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Consistent Conservatism vs Establishment Surrender

I’ve seen it happen time and time again. A goal is set, victory eludes, and all you know what breaks loose. As a teacher, I’ve seen collaborative learning groupmates turn on one another in an effort to place blame after a project falls short. As a coach, I’ve seen my starting five chew one another out during a timeout in a game where the best laid plans dropped to the hardwood unmet. As a political observer, I’ve seen it most recently in the 2012 presidential election when the incumbent should have been easily sent packing after four years of failed policies, high unemployment, rising gas prices, looming scandals, and a lack of regard for the United States Constitution.

Infighting. Blame. Speculation. Collapse. The Grand Old Party is the master of such things. No one throws anyone under the bus faster than a member of the Republican party. It’s true. Even when we know that words, motives, and actions are being misrepresented, we acquiesce to the false narrative, turn on the brother or sister, and call out, "Off with your head!" It’s almost like we feel the need to prove ourselves to the left, which is ludicrous because there’s no proving anything to people who play by a whole different set of rules–their own.

After Mitt Romney lost, there was no shortage of fingers pointing at him. And perhaps he deserved as much. I’m not here to debate that, not now. What I do want to point out is the reaction to the loss. All of a sudden Republicans began to cave. Immigration. Taxes. Social issues. Everything we’ve believed and stood for…no longer sacred. Everything for which Republicans campaigned…subject to reconsideration. It’s pathetic, weak-kneed, and disgraceful.

Understand that I am a firm believer in messaging. It’s not just about the message. It’s about the method, the delivery. This includes assertive, widespread, and enthusiastic articulation of that message. As Governor Palin has often said, the planks in the Republican platform are fine. We’ve got the right message. We need to improve the messaging. We must have open, honest, and ongoing conversations about what that looks like. However, mere hours after the loss of an election, prominent voices in the party weren’t just talking about shoring up messaging, but altering the message. Pathetic.

This is precisely why Governor Palin is so needed in the conservative movement.

Following the election, people sensed sheep without a shepherd and immediately began to ask who the leader of the Republican party was. Is it Governor Palin? some have wondered, while others have tried to ignore her altogether. I can’t speak for a Republican party that forces its idea of an "electable" candidate upon us, shuns a common sense conservative voice unwilling to bow before its self-erected throne, and never seems to learn from the failures of its past. As far as I’m concerned the Republican establishment has made its bed.

As for conservatism, however, as for the movement of free people and thus limited government, there is no need to wonder. And what separates Governor Palin from the establishment, what separates, in this case, the woman from the boys, is her refusal to bend, blend, or back down out of pressure. From her days in elective office in her state of Alaska, to campaigning for national office, to being a private citizen-leader, she has steadily articulated the same message. Her message is always one of reform, respect for life, and restoration of our founding principles. She has not veered from championing fiscal responsibility, energy independence, and a strong national defense. She always encourages standing by allies, not bowing to enemies, and unapologetically embracing American greatness. She unceasingly begs us to consider future generations, incentivize small business, and support our military. She is not prone to flip-floppery.

Governor Palin is the epitome of what America has needed, and despite the best efforts of haters to dismiss her out of fear, jealousy, or just plain ignorance, she remains what America needs. Her record in Alaska demonstrates, too, that she can be steadfast and principled while having the respect of people on both sides of the aisle. An approval rating of 90% at one time clearly speaks to the fact that she was in office to serve the best interests of her constituents. If that meant calling out her own party–and it did–then so be it. Perhaps that is precisely why many in the Republican establishment would prefer she leave the room or at least take a seat. If I were a betting woman, however, I’d place my bet on her doing neither.

The GOP political elites seem hell-bent on caving, selling out principles, and watering down the message. Wrong answer. While the messaging could be improved, the message is right–and we already have the best messenger, if we’d be so wise as to acknowledge as much. The Republican establishment will have to determine its course, but my focus is on common sense Constitutional conservatism, and Governor Palin is just what the conservative movement needs–now more than ever.

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  • Pete Petretich


    • Adrienne Ross

      Thanks! :)

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    In the 1980s: RONALD REAGAN.

    In the coming years: SARAH PALIN.

    This was the answer; this is the answer.

    Thanks so much, Adrienne, and Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

  • blueniner

    Excellent column Adrianne, here is exhibit A, an example of the blame game by Ann Coulter who is in denial……

  • wodiej

    Great article Adrienne.  Your first paragraph is exactly what happened. 

    I agree Gov. Palin is not leaving the room or sitting down and being quiet.  Some will disagree but this isn’t just about Gov. Palin being an honest, ethical leader.  This is about the RNC establishment good ole’ boys club.  She has said it herself many times.  She has talked about women breaking that glass ceiling.  Do you think for one minute if she was in a position of authority on the Hill that she would do any less on demanding accountability than she did as the Oil and Gas commissioner? She would be rolling some heads, perks and padding pockets would be GONE! Another notable characteristic I admire so much about Gov. Palin is while she has her values and beliefs, she is not judgmental, intolerant or self righteous towards others who differ and there are a lot of conservatives who are. 

    I believe every person has a purpose.  And I believe Gov. Palin has been called by God to be a conservative leader in some capacity.  God bless her and God bless America.

    "In the beginning of a change, a patriot is a scarce man-brave, hated and scorned.  When his cause succeeds the timid join him.  For then it costs nothing to be a patriot."  Mark Twain

    • carolyn50

       i heard congressman steve king talking to the fill in for hannity yesterday question why sarah didn’t campaign more forcibly for romney.  i wanted to call in and say because the gope and in particular romney and his team didn’t want her.

  • ZH100

    Excellent read!  Thank you Adrienne.

  • John_Frank

    Excellent article Adrienne. Thank you.

  • Guest

    Brilliant….as always!

    Thank you very much and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  • Elwanda Burrell

    Adrienne, you are so right….we need Gov. Palin.  Happy Thanksgiving to C4P!!!!

  • 1776er

    "She is not prone to flip-floppery."

    Perhaps her finest quality.  Well said.  Would that the current crop of Republican "leaders" had a drop or two of that conviction and confidence.

    One of my favorite images of George Washington is this one depicting a conversation with Lafayette on the grand porch at Mt Vernon.,_1784_by_Rossiter_and_Mignot,_1859.jpg&imgrefurl=,_1784_by_Rossiter_and_Mignot,_1859.jpg&h=2232&w=3774&sz=8950&tbnid=FJn8aZLWn6jkjM:&tbnh=71&tbnw=120&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dwashington%2Band%2Blafayette%26tbm%3Disch%26tbo%3Du&zoom=1&q=washington+and+lafayette&usg=__hyaMOuoHU35aCjc3aVc_PGQEGnw=&docid=ThH4F3aXW4iaGM&hl=en&sa=X&ei=TxOuUJC1H4Wm8ATj-oDQAQ&sqi=2&ved=0CDwQ9QEwBA&dur=19848

    It commemorates an actual post war visit by Lafayette to Mt Vernon in 1784.  

    The look on Washington’s face seems to indicate that he is considering a point Lafayette was making.  His hands show his mind at work.  What are they discussing?  Likely the future prospects of this new nation their sacrifice and efforts brought forth during their time in history.

    Washington is ramrod straight.  He is at home where he longed to be.  But his mind is at work.  Lafayette is drawing him out.  Washington has more work to do.  He knows it.  Look at the face.  Look at the hands.  

    Washington, too, was not prone to flip-floppery.  

    I saw either the original on loan or an amazing copy of this painting during a visit to Mt. Vernon about 18 months ago.  When I saw it I immediately pictured Saran Palin standing on that porch– in Colonial finery of course–fully engaged in the conversation with Washington and Lafayette.  

    If time travel was a reality I believe Sarah Palin would be one of the few people from our day that George Washington and the Marquis de Lafayette would welcome as a co-equal intently listening to and digesting her message and thoughts and concerns from our own day.  Washington’s mind would be eagerly processing her input with the same concentration he gives to Lafayette’s message in this magnificent painting.  

    Why?  Because the three of them share an identical devotion to the cause of individual liberty and freedom and the independence of our beautiful country.  They share the same patriotic concerns and determination.  They come at the problem of freedom from the same, identical perspective.  Sarah Palin would not be a marginalized outsider in that company of American patriots.  She would be a charter member.

    Washington’s face and hands would be similarly composed and reflecting the same degree of contemplation listening to Sarah Palin discuss the state of our nation today.  

    That we would in fact have such a fit ambassador from our own time to send back to the porch at Mt Vernon to speak for our generation of patriots is reason for giving thanks today.  

    Our prayer would be that Sarah Palin will be inspired as Washington and Lafayette were to answer  the nation’s call to lead.  There is every reason to believe that she will, in some way yet to be determined, make that commitment to lead the patriot cause.  

    The contrast with the current bunch of hack Republican Party self-seekers scrambling for personal political survival and enrichment is too bitter to contemplate.  Those guys on the porch at Mt Vernon? Never in a million years.  The look of disgust and revulsion on Washington’s face would freeze them to their bones.  It would convict them.  

    Sarah Palin is in a very select class.  

    BTW, if you click down to the original Wikipedia file on this image and then click on Washington’s face you will get a much larger and sharper image to look at. The look on Washington’s face is worth pondering. What would he be thinking today?

    • Kathleen

      Thank you so much for sharing that painting!  You’re right, Washington’s expression is very intense.  He is one of my heroes.  God certainly fitted him at the right time to lead our country. 

  • stlouisix

    Great article.  Thank you, and Happy Thanksgiving!

  • n4cerinc

    Very excellent article, Adrienne. It occurred to me as I read this piece; the Republican Party has gone Etchasketch. 

  • indemind

    Adrienne,…Thanks for an Excellent article … Happy Thanksgiving…

  • RedDaveR

      Thank you Adrienne.  It seems that the GOP establishment has learned nothing from Nov. 6th.  They will have to be taken on and beaten by the grassroots.

      Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  • GrmaTX

    Thanks Adrienne.  I couldn’t agree more!

  • slicerdicer

    Wonderful article, and may everyone have a very thankful and happy Thanksgivinig….

  • HuntingMoose


    Almost 400 years ago the pilgrims set sail to leave the continent for the new world.

    They first had tried for 12 years that liberal Holland that while living there they discovered was not that liberal after all with , surprise!, lots of regulations , protectionism in jobs and difficult to penetrate family power structures.

    We have been living for too many years in the powerstructures of the GOP and some of the undemocrats. Should we stay or unshackle and take the hard path to liberty? The common wisdom is that a third party will ensure permanent power for the undemocrats but ask yourself, is that really so? For starters, with moderate GOPe we are already in this situation. But the reality will be that a third party will be a magnet not just from voters from the GOP but also from the undemocratic party which has been hijacked by the socialists. And on top of that votes will come from those currently not voting because they are fed up with the status quo.

    Can a 3rd party win in 2016?. Would be nice but let’s not put that as goal yet. Can a 3rd party emerge that has enough representation to be of major influence, absolutely. Who can make this happen?. We the people

  • NoMoreMeh

    Thank you, Adrienne.

    I love this:

    "As for conservatism, however, as for the movement of free people and
    thus limited government, there is no need to wonder. And what separates
    Governor Palin from the establishment, what separates, in this case,
    the woman from the boys, is her refusal to bend, blend, or back down
    out of pressure. From her days in elective office in her state of
    Alaska, to campaigning for national office, to being a private
    citizen-leader, she has steadily articulated the same message. Her
    message is always one of reform, respect for life, and restoration of
    our founding principles. She has not veered from championing fiscal
    responsibility, energy independence, and a strong national defense. She
    always encourages standing by allies, not bowing to enemies, and
    unapologetically embracing American greatness. She unceasingly begs us
    to consider future generations, incentivize small business, and support
    our military. She is not prone to flip-floppery."


  • Isabel Matos

    Amen, Adrienne!

    The GOPe is TOO STUPID TO LEAD! There is a lot going on against We-the-People in the corridors of DC and this spreads nationally.  

    The GOP is afraid of Obama’s shadow but they have no problem ignoring us. They are afraid of Obama and the LSM, but not us.  It’s like a severe case of caving in to peer pressure.  They are afraid to mention Rush Limbaugh’s name out of fear they will be ridiculed. He is called a "commentator" meanwhile there is an outreach effort to go on shows like Dave Letterman and Jon Stewart to get more youth votes.  It could not be more misguided!  What is happening is that the GOP is not able to solve our problem because they still have not identified it.

    As long as We-the-GOP-voters are able to identify what the problem is, we can solve it. But it is Not easy to undo brainwashing, fear and years of a family not letting go of their power, BUSH Inc.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  • bedr1

    nice post

  • SteveBayrd

    Thank you, Adrienne. 
    We, as conservatives, have some serious soul-searching to do. Gov. Palin has made herculean efforts, along with the Tea Party movement, to bring the Republican party back to its roots. But the things you chronicle are the facts of the sheepish "leaders" of a failing party. We have a decision to make: shall we (and Gov. Palin) continue this effort to heal a patient with so many self-inflicted wounds that the bleed-out is almost complete? Or shall we test and validate, on the 2014 election stage, a new party, as the Republicans displaced the Whigs in Lincoln’s time? 2014 could stage this with candidates and give it credibility for 2016. The old "wisdom" is the failure of third parties. I understand the history. But it DID work before. Our options shrink. The Republicans are in suicide lock-step. I say conservatives can build the "American Party" to renew our Republic.

    • blueniner

      Food for thought…….

      • SteveBayrd

        It IS a hard decision, fraught with risk. But when I imagine the risks the Founders faced, and weighty decisions they came to, I am humbled and willing to ponder hard courses. Thanks.

    • PAWatcher

      Steve does it have to be a third party or is taking over the Republican party the better option?  The GOPe divided US from them and US from libertarian conservatives, also young conservatives from older concervatives this election cycle in light of what happened 2010- they fractured the republican party into three or more parties essentially. 
      The GOPe fuelled the fires against Cain, Gingrich, Paul, Santorum, Bachmann, Perry and mainly Palin and US.As well as conservative candidates on the down ticket. Time to put out their fires, zero in on conservatism as our uniting force and put the power back in the hands of the electorate. I’d like to see it accomplished under the Republican banner and keep the two party system. I didn’t like being split from other fellow conservatives over minor differences.

      • HuntingMoose

        The answer to your question is very simple. Think strength, not weakness.

        Going 3rd party does not prevent merging or working together at a later time. But not doing anything, hoping GOPe can be tamed while we have no alternative will be a position of weakness come next election.

        We now have the time to set things up. If we wait a year, 2014 will be more difficult to pull things off and same for 2016.

        If we start now, we can always put forward with the GOPe the same candidate. GOPe has an excellent record of wanting to work with the other side of the aisle and if working together mean caving in, they have a great record on doing so.

        Alternative is to go libertarian. That party has lost Ron Paul. The biggest obstacle with them, mI say an absolute disqualifier, is their isolationistic put your head in the sand approach to foreign affairs. It is an difference they have to change on but something tells me if we start a discussion many of them will see the on this topic as well.

        • SteveBayrd

          Good post. Well presented. Power can coalesce if needed. But a separate, honorable, principled party can be a power-lever on the GOP… or a potential winner alone if need be.

        • PAWatcher

          Just seems to me the biggest strength is in numbers- if you fragment the conservatives you lose strength, unify and you’re on the road to victory. Can’t think of any conservative who ran on third party ticket and won, even a democrat has never won as far as I know, are there any? Many hoped to do it and failed, some in my voting years. The democrats have been pushing for a third party for a long time, too. To split the Republican vote of course. This cycle they let the GOPe do the splitting of conservatives within the party line. Why do you think they wanted Romney to run- disparity and division and most of all disrespect for the grassroots. They won.
          The GOPe had time to set things up, record amounts of money, a disaster of an opponent and did not pull off a win, even lost down ticket candidates.
          More money spent, less votes- on both sides.
          Do you think you have to go libertarian as an alternative, again third party? Why not swell the ranks of the Republican party with conservatives, all constitutional conservatives no matter their label united, hostile takeover is possible without a lot of money- with numbers again. Large numbers of like minded people win elections. Republican and conservatism should be interchangeable.
          HuntingMoose and Steve thanks for reading my opinions.

          • Suki Pero

            I don’t understand why you think there is a large block of conservatives out there who will suddenly swell the republican ranks.  I don’t think the problem is the voters, the problem is the party.  It is time to send the republican party a strong message by forcing them to court us, not visa versa.  I say swell the ranks of the independently registered voter and make the republicans change their message to get us to return.  Then we will return and with a strong leader like Sarah Palin who will lead us in this GOP takeover.  Conservatives are already fragmented, we conservative republicans should join our like-minded independent voting friends until the GOPe gets their act together.  How do you propose a take-over of the GOP with no action?  It sounds like business as usual to me? 

            • Adrienne Ross

              I’m with you in believing action is necessary. I do not, however, agree that Republicans need to change their message. They need to adhere to the message, and find a way to deliver it palatably to the nation. Messaging incompetence and lack of backbone seem to plague the party, not to mention failure to recognize and embrace those who are the party’s greatest strengths, as Governor Palin is.

              • Suki Pero

                I don’t see any chance of a palatable conservative message coming from the R party.  They seem hell bent on being the rollover and progress party.  I feel the two parties are in a race to see who can promise the best spending goodies, and spend they do. 

                • Adrienne Ross

                  I don’t know if they’d do that either, but that’s what they NEED to do. As I said, the Republican establishment has made its bed; my focus is conservatism.

            • PAWatcher

              Suki, I don’t think obama won by a landslide and his win was not enough to set a precedence was it? Why should the left be able to dismantle the Republican Party by calling it dead?
               The  conservatives to be captivated by a true conservative message and message bearers will swell the Republican Party to victories across the board. Then the Republican Party conservative principles will be brought to the fore.

              • Suki Pero

                I guess I don’t see it as the left dismantling the party, but the party dismantling itself by not following some good core philosophy.  If they put Sarah at the front to lead the party to conservative victory, great.  I don’t see it happening though. 

                • PAWatcher

                  Suki, the dems have led the narrative for the Republicans for a long time. All the GOPe could not muster enough spine to stand toe to toe against  pelosi, by gum. They fear the name calling from the dems like a battered wife. Look at the Rice situation right now, calling the republicans racist and sexist for calling her out on the way she lied on the Benghazi massacre. Tail between their legs the Republicans slink back.
                  We have to stop the victim syndrome as much as the dependent on government people who fall victim to the dems. They and the LSM are abusers taught by saul alinski and Dems before them  and falling down or falling apart everytime they call US out is not the answer.
                  We should have celebrated the victories in this last election, instead we’re in  a dither to start a 3rd party because the dems tell US the Republican party is old white men and dead.
                  Victimization is not tolerated by most in their personal life, why should it be tolerated in our public lives.
                  Sarah and a lot of  fellow conservatives will never be victims and she does not need the GOPe approval- that,s what  God and US  are for if she chooses to enter the field. Strength is in numbers.

          • HuntingMoose

            My point is there sometimes comes a point when you realize that the current path, sticking with the GOPe will only result in a continuation of the disaster we had this year.

            Many countries do have more than 2 parties with some healthy side effects that we miss because with this duopoly there is no,longer true competition for voters, only lies and deceit.

            We are all these years being snooked by this democrats will take advantage of this fear but you need to realize this may be wrong.

            If we have our own conservative party, true, voters will leave the GOP but so will many democrats who are upset with the 2 party system or vote democrat because the GOP is too conservative. The net effect will be less voters for the democrats and more for GOP and 3rd.

            And come elections, you can always put forward the same candidate. With a 3rd party we can negotiate with strength and we know GOPe always likes to cave and come across the aisle to work together.

            • PAWatcher

              I’m getting your point Hunting, I just think 3rd party has no history of success for conservatives.  Of the countries with multiple parties, how are they doing with conservative ideas? Fiscal conservatives don’t seem to be making headway anywhere right now including the US.
              IMHO one united  conservative party is doable, there are more success stories than 3rd party successes. I can’t follow the lefts narrative any longer, they and the media choose our candidates while we run around chasing our tail as soon as they attack US with name calling, Running to a 3rd party and hoping for democrats to join US seems like a nightmare to me. Would much rather attract the non voting conservatives, the protest vote their conscience voters, the want to get off the dole people.
              The narrative from the left is the Republican Party is dead, ha ha, never to come back again, I just can not buy into that Hunting.


              • HuntingMoose

                I don’t care what the narrative of the left is.

                I just remember that we all said in 2010 OK, we give the GOP one more chance.

                And so we did. And we had the best imaginable moderate, hard working, across the aisle promoting, nothing wrong with the guy. All it proved that a moderate cannot win and I am not interesting to give it another shot but something else instead. The fact is with trying will will not loose anything since with another moderate GOPe it will be another deja vu.

          • HuntingMoose

            There is no need for splitting the vote. A third party can decide to not forward their own candidate but instead endorse or put forward the GOPe candidate.

            But as a third party, we will have a much stronger hand in getting good candidates and we will be able to negotiate with the GOP instead of being harassed and put in the back of the bus al the time.

            We are to the GOP as what our allies are to Obama. They trash us and take us for granted. No Mas.

      • SteveBayrd

        I understand your concern. If I thought it were possible I would agree. But I consider the depth of entrenchment of the elite, East Coast GOP establishment and fools that think an R behind a name makes the "conservative." Sarah made corruption and weak principles her enemy in Alaska, attacking the evil in her own party, too. AND WON. That is why the GOPe and their boundless money (like Rove’s Crossroads) will never allow a reformer like Palin be anything but a sideliner in GOP matters. They fear she will expose them. And she will. But not, in my opinion, as a Republican… unless, via her and our prayers, a miracle happens. :) Thanks.

        • PAWatcher

          Everyone of the GOPe have something in common with US- they get one vote to cast, don’t care how much money they have .Now the Dems, the more votes you can cast the better, huh?
          The power is not with the money, but with the amount of votes. Get the message of conservatism to the people and a ray of hope a candidate is a true conservative (some wear conservatism as a mask during elections) and the voters will come out.
          Sarah will only be sidelined if she wants to be, the choice is hers. She can expose them from the sidelines or in the fray, don’t think it would matter to her who does the exposing as long as it gets done.
          I’ve never heard Sarah talk 3rd party, I think she’s the epitome of what a Republican should be.

          • Adrienne Ross

            She actually has talked 3rd party with Sean Hannity. I wrote about it not long before her October 5th announcement. She warned that history could repeat itself. I don’t think that’s what she wants, but she recognizes it as a possibility if folks don’t act right!

            • PAWatcher

              I missed her saying 3rd  party was possibility. What history would be repeated with a 3rd party, was she referring to the Whig party?  Libertarian?

    • CharterOakie

      Completely agree.

      • SteveBayrd

        Thanks, CO… wish it weren’t so, but the facts stare us in the face. Our ancestors were better at recognizing when lines had to be drawn and when honor had to stand and act. Today’s culture, watered down intentionally but a corrupted education system, has promoted a mass of adult children that recognize few ethical or moral limits. In Washington’s time the Founders had to deal with the Tories, their former countrymen, now an enemy within. The Revolution had to persuade the "Independents" who weren’t hard Tories, to choose liberty rather than Tory bondage. We have a similar challenge. Many still sleep. It is my hope Sarah wakes them up with our help. The Republicans have joined the Tories. May they begone!

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