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Adorable: Stephanie Cutter Admits ‘Pennsylvania Has Tightened’

Her cuteness level just increased for some reason…..


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  • MaMcGriz

    Re the photo….

    Which one’s Stephanie?

    • Steve_Flesher

       I have to plead the fifth again….;-)

  • Freempg

    I’ll reiterate what I just said on the open thread. This person is dangerous. Insane. She could go off at any moment.

    • Steve_Flesher

       She doesn’t look good in this video.

      • IsraeliCojones

        Understatement. She looks like a witch.

        She seems on coke. I’m serious.

        • HuntingMoose

           Bagdad Bob was more accurate..

    • IsraeliCojones

       I hope she goes off on air when Mitt’s victory is announced.

  • 01_Explorer_01

    She is mentally unstable.

  • Freempg

    For the suggestion box: Please notify the Open Thread when a new article is posted.

  • Lakerfanalways

    Pretty soon you will all see Stephanie Cutter on some street corner with a sign saying "Will work for food"..hey Stephanie its all good, there is no shame in being unemployed 

    • HuntingMoose

       the sad reality is that she will probably wind up in one of Soros revolving door organizations so that fantasy of you that she will endure reality will probably not happen.

  • independents4palin

    Pennsylvania is in play, if Romney can pick up some suburbs of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh and pick up some high numbers in smaller metro areas like Allentown, Scranton, Harrisburg among others, and drive up large numbers in coal country, Mitt Romney could win.

  • IsraeliCojones

    Speaking of which (I mean Lefty mental cases like this one), has anyone thought about the kind of meltdowns we’re about to witness in case of a crushing Obama defeat?

    I’m asking the question seriously.

    Some of these people have invested EVERYTHING on Obama; it is far beyond politics, it borders on cult, idolatry, if not "fatal attraction" in some cases (I’m thinking about Matthews * drooling * like an old drag queen on Obama’s "boyish smile" * facepalm *).

    Moreover, most of them are either doing drugs (coke is a must in newsrooms) or alcohol.

    I seriously wonder if they’ll be able to control themselves…

    • PatrickDownUnder

      You’re quite right- it is a very serious question. The msm still hold sway over the minds of many (47%?) and there is no limit to the depths they can plumb, we saw it in 2008. Who and what will they attempt to personally destroy in the ensuing bloodbath..?

      I’ve always said that a vote for Romney is not just a vote against Obama, it’s a vote against the media.

      Sack ‘em all…!

      • IsraeliCojones

        I’ve always said that a vote for Romney is not just a vote against Obama, it’s a vote against the media.


        Btw, thank you for all your great posts, Patrick :)

  • Christopher H Fromme

    Romney will be in Pittsburgh on Tuesday to meet with the local press.  It is not a rally because all of us will be doing GOTV effort

  • socon

    Miss Stephanie has all the charm of a spitting cobra.

  • TruePatriotism

    She’s cute.

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