Erin McPike | Next Democrat Star: Beau Biden

“The sky’s the limit for him,” said Matt Miller, a former spokesman for both the Justice Department and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. “Whether it’s the next open Senate seat or governor, he has all the talent and has earned the goodwill to run for whatever he wants."

Miller also speculated that Biden would be considered for a Cabinet position in the Obama administration “if it wasn’t for his dad being VP.” A major in the Army National Guard, Biden is also an attorney who received his law degree from Syracuse University after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania. He spent five years working for the Justice Department, ending that part of his career as a federal prosecutor. He entered private practice for two years before being elected Delaware’s attorney general, a role that has earned him praise for his handling of several high-profile cases.

In national politics, he also shines. Biden took to the spin room after the vice presidential debate in mid-October and defended his father’s demeanor. (Joe Biden’s laughter and expressions of incredulity were criticized by some as excessive and disrespectful; Beau Biden said he liked seeing him smile.) He’s gone before TV cameras frequently in the past few months, offering a vibrant defense of the Obama administration. And he’s given well-received speeches at the past two Democratic conventions.


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