Elizabeth Warren & the Greed of the Rich

Legal Insurrection is always an early stop on my daily round of the blogs.

During the campaign, LI often commented on the Senate race in Massachusetts, with particular attention to Elizabeth Warren’s intellectual and moral slovenliness. This continues today with an account of an episode in 2009, which quotes at length from a letter to a local paper entitled Warren didn’t stand up for low-income Harvard employees

The financial crisis had reduced Harvard University’s status to a mere filthy rich instead of obscenely wealthy, so it was looking for ways to cut costs. It decided to sack several hundred low wage staffers. Some members of the Harvard Law community circulated a petition calling for high-earning faculty and administrators to take a bit of a haircut to preserve these jobs.

Warren did not support this effort, even though she and her husband made over $1 million a year, mostly from Harvard. In general, the response was tepid, and more than 275 people were  fired or forced out. As the letter’s writer says:

Harvard professors, ever fond of inveighing against “corporate greed” and voicing slogans like “shared sacrifice,” suffered no inconvenience.

Warren now vows to go to Washington to fight for the middle class. But, like so many academics, she is more adept at feathering her own nest than truly helping Americans in need.

When you review LI’s series of posts on Warren and her history, you realize that she is not a person that you want to have power over you. She seems to be one of those people who believes that whatever they think must be true simply because they believe it. Evidence and analysis are irrelevant. Her scholarship is shoddy, and she is not only self-centered but self-righteous.

The voters of Massachusetts, who seem to value these characteristics, have chosen her, and that was their privilege. Unfortunately, the structure of the Senate now gives her substantial power over those of us who prefer that our rulers have considerably more moral and intellectual heft.

Yet this person is adored by the same Leftists who regularly trash Sarah Palin, a person of undeniable moral and intellectual heft. The times are indeed out of joint.

This weird double standard deserves continuing attention. Legal Insurrection will do its part by creating a special website, The Elizabeth Warren File,  which "will be a central repository for links to the massive amount of research done by a variety of people during this campaign, including the team led by Cherokee genealogist Twila Barnes, Michael Patrick Leahy, and others.  Of course, it also will link to the posts at Legal Insurrection about Warren."

So add LI to your list of blogs — it is a continuing source of wisdom and entertainment.


P.S. Yes, I confess to being a Harvard Law graduate, but don’t spread it around. The last time they called me to ask for money, I said: "Why? Does Elizabeth Warren want a raise?"  Since then, I seem to have dropped off the call list.


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