Charles Hurt | Media gaggle ‘wasn’t looking’ during presidential election

During this time of Thanksgiving, it is  altogether fitting and appropriate that we stop to give thanks for one of our  most important and cherished freedoms in America: our freedom of the press.  Without the vigorous and unflinching watchdogs of truth and justice, where would  we be today?

This freedom is why after eight months of hiding from the confrontational  reporters who follow him most closely, President  Obama finally got smoked out of the West Wing and was shamed into appearing  before the demanding press a week after he secured re-election.

And what vicious watchdogs they were!

One dame began her question by thanking President Obama for blessing her with  the opportunity to humbly ask him a question.

“Thank you, Mr. President. And congratulations, by the way,” she cooed.

Turns out, Mr. Obama told us, he and this reporteress “go back a ways.” Back  to his days in Illinois when he was just organizing people on the street,  hammering out his mettle to become president.

She swooned at all the reminiscing.


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