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AP Reporter grills Obama Administration spokeswomen on Israel

Shocking, I know. While terrorists bombs and rockets rain down on Israel, the Obama Administration has been characteristically silent, refusing even to comment yesterday when Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan called Israel "a terrorist state". What prompted this outrageous statement from nominal NATO ally Turkey was, presumably, Israel’s decision to defend itself from the recent unprovoked and repeated acts of terror. Team Obama’s decision to greet Erdogan’s idiotic assertion with little more than a yawn was too much for Associated Press reporter Matt Lee, and he really takes it to State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland over Obama’s so-called "silent diplomacy". Via The Blaze:

This follows Team Obama’s September refusal to acknowledge that Israel’s capital is in fact Israel’s capital. Finally at least one member of the media has deigned to ask this administration a question other than "What’s your favorite workout song?" or "What’s your favorite chili?". Maybe the rest of the mainstream media will wake up and begin asking real questions on, for example, Benghazi or the ticking entitlement time bomb. I’m not holding my breath, of course, but one can hope.

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  • DocBarry1


  • heshtesh

    Matt Lee did a very nice job………..I enjoyed watching her squirming, now i’d like to see the rest of the administration squirming.

    • rfredson

      Hanging would be better. Burning would be best.

  • Guest

    Thank you Doug & C4P for highlighting BHO’s silence…

  • Guest


    Netanyahu must remain to lead Israel.
    He is a godly man & conservative.
    Bibi & the cabinet members need our prayers.
    Not to have Bibi re-elected in January would put a liberal in office…just what BHO wants.

    I stand with Israel
    I stand with Bibi
    I stand with Sarah

    • IsraeliCojones

       Netanyahu is a "godly man"?

      Why did he destroy Migron then?

      Not to have Bibi re-elected in January would put a liberal in office

      You seriously don’t know what you’re talking about.

      • Guest

        Who have you voted in Israel ??
        Yes, please tell all of us.

        I do know which I speak….even if you disagree.

        • IsraeliCojones

           I find your question quite obscene, especially in regards of the sentence

          Caution on liberal propaganda even on C4P…..

          (well LOL you modified you original post without it. Nevermind)

          (by the way, stop reading Haaretz, because THIS is uber-liberal propaganda)

          I’ve voted for Bait Yehudi. The settlers. The "fascists" who still know this Land is ours, y’know.

          And I did it because I knew that Netanyahu would destroy Jewish villages and I didn’t want to be complicit of that.

          Now that said, the sentence:

          Not to have Bibi re-elected in January would put a liberal in office

          really proves you don’t have a clue about the system here. The dude who will be the next Prime Minister will be the dude able to form a coalition of parties. And he sure won’t be a Leftie.

          What I want is this: it is expected that the guys of Bait Yehudi and others of the same ilk will have 10 representatives next time.

          I want them to have 20 of them, not 10.

          Because then, no coalition will be able to function without them, and they will make any Government organizing another deportation fall.

          And now that I’ve answered, YOU, answer how can a "godly man" destroy a Jewish town?

          I’m waiting.

          • Guest

            We do politically disagree…..
            Was King David "godly" ?

            • IsraeliCojones

               Don’t tell me you are comparing King David with Bibi

              * facepalm *

              • Guest

                Kal Vahomer …..
                I’m addressing a principle about leaders

                • IsraeliCojones

                  There is no KalVahomer here. Seriously.

                  There is no "principle" about leaders, what is this? Why not comparing Olmert to Solomon while we’re at it?

                  • Guest

                    Of course there are principles in leading !! LOL !

                  • IsraeliCojones

                    Like what? Quotes, references, everything.

                    What you just wrote doesn’t mean sh*t.

                    Your so-called kalvahomer means this:

                    "If David is godly then a fortiori Netanyahu is"

                    Never heard something that ridiculous.

          • Guest

            Also I do not read Haaretz except for briefs….of which I read selectively.
            It is beyond liberal….

          • HuntingMoose

            "one with his back against the wall"

            all I know about Israeli politics is that if you have 10 politicians you will have 100 different opinions.

            But the problem is not Bibi. The problem is everything that is stacked against him foreign and domestic.

            At least you have a president who has best at heart for his country and will try to do the best given the impossible situation.

            We have not only a president who wants to cut and undermine our country but also deal with an enormous amount of ignorant fools that have been dumbed down and believes all his lies.

            You are on the right side, not only regarding the fact that those settlements are on jewish grounds to start with and that fact will never go away how hard they try to convince dumbed down masses otherwise and how hard they try to hide all jewish artifacts they find or ignore the fact that those places have jewish names to start with. But not all fights can be fought at the same time

            • IsraeliCojones

               HuntingMoose, with all due respect, you don’t get it, but I’m not going to insist.

              • HuntingMoose

                No educate me and yes, my opinion on Bibi is solely based on security issues and not on anything internal social issues, taxation and what else, things that when you are at war are likely regarded as luxurious topics that are for another day

                • IsraeliCojones

                  Who talked about domestic issues? Not me.

                  You think it’s all external pressure.

                  And I’m telling you: NO, it’s not. And believe me, I know what I’m talking about, I’m saying this without any condescension towards you.

                  What you are seeing now – I mean the cowardice, the caving, the absence of any purpose, the inexistent will to fight for the win – is something we’ve have been struggling with for decades, us, the People here, and it even began BEFORE Oslo.

                  Reading you, I’m pretty sure you’ve never heard about "post-Zionism".

                  This text from Daniel Pipes is from 2000. Things have changed for the worse since then, EXCEPT that, despite all their efforts, we are still a PEOPLE who hasn’t become suicidal. How so? Ask G-d, we owe it to Him. But the Elite – Netanyahu included – sure is. And it didn’t start last week.


                  I hope it will enlighten you.


                  • HuntingMoose

                    Post zionism is a repeat of history, a repeat of mistakes history is filled with.

                    But it seems you are not as far as here in the united states. For you, leftists are making inroads in the educational system. Here they have taken it over and turned it into indoctrination with lies and deceit machines. You still have democracy. Here it is filled with voter fraud, counting fraud and now the latest addition, a perfected machine to drive ignorant fools to the voting boxes like cattle.

                    You still have "thanks to" the daily confrontation, all at least aware of national security and not playing futzy with it. I cannot say that for the Obama regime who only thinks in photo-ops with the latest scam just recently the out-of-jail card for Clinton with this "peace treaty" which is nothing more than buying time for Hamas to regroup and rearm.


    Daaaang….a reporter doing his job. Haven’t seen THAT in quite a while.

  • IsraeliCojones

    When I saw that yesterday on HA, I told myself: "I didn’t know there was ONE journalist remaining in the world".

  • Guest


    Folks…as a caution there is an undercurrent to remove Netanyahu from office & the media & "International" pressure will come like a barrage in December. Israel has been exceptionally propserous & thriving under his leadership. A change in Israel’s political goals in January may have severe consequences (for Israel & US) especially with BHO in office. It’s clear BHO wants Bibi removed…..that alone should give a hint to Bibi’s effectiveness.

    Would be good to get SP’s take on Netanyahu, may put a few blogs to rest.

    • IsraeliCojones

      You don’t know what you are talking about, period, end of story.

      And if you want to vote here, come down and take the rockets with us. There is no other way.

      • Guest

        I would love to live in Israel….even now.

        • IsraeliCojones

          Then come and vote for whoever you want.

          But don’t tell us what to do with our leaders if they fail us.

          • Guest


            • IsraeliCojones

               Sure, likewise.

              I’ve warned against Obama here just because he wants to destroy the US, but I’ve never told an American here how to vote.

              If they wanted to commit suicide, ultimately, it was their business.

  • Guest

    Kudos to Matt Lee……..about damn time…

  • Christopher H Fromme

    I read all the comments, but all are B.S. unless they are for complete victory for Israel.   Until the civilian population in Gaza feels the hurt so badly that they want to be rid of HAMAS then there can be no peace.  When Israel gave up Gaza all they got was more terror.   If a rocket is launched from a school then too bad it gets bombed by the IDF……….

  • momprayn

    Re Benghazi, an Intel Insider at Canada Free Press via Doug Hagmann:

    DH: You told me that you wanted to talk about the lies behind Benghazi,
    said it is critical for everyone to understand the reason for the lies. and
    asked that we do this separately. Go ahead.

    II: It’s about the lie, and once you understand it, it becomes extremely
    revealing. It’s about what the public has been told from the very beginning. Do
    you realize that a lot of people, especially Obama’s associates and supporters
    do not believe that they’ve been lied to? Do you understand that much of the
    public does not believe that they were lied to? Like a lot of us, you’re in this
    thing so deep that we forget not everyone even believes they’ve been lied to.
    They’re certainly not going to hear about it in the media.

    They are only lying to the American people. All other governments know what’s
    going on. And most importantly, the reason they are continuing to lie is to
    cover up their plans as they are moving forward with their agenda. Everyone
    must understand how important this is. The Obama plan continues. No one is
    stopping them or this agenda. And in case you have any questions about what this
    agenda is, let me explain it clearly and concisely.

    Obama, Clinton, their foreign policy advisors and the people involved in
    this agenda intend to start a war that will make Afghanistan and Iraq
    look like a small police action by comparison. They are going to start a war
    that will likely grow from a regional war to a global war, or WW III.
    Afghanistan ‘imploded’ when attacked, as did Iraq. Syria will not, it will
    explode. Do the American people understand this?

    Until now, everyone has been focused on the ‘little lies.’ The security, the misidentification of the CIA compound, the timeline, and on and on. They want us to focus on the little lies so they can pull off the BIG LIE. The big lie being told is that the U.S. is merely providing minimal
    support, including humanitarian aid to the Syrians so they can defend themselves
    from Assad. That’s the big lie that covers up what they are really doing in the

    The CIA compound in Benghazi was a logistics hub for weapons, but not only
    weapons from Libya. Weapons ordered by and destined for other countries, like
    Saudi Arabia, the UAE and other countries, knowing the plan, were allowing the
    weapons to be diverted, with Libya acting as the central shipping hub.

    When Assad falls and U.S. troops are called in for ground support, who will they be
    fighting? The Syrian army? No, they will be fighting the Iranian army, the
    Russian army and the Chinese army. Why? Because Iran, Russia and China all have
    a stake in the region. Putin called Syria his red line in the sand, and stated
    that WW III will start in Syria, not Iran.

    Benghazi is a moving target of little lies that serve as cover for the big
    lie. Are Americans onboard?

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