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Clinton: I May Be The Only Person in America More Excited About Obama This Time

Never one to be outdone by Joe Biden, Bill Clinton while campaigning for President Obama basically stood in front of a crowd and admitted that most of the folks he’s talked to profess to having no excitement about Obama this time around.  Then, he finally admitted it: he’s the only one who is:

Doesn’t say much about your base, does it?

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  • Guest

    Campaign funds must be running a little low around the 0bama-Biden 2012 Campaign….Joe Biden and Bill Clinton appear to be using the same teleprompter…….. 

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      LOL, Sandra!!

  • gahanson

    I lot of rather glum or bored faces in the background

    • Guest

      The 0blamo Camp has gone from speaking to 60,000 people per event to 2,600.  I’d be "glum", too!!!

    • friskyness

      They were probably paid their $20.00 for attending and can’t wait to leave!

  • Nancy6

    That is an unfortunate statement.

  • Freempg

    This is another guy that should be in prison or hung for treason. He traded our top nuclear weapons designs to the Chinese for campaign cash, along with green-lighting his co-conspirators, two corrupt CEOs, Armstrong from Hughes and Shwartz from Doral, both Demonrats, of course.

    Without technology flat-out stolen by these and other illegal means from the United States, China would be the backwater, third-world hellhole it used to be when Mao was butchering millions for his opium induced visions of a perfect China.

    We lifted from their poor a middle class as large as ours no thanks to the jobs taken by keeping their currency artificially depressed and offering slave labor camps to the likes of Apple. And we are worried about paying back a paultry few trillion to them? I don’t think so. What we owe them is a drop in the bucket compared to what they, and by they I mean the ChiComs, owe us for keeping them propped in power when they should have been gone long ago.

  • Ade

    He sure is. Because Hillary definitely isn’t either!

  • TSM_Admin

    I think Bill FINALLY inhaled!

  • conservativemama

    The man who condoned theft from the National Archives in order to rewrite his own history.  Sandy Berger anyone?

    Clinton to Obama.  Lots of narcissists in that party.

  • felizarte

    I once heard a leader who, criticized severely for going against his party, said: "My loyalty to my party ends where my loyalty to my country begins."  I wish that Clinton would have thought that way too instead of campaigning for Obama whose mistakes and incompetence are there for everyone to see! Clinton and others like him want to subject the country to four more years of that?!

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