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Ed Morrissey | Great news: Pelosi to remain as House Democrat Leader

Why not?  After all, she’s only lost two national elections in a row while leading the House Democratic caucus, which includes the largest loss in a midterm in 72 years, followed by the inability to regain the House while a Democratic President won re-election by a comfortable margin.  Why, in another two years, Nancy Pelosi might be able to deliver a veto-proof majority to, er, John Boehner.


Normally, one would have expected a leader to resign in the wake of the historic 2010 rebuke.  After a second disappointment, it’s almost mandatory by Washington etiquette.  If Pelosi isn’t ready to quit, perhaps Democrats should push her out themselves.

Update: According to National Journal, Pelosi won’t face any challenge to her leadership position.  Again.


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