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Chris Matthews: Romney’s response to Obama’s "revenge" remark is racist "ethnic talk" or something

"MSNBC’s excitable boys and girls who, with their (at most) one-track minds and exquisitely sensitive olfactory receptors, sniff racism in any criticism of their pin-up."

 — George Will, October 1, 2012 

Indeed, and MSNBC’s chief race-baiter, Chris Matthews, is at it again.

What Trump and Sununu have to do with this is anyone’s guess. The funniest part, though, is that the hebetudinous Tingles (a redundancy, I know) clearly didn’t know who injected the term "revenge" into this year’s election. When the MSNBC host (I have no idea who she is, nor do I care) informed Matthews that revenge as a justification to vote had been originated by Obama himself, and Romney was simply responding to the President, he continued with his "Romney’s a racist" rant undaunted:

"It’s always been the undercoating of this campaign … that ethnic talk. This talk about revenge is of a piece with that. Scare people. Say these people are out to get even with you. I mean it’s … it’s …you know what it is. We grew up with it. We thought we got past it. It’s there."

So according to Matthews, the word "revenge" is now an ethnic slur by Republicans, even when said term is introduced to this year’s political discourse by Obama. Amazing! George Will is right about the hyper-sensitive olfactory receptors possessed by those MSNBC boys and girls. Too bad they don’t have any brains to go along with them.

Update: To refresh your memory, this is the ad Tingles claims is a loathsome example "ethnic talk" which so offends his post-racial sensibilities.

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  • Mary Beth House

    Good grief.

    The man is a living parody of himself.

  • patnatasha

    it’s clear that he has been drinking again.

  • gahanson

    To Matthews, anything critical of 0bama, is racist, so this is not surprising.  It would be a real joy to watch him have a breakdown when 0bama loses.  I hope the psychiatric hospitals have lots of empty beds to accomodate the entire staff of MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, and NBC.

    • felizarte

      Mathews’ on-the-air meltdown during and after the first debate, will be nothing compared to what it will be when Obama loses the election.  I would really like to see that.

      • suehimel

         Be sure to tune in tomorrow night.

  • Guest

    What is NOW racist according to Tingles and MesSNBC:

    kitchen table
    kitchen pantry
    food stamps
    chair…..EMPTY chair is REALLY racist
    holding down the fort
    you people
    sock puppet

    Did I miss any? 

    • IsraeliCojones


      "experienced" ROFL!

      PS: you missed ‘shuck and jive" ;-)

      • socon


  • socon

    The only thing "progressive" about leftists is their mental illness.   Matthews is absolutely nuts.

  • IsraeliCojones

    Dude is certifiable.

  • Azarkhan

    There’s nothing wrong with Chris Matthews that a baseball bat couldn’t cure.

  • Guest

    Wacky basturd……

    he must be really hitting the bottle these days…lol

    • Butteredpopcorn

       Did he ever stop hitting that bottle ?

      A drinking problem is a bad thing, however…….maybe he could step up his consumption and explode into a fire ball on live TV………maybe not, but I have popcorn and would love to watch.

      • Guest

        I would so love that…lol………me too!!

        I love your name !!

      • racefan3

        watch out Butterd…. vikings just saying that to get to your popcorn

        • socon

           She must be hungry.  lol

          • Guest


            sure hope we can raise glasses tomorrow..

            • socon

               Sweatin’ bullets over this one.  King Obama is one skeeery dude.

              • Guest

                I hear ya……..I don’t have any nails left……….

            • racefan3

              we will 3fours….Obummer is going down!!…see ya!

  • otto

    Life is a funny game. It’s played one time..just one.. ,and it can not be done over.

    If Chris Matthews told me the world was round i would not believe it. This man is a pure devil and a liar.  As is  Obama.

    I damn well hope this country knows a "schuck and jive" when they see it.

    By the way..the Democrats have declared the tea party dead…is that true?

    • BHappy


  • carolyn50

    i sent him an email this morning expressing my disgust with his obnoxious behavior and comments.  Said I would vote for love of my country over revenge.  Also pointed out to the drunkard that he needed help and needed to stop playing the race card because it isn’t working.

    • blueniner

      Way to go!

  • CBDenver

    Someone said recently that the only reason conservatives want Romney to win is because they want to see Chris Matthews cry.  Well, that is not the only reason but I admit that will be icing on the cake!

  • $8196935

    I would pay to watch Chris in his melt down when Romney wins.

    • suehimel

       Hey, when the winner is declared the first channel I will turn to is MSNBC.  I went thhere after the first debate and it was FUN.

      • blueniner

        I did too, it was a hoot to watch Matthews meltdown….LOL..

    • blueniner

      I will be checking in on MSLSD, get the popcorn.

  • blueniner

    After Tuesday night Chris Tingles is going to need some "depends" to catch that tinkle down his leg………….LOL……. I cant help but remember at the last CPAC a hungover Chris Matthews with a varsity jacket on in the lobby of the hotel that Sarah Palin was staying in, and with a camera rolling,"is He says is Sarah Palin here? Is she still around? Someone says no she left a while ago, Matthews goes "damn!"

  • amaze830

    Gee, it seems anything a Republican say is racist to Chris Matthews.  These liberals are a pathetic bunch.  They always go back to their old tactic of bring in the race card.

  • Butteredpopcorn

    Matthews is a leftie….not a liberal.  Only dogs hear the whistle.   

    • socon

       So true. There’s nothing tolerant about the Marxist devils!

  • independents4palin

    Chris Matthews is a psycho and I hope the mental hospital is ready if/when Obama loses, they are going to be filled up with MSN commentators !!

    • Banda31

      They need to keep several MDs on hand because they all may have CVAs (strokes) when the election is called for Mitt Romney. Those doctors will have to give stat treatment to arrest the effects of a stroke because if they don’t get instant treatment, by the time they are rushed to a hospital, I doubt there’s anything that can be done for them.

      • socon

         You could be right about Mr. Ed, Chrissy and Al Not So Sharpton.  Madcow is another matter.

  • wandrako

    I  don’t think there is a psych med strong enough to deal with this man!  He needs confinement!!!

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