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Carrie Lukas | Obama won, but Obamacare didn’t

Just a quarter, or 26 percent of those surveyed by the polling company on  Election Day supported implementing Obamacare completely. Even less than half  (48 percent) of self-identified Democrats want full implementation, suggesting  that the health care law remains a liability, even within the president’s  party.

Forty-three percent of voters surveyed want Congress to either “just repeal  the law” (30 percent) or move toward repeal, while pursuing other measures – including defunding, amending, and blocking – to prevent its implementation (13  percent). Another quarter (23 percent) favor amending the law, rather than full  repeal.

Jobs and the economy was the hands-down winner (at 41 percent) as the issue  most often cited by voters asked what issue was most important for determining  their vote. But health care was the second most often cited issue (at nine  percent), followed by “government programs like Social Security, Medicare, and  Medicaid” (eight percent), and “government spending,” both of which could  include concerns about Obamacare.

When asked specifically about the role health care played in determining  their vote, two-thirds (67 percent) of voters said it was “very important” that  the candidates they supported want to “repeal and then replace” the new health  care law. Only five percent of voters thought this was “not at all important.” Indeed, on this measure, 2012 voters echoed 2010 voters in identifying Obamacare  as a key symbol of government overreach.


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