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Crazy Uncle Joe: There’s ‘Never Been a Day’ He’s Been Proud to be Obama’s VP (Video)

Forget this morning’s disappointing jobs report which shows unemployment heading up to 8% again, the real political advantage for Governor Romney came at the words of VP Joe Biden today.

h/t Twitchy.


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  • socon

    Heck, I’ll cast a vote for Romney just to get rid of this blithering idiot.

    • Guest

      Do it the democrap way…..early and often!!

  • Guest

    What a nincompoop ………….

    bottoms up…lol

    • Guest

      Or….to quote another great American…..

      "What a ninCOWpoop"—-Bugs Bunny

  • NoToTyrants

    Dementia?  He really should have his head examined. 

    Since he is a member of the ruling class and by statute is exempt from Obamacare, he will not be forced to first get the approval of a death panel. 

    The rest of us however, would be given some pain pills and forced to endure end of life counseling.

  • RightMom

    And let us not forget what Uncle Joe said in his debate with Ryan; "I always mean what I say."

  • Guest

    Say it ain’t so, Joe!!!

    You certainly can’t make this SteveSch*idt up, can you!!!

  • Jthom26837

     I love it!!! That Sting of what Sarah Palin did on Greta’s show on August 14. Think of that article ‘Thanks To Gov. Palin, The Democrats Are Stuck With Uncle Joe.’ That stinging feeling of it. She used The Alinsky Tactics 4 & 5, then lovable Joe turned into ‘The Pride And Joy Of The Democratic Party.’  : )

  • Freempg

    politicians like biden never fade away, they leave a permanent stain.

  • OldGuyAZ

    “Don’t get stuck on stupid”………Lt. General Russel Honore, Ret.

    VP Bidden should have listened to this General.

    Another quote from the General……

    “There’s an attitude everywhere else that people are smarter than they are in New Orleans and in Mississippi. They’re not,” the 60-year-old general said at his office at Fort Gillem, just outside Atlanta.

     “What happened in New Orleans could have happened anywhere on the Eastern Seaboard.”

    Stated while directing security after Katrina.  Prophecy?

  • OldPat

    Hey, Joe, ‘See how easy that was.’

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