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Business Insider | Will Obama finally pass the Keystone Pipeline?

House Majority Leader John  Boehner yesterday  called on President Obamato find common ground with Republicans to resolve  the fiscal cliff.

As we’ve discussed, "resolving the fiscal cliff" is  not necessarily the crisis everyone is making it out to be, but will  still entail some teeth-pulling in deciding revenue-raising measures will  survive after Jan. 1.

Meanwhile, there is another seemingly partisan policy decision everyone is  nevertheless convinced will actually prove painless: approving Transcanada’s  application for its Keystone XL pipeline across the Canadian border.

Brief background: the Keystone would transport approximately 1.3 million  barrels of oil per day from Canada to refineries in the Gulf. Industry groups  say its construction would create thousands of jobs, while environmentalists  fear the project’s impact on local ecology. There  remains debate about what effect this would have on gasoline  prices.


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