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Andrew McCarthy | The Voters Who Stayed Home

The key to understanding the 2012 election is simple: A huge slice of the electorate stayed home.

The punditocracy — which is more of the ruling class than an eye on the ruling class — has naturally decided that this is because Republicans are not enough like Democrats: They need to play more identity politics (in particular, adopt the Left’s embrace of illegal immigration) in order to be viable. But the story is not about who voted; it is about who didn’t vote. In truth, millions of Americans have decided that Republicans are not a viable alternative because they are already too much like Democrats. They are Washington. With no hope that a Romney administration or more Republicans in Congress would change this sad state of affairs, these voters shrugged their shoulders and became non-voters.

“This is the most important election of our lifetime.” That was the ubiquitous rally cry of Republican leaders. The country yawned. About 11 million fewer Americans voted for the two major-party candidates in 2012 — 119 million, down from 130 million in 2008. In fact, even though our population has steadily increased in the last eight years (adding 16 million to the 2004 estimate of 293 million Americans), about 2 million fewer Americans pulled the lever for Obama and Romney than for George W. Bush and John Kerry.


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  • Aitch748

    At least ONE of the pundits understands the point that some of us have been trying to make to people over on Hot Air: You don’t save the country by swapping out a zealous open progressive for a sneaky weaselly one.

  • Yolie Correa

    The reason GOP lost the election is because we didn’t unite at the end like the way the Democrats did. Those Republicans, Conservatives, Libertarians(Ron Paul supporters), and tea party that didn’t go out to vote had a difficult time voting for Romney. They thought either he was too liberal, too moderate, not conservative enough, or being Mormon etc. What happen to voting on "anyone but Obama". They got caught up with their own convictions(my way or the high way mentality) instead of rallying around Romney to "fire Obama". Democrats were all about Obama, Obama, Obama first. Their issues were important, but they new if they didn’t go out and vote, their issues would not become a reality. We on the other hand, put out issues as more important first then voting Romney, Romney, Romney. I know Romney wasn’t the perfect person but come on having Obama another 4 years will be worse for our country. Now we have to live with the consequences.

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