Could Sarah Palin Enter The 2016 Presidential Race?

With Sarah Palin America should be ready for a true conservative voice in the White House

The presidential campaign of 2016 was launched as soon as the last light dimmed on the stage after Mitt Romney gave his concession speech, in losing his presidential bid to Barack Obama. With the new battle now warming up amongst the GOP hierarchy there are many Republican leaders who want to point the party leftward, away from Ronald Reagan and his heir apparent Sarah Palin.

That is correct. There is no stuttering here. Sarah Palin may appear to liberals and leftwing pundits, as well as, GOP Washington leaders as yesterday’s news. Yet Mitt Romney’s loss was not due to conservative steel in his campaign. What is clear is that nearly two million conservatives did not embrace Romney’s attempt to skedaddle to the middle road by running away from conservative positions and values. They simply stayed home.

Consider the results of Palin’s steadfast 2012 primary season effort as she crisscrossed the nation campaigning on behalf of conservative congressional, senatorial officials. The results of Palin’s efforts are notable, beginning with backing Texas U.S. Senator-elect Ted Cruz. Combine that with eight congressional candidates being elected to congress out of 14, due to Palin’s endorsement.

Now examine Romney’s results. In a general election where Republicans were expected to be more competitive in U.S. Senate races, Republicans actually lost two U.S. Senate seats. There are many who have engaged in a lot of finger pointing in order to place blame for the loss, but the buck does stop at the top with Mitt Romney.

To refresh everyone’s memory, it was Romney and his Boston campaign brain-trust, who said to Palin back in July, “Thanks but no thanks.” They denied her a prime time speaking role before the GOP National Convention and the nation. Mitt was bound and determined to place both Palin and the Tea Party organization supporters on the sidelines and go it alone to seek more moderate political pastures.

Romney may have listened to comedians like Bill Maher and political pundits like Chris Matthew who found no end in skewering the non-candidate Palin during the campaign year. There is a lesson in Romney’s loss that reminds conservatives that Ronald Reagan was the 1976 version of Sarah Palin. He too had his many detractors, as well as, liberal and Republican pundits who scoffed at Reagan’s notion of a new conservative under current building in America.

Ronald Reagan was held at arm’s length by Washington GOP insiders and derided in liberal circles as a joke. Many in the mainstream media poked fun of his film character that played opposite a Chimpanzee in the 1951 “Bedtime for Bonzo” movie. While the Democrats and the Washington insider pundits laughed, Reagan beat President Jimmy Carter with nearly 51 percent of the vote to Carter’s 41 percent in the 1980 presidential election.

Now no one is laughing, including President Barack Obama, who saddles up to Reagan-like comparisons when he’s feeling a little light in the accomplishment department.

It is far more important for Americans, who are earnestly concerned about the direction of the nation and its drift away from conservative values to support a true bona fide conservative leader like Reagan.

Sarah Palin, like Ronald Reagan, understands that presidential elections are won in the grassroots campaign trenches found in Ohio counties and Pennsylvania coal fields. Conservative leadership is nourished in the farmlands of Iowa, Indiana and Illinois and in the kitchens of homes in Nevada and Colorado. Presidential elections are solidified with the commitment of Reagan Democrats in Macomb County, Michigan and Tea Party patriots all over this nation!

It is the power and strength of conservative ideals that, when fully embraced, will see a repeat of the 2010 elections, where the Tea Party grass roots movement resulted in Republicans gaining 63 congressional seats. Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi lost the Speaker’s gavel to Sarah Palin’s tireless effort to create a new conservative history which is still being made in America.

The keys to the White House Oval Office do not lie in the hands of the political power elite in Washington. They instead belong squarely in the firm grasp of Americans in the Heartland. There, with conservative families in states all over this nation, the fate of America will be determined.

In 1980 America no longer wanted to be trapped in what President Carter called a “crisis of confidence,” in his now famous July 1979 “Malaise Speech.” Instead, Reagan determined that America wanted to be freed up from government. He firmly gripped the reins away from moderation and liberalism. He grabbed the American microphone and said, “I paid for this microphone.”

America’s conservatives know full well that Sarah Palin also knows how to use a microphone. Much like, Reagan, Palin is committed to let millions across the nation speak through it in 2016!

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Sarah Steelman calls out Team Romney for shunning Sarah Palin

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  • TexS2012

    Sarah Palin’s time has come! We will have a Conservative President or we will die.

    Palin/West 2016 !!!

    • BaconHotline

      I’d give you a "like," but after West showed lackluster voting performance in cutting the budget, voting for Pigford reparations, ObamaCare facilities in Florida AND the NDAA, I DO NOT want him succeeding her like Bush Sr. succeeded Reagan.  That is not conservatism.

      Louie Gohmert may not have the military background of West, but he is a true conservative.

      • goldenprez

         BaconHotline … It is good to see that at least one other than myself and Hyman Roth has not been taken in by Mr. West’s political shell game.

        I began to follow the voting record of Mr. West back in February of 2011. He voted with the establishment GOP leadership over 70% of the time. Mr. West talks a great game, mostly concerning foreign affairs, and specifically about Islam. Domestically, there is nothing particularly fiscally conservative about Mr. West.

        Let’s stop this VP nonsense where Mr. West is concerned. I would have no problem with him as Secretary of Defense, or even Secretary of State, but definitely not VP.

        I pointed out in another post that while Mrs. Palin suggested him as a running mate for Willard Romney, she also said that she "preferred someone not in politics, such as Thomas Sowell."

        Throw them all out! The status quo must go!

        Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

        Illegitimi non carborundum.

        Barracudas Maximus.

      • bedr1

        With you on that Alan West was not what I would call a staunch conservative, but Palin is.

        NDAA us terrible by the way

    • jerseymark

      Palin/Martinez would be the unbeatable ticket.

      • RWRFAN

        Interesting combo. I need to look into Martinez and her record.

    • felizarte

      First of all, Sarah Palin has to clearly indicate her plans.  She definitely has firm support but It has to be a definite "yes" before we again get all excited.  And it is too early to even talk about potential v.p’s.  I agree that it is time for a really PRINCIPLED American to run based on constitutional and moral values, which Sarah Palin is.

      I want to point out that the savaging of Palin that started with Mrs. Barbara Bush was bad, it will definitely continue especially with Jeb Bush being a potential candidate.    

  • Lennart Bilén

    A message to Sarah Palin.
    While interviewed by Uma Pemmaraju on Fox News Mar 3 you said:
    “Nobody’s going to ask me to run”
    How about that statement!
    This calls for a Limerick:

    “Nobody’s going to ask me to run”

    Some think you are someone to shun.

    But not “We the People”

    We are not just sheeple.

    We ask you, implore you to run.

    • Art Telles


      Paging Sarah Louise Palin…
      Paging Sarah Louise Palin…
      Paging Sarah Louise Palin…


      Well, there are many reasons, but here’s one HOT potato.

      The ‘sustainable development’ putsch of the U.N. Agenda 21 is being implemented.

      Who will inform and educate America if not you, Sarah?


      • HuntingMoose

        don’t worry about Sarah. She will be there.

        page yourself and everyone around you. We need enlighten all the ignorant fools that voted for Obama and believe the lies of the demorats and media on Sarah.

        • Budvarakbar

          You would be very lucky to reach 3% of them — there are many reasons that they are "ignorant fools"

  • LLDub

    It would be great if she’s run, but I’d be stunned if she did; I think her family was primary this last cycle and probably will be in the future.   Everything I see points to Rubio being the  candidate (maybe Bush, but his baggage is huge)….the republican "powers" perceive he’d be instrumental with helping out on the Hispanic vote.    Conservatives will have the same problem we had this time, destroy our multiple conservative candidates by never ending snipping at each other.    All here will support The Guv, but there are conservatives and "conservatives" out there who would prefer some of the "others".  The vote will be split and the establishment candidate will win the primaries.   Unless we’re surprised, and conservatives actually learned something this past year.   Romney was only enjoying around 25% of the vote early on, and we lost.  Nuts.

    • friskyness

       Rubio and Bush will lose…………and the GOPe will continue to go liberal…………..

    • Mr.L

      Romney lost. We didn’t lose. We’ll move on. He’s the loser. Anyone who admits they’d support a second Romney nomination & general election bid should be seen and not heard here.

    • mymati

      I don’t understand why pandering to a specific group is expected to work for conservatives. Liberty and limited government is a universal message, if it is properly and believably represented. Sarah Palin has the ability to do that better than anybody else on the political landscape.

      • Budvarakbar

        Right — the whole Rubio thing is a Boosch scam — what good did it do to have minority after minority after female speakers at the GOPe convention — nothing — the people with character can recognize and reject pandering clowns — in the minds of the dependency class the demoRAT party is SANTA — they deliver and the most important fact is :  the dependency class does not even have to put out any milk and cookies!

  • Founders1791

    WHO IS A BETTER INVESTOR? Sarah Palin or Mitt Romney?
    Seriously, if you analyze the money accumulated and spent to affect the outcome of recent elections, you would come to the conclusion that Sarah Palin is the Warren Buffet of POLITICAL ROI (return on investment) and that Mitt Romney and the GOP are more like "cash for clunkers"

    Mitt Romney & Co spent nearly $356 million from 2011 through 2012
    Sarah Palin & Co spent nearly $9.2 million from 2010 through 2012

    Moderate Mitt Romney return on those dollars? 0%
    Conservative Sarah Palin return on those dollars? 70%

    The "Moderate Division" has simply failed for 10 product year cycles in a row to provide any returns on investments made under their stewardship in 06-10c, 08-12p, 12-16p. We recommend the ‘Twinkie’ solutions here and close the division down, fire all employees.

    The "Conservative Division" has stellar returns for 6 product year cycles in a row that have provided the only successes to our balance sheets and shareholder value in 06-09g, 10-12c, 12-14c. We recommend the ‘iPad’ solution here to double production and promote Sarah Palin

    2012 Money Race: Compare the Candidates

    2012 SarahPAC spent $4,927,653

    2012 Palin Finds Nothing Succeeds Like Success

    2010 SarahPAC spent $4,356,458

    2010 The Politics of Palin

    2010 Midterms – SarahPAC "Targets" Democrats

    "…Moderates to the Left of Me, Jokers to the Right, Here I am, Only Conservative between You…"

  • nkthgreek

    Good for Steelman, supporting the woman of steel.

  • PhilTan

    Could she ? She must.

  • Maria Buss

    Could the Governor enter the 2016 presidential race?

    Yes, she could. Would she?

    Her brother Chuck seems to support a 2016 run. Should she consider it, I think now is the time before the conservative base becomes fragmented again to rally behind the likes of Santorum who publicly said he is open to running again

    If and when others join Santorum, I do not see Sarah Palin joining the line up. She has made it clear that she is not one who would say, "pick me, pick me" .

    Most conservatives, if not all, are simply waiting for the Governor to declare "game on" That’s all it takes. She must do so now. 

    • Freempg

      Fully agree, Maria.

      • Budvarakbar

        Except for the Santorum part

    • Bill589

      There are many good opinions, for many good reasons, but I trust Sarah’s judgement in timing. She is the brilliant politician.

      • AyePatriot

        There are many good opinions, for many good reasons, but I trust Sarah’s judgement in timing. She is the brilliant Stateswoman.

        Bill589 – Hope you don’t mind my little fix to your otherwise perfect comment ;-)

        • Budvarakbar

          Agreed — the word "politition" has always conjered up imagery of sleaze  — just take a real good – no blinders – look at DC and a lot of local and state governments — yuck

          Always remember >> "poli" = many;  "tics"  = bloodsuckers

  • Lemuel Vargas

    The reason why Mitt lost the 2012 presidential cycle is he ignored the Tea Party completely with the mistaken belief that because of ABO (Anything but Obama), the maybe so called Tea Party (to the Mitt people) will have to vote Mitt. But then, there were a lot of Tea Partiers who were very angry that Mitt ignored them and then acted as if we (the TP) did not exist and thus did not vote for Mitt. Remember that (read somewhere) if only 333,000 persons voted for Mitt in every swing state, he might have won. Maybe those 333,000 might be the TP..

    Pertaining to the 2016 presidential election, Sarah must announce (if she has any intention on running for President) at most 6 mos. before the 2016 presidential election ( which is May, 2016, 6 mos. from Nov. 2016) so we the people has enough time to refurbish her grassroots organizations such as C4P, the American Grizzlies and the others, too..

    Heres’ another question..What do you think is the optimal time for Sarah to announce her run for the Presidency? As for me, it must be at most 6 mos. before the November elections(which means 6 mos. or more).

    That is assuming Obama has not succumbed to his narcissistic personality and has not repealed the 22nd amendment, the one is which it sets up a 2 term limit for the President..

    • Budvarakbar

      Where have yo been the last two and a half years??? — June 2016 will be at least a year too late — My recommendation would be for all to concentrate on TP candidiates fpr 2014 and if that proves to be as successful as 2010 — for Sarah to announce almost immediately after.  Waiting to the last minute would be insanity.

      I am hoping for a "what needs to be DONE to fix this effed up country ASAP" book to come out after the first of the year — but then again — there have been quite a few good books pointing out the problems —

      The media and probably the GOPe will have to be neutralized

  • arcman46

     I read this article on the original site.  The comments were about 50% for, 50% against.  As I said in another post, if the truth were known; and not the MSM meme about Gov. Palin, not only would she win the social conservative, value voters and evangelicals, but would pull the greater majority of the Ron Paul supporters also.  What I also find funny, in a sad kind of way, is that Sarah Steelman was one of the two TEA party candidates in Missouri.  Akins was supported, and the Democrat Party gave massive amounts of money to get him nominated, because they knew he would be the easiest to beat. Akins, while a social conservative, was never the TEA Party candidate. Murdock was supported by Sarah, was the TEA Party candidate, and lost his election because Dick Luger and his supporters refused to back him after Luger lost.  And in Utah, where I live, Mia Love was defeated because one out of four Republicans backed Matheson, a Democrat who pretends to be moderate.

    • Bill589

      Re:  50% for, 50% against.

      The ones that are for Sarah Palin, tend to know her a lot better. The truth is on her side. We just need to bring reality to light, and Sarah wins. That is a big advantage over her opponents.

    • bucky321

      and we call the dems. the stupid party. i see the repub. party splitting up soon.

      • arcman46

         I thought the Republicans were the "stupid party" and the Democrats were the "evil party"

  • mark1955

    Yes,Yes and Yes again,But,only as the leader and founder of the New Constitution Party,to replace the repub Party. The modern day repub party is Rotten to the core and beyond saving.They are a mirror image of the dem party. They are at the very least 95% Liberals who are fully onboard Obama’s agenda and are only pretending to be Conservative. The repub party is roughly where the ‘Whig’ Party was in 1854,when it was also a mirror image of the dem party and fully onboard the dems agenda and pro-slavery. They were Ripe for replacement,as is the current repub party.

     Many people have short memories and forgot Bushbot’s: John Sununu,Dan Senor and Ginsberg, during the 2012 repub convention, rushing through rules changes,that allowed them to change rules on the fly,during a Primary season as they see fit. Those Rules were specifically designed to Stop Sarah Palin and nominate Jeb Bush. Any talk of any other candidates like Rubio, Jindal, Santorum or Perry is a farce. Especially after the Bush inspired voter fraud we witnessed during the 2012 repub Primaies,to make sure MITTEN’S would be the nominee,so Obama could win and no one would get in Jebbies way.  This is the first time in my life where people would be beyond receptive to a third party…A serious Third Party. Especially after the repubs cave as we know they will to Obama on everything.

    • BaconHotline

      Those rule changes are why we’re going to need a third — conservative — party.  The GOP is beyond hope, and they made that idiotic deal to abide with democrat voter fraud.  There’s no way another Repub could win.

    • Budvarakbar

      Between the rule changes, dissing Sarah and "etch a sketch" rMoney never having any popular support – plus the kid glove treatment the fools gave obie over Bengazi – Fast and Furious, Rice, etc etc etc etc — the election sure appears to have been thrown on purpose.  —

      And of course — no thanks to "rMoney by historic level landslide" dickie boy morris every other night on hannity and / or BOR — was such a great help — my money says that guy is still working for the clintoons

  • Laddie_Blah_Blah

    It’s up to Sarah.  

    She is the rare political figure who does not run for office to satisfy personal ambition.  She answers to a call for public service when she sees the need, as she did in Alaska.  There is certainly a need, and she is the perfect fit.

    But she has also always said that God and her family come first in her life.  At this point, Sarah probably does not know what she will do in 2016.  When Reagan decided to run, he went all in.  Sarah would have to make the same commitment.  If she did, I am convinced she would prevail.

    She will be the most compelling figure on the 2014 campaign trail, and the most influential, just as she was in 2010.  Those in the PPC who have written her off will be marginalized in 2014, yet again. They have failed where she has consistently succeeded.  She will succeed, again, in 2014, and as often as she chooses to enter the arena, she will continue to succeed.

    George Washington did not want to be president.  Not the first time, and even less the second time. Yet, he was the best one we’ve ever had.  He served, reluctantly, because of his willingness to serve at a time when his service was indispensable.

    Sarah is in a similar position, with a similar makeup.  His contemporaries begged Washington to serve, while Sarah would have to fight the entrenched PPC that did not exist in Washington’s time.  I doubt if Washington would have been a candidate if he faced the same challenges that Sarah does today.

    Sarah would have to marry Washington’s noble sense of purpose with Reagan’s gritty determination to fight.  She has both the nobility and the grittiness necessary to do the job.  She is the rarest of public figures.  No wonder she is so feared by her political enemies, and so admired by her supporters.

    She can do it, but will she?

    It’s up to Sarah.

  • sarahhasmyvote


  • bongobear

    It takes a lot of work to run for president in this country and it takes a lot of money.  It also requires a sense of self confidence and a commitment to state what you truly believe ails the country and what you would try to convince the congress to do in order to cure the ailment.  I believe that Sarah Palin has all of the requirements to be a great president if she is willing to run the guantlet that the liberals and ignorant, biased pundits will erect for her.  She has run this guantlet and emerged a better, more capable person for having done so but it had to have taken a tremendous toll on her family.  I hope she decides to endure it all again and run for president…but I would certainly understand if she decided not to.

  • mainelysteve

    I’ve never in my 66 years been active in a political campaign. I will for her!

    • 01_Explorer_01

      Some have been campaigning for the last four years but your candidate must be willing to run.  I will wait for the annoucement first so the same disappoint does not happen this time.

      • bucky321

        i am with you but i will carry if further– i don’t believe she ever run for president with this repub. party,  a party that  that has given up its beliefs and has gone dem. lite.

    • sodakhic

      Mainelysteve, I’m with you. 65 years and never been active politically.Oh how I would love to spend the next four years spreading the Palin position. Doing it for my grandchildren.

  • momprayn

    Agree with those about a run in a Third Party.  Not enough  realize and acknowledge the probable "real" reason for our loss – massive voter fraud due mostly to the corrupt software in the voting machines – Scytl, Sequoia and SOE, the Big Three S’s in vote fraud.. The programs are simply running now casino software making it a payout for the masses in the minority, while the desired party always wins.  Check with those "in the know" about this and you’ll see.   "They" are trying to do everything they can to distract and get us off THAT subject. Why?  Notice anyone talking about it seriously?   Crickets.
    They use the convenient excuses of demographics,  Romney’s campaign, consultants, etc. – everything BUT. 
    Reason for Third Party is b/c if not, it will be the SAME ‘oOL  SAME ‘ol as the last few decades…..GOP does NOT want any Consv., proConstitution person with any authority that can wreck their gravy train via corruption.   They are mostly anti-Constititution, NWO people.  They will NEVER fix the fraud problem b/c of that "Consent" they signed in 1982 to not help prevent it – b/c THEY have been guilty of it also & use it for their benefit.   My theory is in 2010 we caught them  off guard & their software wasn’t perfected – thus we had huge wins b/c of a more "honest" election.   They (Dems) learned their lessons, prepared, perfected their software and in more places  – that plus their old voter ID fraud gave them the win.   Now what do you think 2014, 2016 is going to be like if we don’t expose and fix that????
    The SAME….they will not allow a Consv. be nominated like Sarah via fraud, corrupt GOP people doing all kinds of evil stuff.  They want Jeb Bush or Rubio.  Check out Rubio:, if she ran under corrupt GOP,  she would surely lose via fraud.  They would also fight Consvs. in the Primaries.  If she ran under a totally new, mostly ethical, proConstitution people, we wouldn’t be under the GOP evil rules and games and free to do the necessary things – first off – to stop the flipping of votes in the machines w/corrupt software —- BEFORE the election of 2014.   Even if you don’t think that was it, it’s important enough to make the effort/expense to check into it, no?   As long as we have rigged elections, our Republic is dead.  New party should be the Constitution, Liberty, or Conservative party (anything that has as their platform getting back to the Constitution) b/c….. we DON’T HAVE ONE !!!!!

    • Budvarakbar

      The first couple of sentences of your last paragraph probably partially explain why Sarah bailed the last time.

  • Phyllis A. Shuffler

    Now’s your time Sarah and I (and millions of other) staunch conservatives stand behind you!!

  • Leroy Whitby


  • Patriot41

     A lot of things can and will be happening over these next four years.  Under the current leadership in the White House and the Congress, my bet would be, that not much good is going to come from this govt., for those who believe in free enterprise and a Constitutional, representative government.  I don’t look for the fight for the heart and soul of this nation to subside, but rather, to get much uglier.  In the process, there is going to be a lot of confusion occurring on both sides of the ideological spectrum.  Those who voted for Obama, are going to get a lot of unfortunate surprises.  Those who voted against him, are going to get even angrier.  How both political parties respond, is going to make a big difference, as to who will be able to step forward and get the support of all who are displeased and disappointed.

    The one thing I am sure of, is there is going to have to be some ideological changes on the part of both political parties or this form of govt., is going under.  With the current leadership in the democrat party, I don’t see any chance of any changes, so the change is going to have to happen with the GOP leadership.  By now, that should be very evident to all who understand politics.  The GOP should have experienced a landslide in this last election, instead of the drubbing it got.  Over the last four years, the Obama administration experienced one of the worst records in the history of this nation, yet it prevailed by buying the votes of those who prefer a socialist nation and by outright fraud.  Still, nearly half of the citizens of this nation voted against Obama and therein, lies the hope of saving our Republic.

    Having watched the struggle within the GOP between moderates and conservatives over the last half century, I have little hope that there will be a positive change in the mentality of the GOP establishment leadership.  In all of those years, I have only seen one strong conservative emerge, to lead the party in the direction it needed to go and after his departure, it went right back to it’s own vomit.  Actions speak louder then words and also provides a road map for the party’s future.  It is not the future that will change much of anything or save this Republic.  It is for these very reasons, that I fully support a third party movement and a change in party mentality and ideology.

    If there is a third party movement to emerge, this is the time to make it happen and it needs to begin today.  When the citizens begin to realize what is currently happening and become aware of how bad things are going to get in this nation, they are going to be looking for a viable option to save their country and their way of life.  With a strong conservative leader in place, within an established Constitutional party, they will have a party to turn to and away from, the political mess they now have.  These are the thoughts that should be occupying the minds of conservative leaders such as Sarah Palin and those who have been working with the grassroots movements, that have been taking place in this country over the course of the last seven years.  Even without a controlled leadership, the grassroots movement has already proven it’s viability against the current political system.  Such a movement can be successful with the proper leadership and guidance. 

  • jgrimes

    Pray that Sarah will begin preparing for 2016 race.
    I stand w Sarah Palin….

  • Budvarakbar

    Yeh — bucky has it backwards

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