelman. Steelman, who was endorsed by Governor Palin during her run for U.S. Senate in Missouri had the support of many conservative groups. Through this new weekly feature titled Steel Resolve, Steelman will have a platform to continue to address the issues affecting Americans today. "Sarah Steelman stands for honesty, integrity, and values. She is a real person living in the real world and I know she will be a tremendous asset to our broadcasts," said Kevin Scholla host and creator of SarahNET Radio. "She speaks like Governor Palin. Real talk that resonates with real Americans," Scholla said. Steelman is looking forward to getting started as well. "I am very excited to join Kevin Scholla on SarahNET Radio with a weekly commentary about politics from the perspective of a recovering politician!"

Steel Resolve- A weekly commentary featuring Sarah Steelman will air as part of The Palin Update with Kevin Scholla. Listen to SarahNET Radio at and follow along on twitter @SarahNETRadio @kevinscholla and @Sarah_Steelman

Scholla’s interview of Steelman ran on July 22.

Gov. Palin stumped for Steelman and served food at the candidate’s barbeque on August 3.

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***Update by Steve***

Here is a better quality video of the speech above:

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  • palin45potus


    "The status quo has got to go!

  • Palinchick

    Great!  So glad Steelman is going to be heard from.  I wish she were the nominee. An economist is what DC can use!!!

  • SarahPalin4Prez

    She doesn’t go along to get along. Just like Sarah Palin.  Must be that name! SARAH.  Looking forward to teh shows. 

  • MamaGrizz12

    I really wanted Steelman in the MOSEN race.  I’m happy to see she’ll be a voice for us.  Good luck to her and thank you SarahNET Radio.

  • John_Frank Thank you for posting this update.


  • Rob Hart

    I’m glad to hear that Sarah Steelman is not retreating and instead reloading with truth helping to lead in the narrative of restoring freedom. We need to hear from true reformers so that there continues to be a balanced report of what is happening.Thanks for sharing the good news of Ms. Steelman.

  • c4pfan

    That’s a great idea!  Thank you Sarah Steeleman for keeping on! 

  • AJ40

    I’m happy to see that Sarah Steeeman is getting her big break on Palin Radio after her ignominious defeat at the hands of the Aching Man (aching for a win,{a. k.a akin}). May they both go far.

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