@AGUGrizzlies: Happy Veterans Day – From American Grizzlies United

American veterans placed our security before their own lives. Today we pay tribute to the bravery of those lost in our past and current conflicts. We pay tribute to the many families who have lost loved ones, and we pray for their well-being and comfort.

For many generations, the American military has silenced dictators, brought freedom to much of the earths surface, and set a definitive standard of endurance and greatness to the whole world.

The American military is very different than other militaries of the world. Unlike many countries, here in America we are not afraid of our military. Our women and men in uniform are neighbors, friends, colleagues, and family, serving our nation by guarding America’s liberty with pride.

Our freedoms come from our military. Freedom of the press does not come from any journalist or pundit, it comes from America’s women and men in uniform. Freedom of speech does not come from any network, studio, artist, or actor, it comes from America’s women and men in uniform. Our freedom to protest does not come from union bosses, Occupy Wall Street, or community organizers, it comes from America’s women and men in uniform.

America is endlessly indebted to our many veterans for their bold courage and admirable service. We honor and commemorate those who have died in defense of American freeedom. Brave women and men in uniform sacrificed their lives for our betterment. May their selfless sacrifice endure and galvanize us as we work to restore American greatness and freedom.

God Bless the American military, and God Bless America.

American Grizzlies United

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