Evan Sayet: Why the Left Hates Sarah Palin

Evan Sayet is a writer/comedian in Los Angeles.  Recently, while writing, he had a predictable run-in with a Democrat who shared her opinions (without any specifics to back them up) on Governor Palin:

It just happened again.

I spend a fair amount of time at my local coffee shop.  I like to do my writing outside and, besides, it gives me an opportunity to try and initiate political conversations with the people who pass by — my hope always being to begin to enlighten them as to what conservatives really believe (and not just what the leftist media tells them.)

Today, the conversation turned to Sarah Palin and my latest acquaintance blurted out: “Oh I hate her.”  Since she did not yet know my politics, and since we were in Los Angeles, it is clear that she expected to hear back what you usually hear back in this city: “Yeah, I hate her, too.”  Instead, I asked her why.

At this point I could have predicted her response because it’s the same response you get from liberals no matter who on the Right you’re talking about: “Because she’s stupid.”  I replied: “Being stupid is no reason to hate someone, but tell me, which one of her policies do you disagree with?”  It wasn’t hard to predict her response: “All of them!”

I continued to push.  “Well, then, if it’s all of them, it should be easy for you to name one.”  Her reply?  “They’re too many to list.”

“So don’t list them, just give me one,” I said.

This went on for awhile until my new acquaintance finally admitted that she didn’t know any of Ms. Palin’s policies.  Before she ran off – Democrats always run off when asked to provide facts to justify their hatred for Republicans – I looked her in the eyes and said, “If you don’t know any of her policies, perhaps you should look into them.”  She promised she would.  She won’t.  If there are two things you can count on with Democrats, they are filled with hate and empty of facts.

But it got me to thinking.  Given that these people don’t know any of Ms. Palin’s political positions, what is it about her that they hate?  It has to be her life story.  Now, to all decent people, Ms. Palin’s life story could not be more laudable.  She married her high school sweetheart to whom she remains married and with whom she is apparently still in love.  In the harshest of climes, she and Todd started a small business which, apparently, they ran well enough to purchase a home and raise a family.  Despite the long hours required to run a family business and raise children, when Ms. Palin saw that the public schools were not doing a good job in educating her children, she joined the local PTA and was so effective there that the people who knew her best – and in small towns like Wasilla there are very few secrets – elected her to be their mayor.

Apparently, Ms. Palin was so effective in that job that the mayors of the other small towns and big cities elected her president of the Alaska Conference of Mayors.  After a highly successful stint as chairman of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, she ran an uphill battle against an entrenched Republican governor and was elected to the top position, Governor, of the largest state in the nation.  She did that job so well that her approval ratings – despite having ruffled the feathers of the leading political family in Alaska – bordered on 80 percent.

As Ms. Palin’s political horizons continued to grow, she found out she was pregnant with her fourth fifth child, a baby with Downs Syndrome.  Despite knowing in advance that this child would require even more attention and care than other kids, Ms. Palin opted to give her child – Trig – life.

So, given that those who hate – hate!!! – Ms. Palin know nothing more than these facts about her, what is it about Ms. Palin’s life story that generates this blind loathing?  The answer is that, at every turn, Ms. Palin’s story debunks the myths of victimization and self-centeredness that is at the heart of the modern liberal ideology.

First, Ms. Palin is married with children.  The Democrat Party’s treasured storyline is that women with children – especially those who take care of them themselves – are oppressed, victimized and doomed to a life without personal fulfillment.  Ms. Palin’s life proves them wrong and the Democrats hate her for this.  If Ms. Palin were a Democrat she would have offed the last child before he was born so that she could have more “me” time to pursue her own wants and pleasures.  There is clearly something very “wrong” with this woman who allowed her “special needs” child to live.  They hate her for that.

There is so much more to the article here.

He’s right.  Governor Palin is disliked by folks who don’t know her.  They don’t know her positions, they are unaware of her qualifications.  Yet, as described before, when people get to know her, they always have a slight change of heart.

Now that Mitt Romney has lost, I truly hope more people begin to come forward and get know Governor Palin’s amazing resolve and her impressive record.  We need reformers leading our party in the coming years especially with an establishment working against us now that they are wearing egg on their face.


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  • http://teamsarah.ning.com/profile/HymanRoth Hyman Roth

    How about a blog on "Why the Republican Party Hates Sarah Palin"?  Seems to me it’s the more important subject.


      How about this instead….
      Starting a new political party with Palin leading the way.

    • dmac8889

      The opening page of that book should be September 15th 2008.  McCain/Palin leading in the Gallup Poll watch Hank Paulson (Bush’s Treasury Secretary) take down Lehman Brothers, followed by the Stock Market crash and then Paulson goes to Congress to force TARP upon the American Public, which guarantees McCain/Palin’s defeat.

    • slhancock

      I agree with you!  In fact, in light of revelations in the past few days that the GOP made a pact with the democrats in 1981 to never challenge voter fraud, I see no way for the republican party to go on.  How can it win when the democrats have no conscience and are willing to commit fraud to win and the republicans (and I feel that one side does need to keep virtue as an honor) will not commit fraud?  To get out of this pact, we must go on as a new party.  Besides, the party elites will not share power with the newly elected tea party candidates, trying to force them to fall into the back of the line and shut up.  ("We’ll let you know when we need you!")  I am sick to death of the republicans now, but the libertarians are not my cup of tea, either.  When push comes to shove, they are worthless to our cause.  They refuse to support pro-life, pro-family, small government, even as they claim otherwise.  They are basically spoilers.   The republicans who are in the top positions really have lost their way and are looking for ways to hold onto power.  We should start a new party that holds to term limits, small government, virtue and the founders’ wisdom.  Governor Palin meets all these qualifications to take the party to victory.  

      PS.  When speaking of virtue, I feel that should one (elected official) find themselves in a compromised situation, such as the kind we’ve heard about non-stop now for several days, they should resign or be asked to step down. Virtue is virtue.  One leads by being virtuous.  Our society is decaying rapidly and should we NOT return to virtuous living as a people, we will cease to exist as America. Ronald Reagan was SO right about this.  As the leaders of a country go, so do its people, as amply illustrated in Biblical as well as secular history.  

      If we cannot reform and take back the things the republicans have GIVEN away to the democrats, then we MUST form a new party to represent conservatives voters all across the country. If conservatives are still the largest voting block, then I feel we need to do it now to shore up those people and their trust.  We CANNOT wait until after 2014 mid-term elections, as it will be too late to attract the voting block needed. 4 years gives us time to build a platform, find ways to reach out to conservative voters in all parties.

    • PAWatcher

      Hyman my friend and fellow conservative please listen to why the words "Hates Sarah Palin" should never ever be words written or spoken of Sarah in any context. The left and GOPe will never ever see any of your other words or get your meaning……..all they’ll see is the hate, and feed their talking points.
      We have to eliminate all these words in the same sentences as Sarah’s name.  Time for US to lead the Narrative with only the truth about Sarah, never to use any of their offensive  narrative on Sarah to start a conversation or comment. Like the author of this article, paragraphs of negatives before any positives. The left would never read that far.

      Example; When the out of touch, stuffy, corrupt  Republican Party elites realize Sarah Palin is a leader, the most quailified and best asset to the Party, she and millions of her fellow conservatives will be the loudest voice in 2016,….. they will be in the minority and powerless. 
      Thanks Hyman, I got your point because I agree with you, but We have to start with positives and end with positives when it comes to conservatism and Sarah. 

  • HuntingMoose


    Same here, this is the 101 on how to fielddress a deranged liberal who is stuck in lies


    People who actually meet her face to face come away with positive things to say.

    The interviewer here is pretty snarky, but I’ll never forget this…."the most confident person I’ve ever met"

    It makes that terrible scene in Game Change, where Palin is in a fetal position on the floor having a breakdown, ludicrous. 

    • IndieDogg

       How right you are. Sarah Palin hasn’t been in a fetal position since she was in the womb.

      And anybody who actually DOES know her, knows that. Most of her time is spent up on her hind legs, growling back those who want to "fundamentally transform" her beloved nation.

    • PalinIsGodsGift2USA

      All they have are lies.

      SARAH 2016

  • lyndaaquarius

    Evan Sayet is a very smart guy. He really seems to understand what motivates the Left.  Another thing about the Left’s hatred for Governor Palin, the smart ones instantly recognized her powerful political charisma. They know that if given power Palin will thwart and stymie their agenda. She will certainly impede their authoritarian ,progressive rule. A huge, huge threat .She will, if given half a chance,enact "sudden and relentless reform". Her pathway to power appears more and more likely to me.

    • MaMcGriz

       I agree. It’s like you said elsewhere’ "millions of Americans would love her to be our Commander in Chief. This
      is one smart,capable and fearless leader with impeccable integrity."

      Credibility intact, beholden to none, she’s what America wants and needs.


      • PalinIsGodsGift2USA

        You betcha!!! SARAH 2016

      • lyndaaquarius


    • PalinIsGodsGift2USA

      You know it. SARAH 2016

      • carolyn50

         just read where rubio sat a record fund raising in iowa.  hope the gope does not push him on us.  sure wish they would open their eyes and see who the real conservative is.

        • Exgunman

          they already know who the real conservative is, that is why they hate/fight her…………………..

  • blueniner

    When I am on other blogs the hateful trolls resort to name calling, and clothes, makeup and the lies of Creepy Joe McGuiness’ fictious book of hate. It is fed by The spiteful, Media (fecal) Matters crowd, Huff-Po, PalinGates. They never debate on the issues.

  • indemind

    Thank you Mr Sayet for this Wonderful Article….  Here is my answer to there Hate…

    These people don’t hate Sarah Palin because of the lies,…the lies exist to justify the hate.

    SarahAmerica- "We are in a political culture of universal deceit."

  • ProudAmerican247

    Liberals love to hate. It’s FUN to them because they’re IMMATURE.

    Anyone who is happy, got it together, and has a different ideology than theirs, draws their IRE.

    They all seem to have a chip on their shoulder, a grudge or two and THRIVE ON CHAOS—> (a liberal relative of mine admitted this.)

    THERE’S NO CURE for changing their way of thinking, so we have to DEFEAT THEM in the arena of ideas.

  • friskyness

    Great article and well said……..problem is the American voter believes the liberal media….if they didn’t…….Obama would not have a second term……………..my dream would be for Palin to become president in 2016 and destroy everything Obama has done to this country……..what revenge that would be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • lanahi

      How many of the possible voters in the US actually voted?
      Of those who voted, only about half voted for Obama, supposedly.
      How many of those were fraudulent?

      The American people didn’t exactly give Obama a mandate to govern, even with the media pushing it.

      • MarkRNY

        This is key! This is a weakened president! It was a pyrich victory against a pathetic opponent. He can be tied in knots for 4 years if we had leadership in the House–or if The People forced the "Leadership’s" hands. Good, conservative governors can take this head case on too and make a tremendous difference.

        Imo, both sides lost but the GOPe lost worse. Time to take it out of their hands.

  • Laddie_Blah_Blah

    The opportunity is there, once again, for the guv to act.  

    It looks as if, at long last, the GOPe, the Bushes, Rove, Gillespie, et. al., have finally managed to completely discredit themselves.  The Romney campaign was a template for political failure, as was McCain’s.  Those guys tried playing patty-cake with a Chicago Alinsky-style street fighter and got creamed.  

    They wrote off and ignored large segments of the electorate.  With the significant exception of the first Romney debate performance, they failed to make the case for conservatism, and Romney shot into the lead when he did.  The GOPe forfeited one of the most important weapons in their political arsenal by backing the guy who invented Obamacare.  They lost many blue collar Reagan Dems when they tried to foist off a Wall St. vulture capitalist on the victims of a down-sized, lackluster economy.  They gained a stalemate with the largest voting demographic, women, after the first debate, and then lost it by allowing the Dems to falsify and frame the debate, without formulating an effective conservative counter-argument.

    They took their grass roots base for granted, and millions of them stayed home rather than vote for another crony capitalist plutocrat with no core convictions and little backbone for risking a campaign based on principle.  They allowed themselves to be led by calculating cynics whose main tactics were defined by positioning, posturing and pandering to focus groups, rather than making the case for a change, or articulating a comprehensive vision for the future.  Romney ran as a corporate technocrat when the people wanted a national leader.

    Sarah Palin is a leader who inspires, who is unafraid to make the case, who "writes off" no one and no group, who appeals to common sense and reason, and who has a record of success and accomplishment second to none.  She is motivated by a sense of public purpose and the general public good, not animated by a  calculus of positioning, posturing and pandering to narrow special interests.  

    The people know a phony when they see one, and they know the real thing.  Not a difficult task, really.. When there are so many phonies and pretenders, the real thing stands out like an oak among the underbrush (or the under Bushes).

    • PalinIsGodsGift2USA

      Lady, very sound analysis. You hit the nail on the head.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GNTC646T64CYO54I4SDUMDT3EM otto

    It is the desire to look smart when you are just repeating gossip, and mostly laziness that drives people to say and do things that have usually been fed to them by others. Like Television. 
    For example my son said the music from the 80’s sucked. And i said why, i don’t agree. They had a lot of  good music. And he began to think,and after some thought he said yeah i guess your right. He had been fed this line of crap from some television show,and just babbled it back verbatim. People hear the denigration of Sarah on T.V. ,radio, magazines,  Newspapers..and they naturally,wanting to appear clever, continue the chain of misinformation. Mostly because they are to lazy to find out the facts. Let’s face it no one has time to fact check every thing life throws at you.

    We live in a 4 second shot ,lazy society ,who is to busy seeing what’s trending on Yahoo to worry about truth. And they play these people like fiddles. All done with a smile on their face.
    Those are mainly the people men like Obama count on to get elected. (There are plenty of Republicans who do it also).

    At the root of most deceit is always the love of money. Don’t let them fool you about it.

    I always get comments when i wear my Sarah Palin t-shirt. At the bottom of it all is the brainwashing of the world. Not just in political ideas but also in every 30 second commercial for the latest and most improved product that comes along. They know what they are doing ,and they nudge you with so much ease ,you don’t even know they are doing it. Sometimes it’s not even words ,only a photo.

    "Beware of false prophets which come to you in sheep’s clothing. But inwardly they are ravenous wolves."

  • freeperjim

    Evan Sayet captures the core of leftism – it "emotes feelings" and ignores the reality that the results of leftism ALWAYS fails economically and morally.

    Conservatives, OTOH, base their decisions on intellect and recognizing what concepts that history and common sense teaches us succeeds in Realville.

  • PalinIsGodsGift2USA

    This great article shows we have our work cut out for us – we must educate America. But I think we are up to it. But we must have the leader who is best able to articulate Common Sense Constitutional Conservstism, is totally fearless and who can best rally the base. We all know the answer is obvious. SARAH PALIN 2016

  • SusaninSC

    As a Democrat, I still know that Ms. Palin had a pretty good record in Alaska.  Politics are politics but I’ve always thought that Ms. Palin is far more pragmatic than, say, a Santorum or Bachmann. There was nothing dogmatic about Sarah Palin as Gov.. Apparently she was Gov. of the entire state of Alaska, not just those who shared her political and moral views. Funny thing about those released emails; they did show a hard working Governor. And that is my honesty for this morning.

    • sarahhasmyvote

      Looks like you are at least willing to touch the surface in educating yourself. But your "politics are politics" comment tells me you would still perhaps vote the party, rather than the candidate. 

      I think that is a sad position for an American to take. Sarah would have been an awesome choice for We The People.

    • Guest

      Just out of curiousity…..hypothetically speaking….if there was an election between Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton…..who would YOU vote for?  Palin or Clinton?

      • http://twitter.com/enbreb Elwanda Burrell


        • Guest

          I would have guessed that one, EB.  But I’m curious as to how this self-described democrat would vote if given the opportunity. 

  • sarahhasmyvote

    Some Leftists told me recently that the Benghazi incident would all go away in 3 months and that Watergate was much worse than this incident. 
    I still feel the shock of hearing that sort of brain washed mentality. How can this be the thought of college educated citizens in this day and age of information availability? How can this be.
    What new horrors await when obama and his band of propagandists can instill this thinking?

  • Patriot41

    Great article by Evan and so very true about the liberal mindset.  Unfortunately, I have met many republicans who are supposedly conservative, that qualify right along with this liberal mindset.  While I can understand the liberal crowd thinking about and fear Sarah as they do, I cannot understand anyone who claims to be conservative or a member of the GOP, hating Sarah in the same fashion.  The only way this could happen, is as a result of the criticism of Sarah, that comes from the GOPe.  I doubt seriously that the leadership of the GOP will ever change and that is why I believe that Sarah needs to lead a new party movement. 

  • Dumbplumber

    Roth is right.  If the RINO establishement is against her, well then you’re going to have a real uphill battle with the Left.  As I see it, America has lost its ability to heal its wounds and shortcomings with elections.  Been there, done that.  I would like one, just one, political pundit to show me a way going forward that doesn’t include violence as a solution.  The education, common sense and election’s train has left the station.  And that doesn’t leave very much else as a solution.


    Yep, I just love to mention Sarah Palin in kind of an off-hand fashion to people & it’s exactly like that , " Oh I just hate her ! " —- Then I have this feigned look of surprise as I say, " Why ? —- What has she done to you ? "  —– Then " She’s just so stupid, that’s all — she should go back to Alaska ! "
    " Really, & how do you know she’s stupid ? " —– " Oh she doesn’t even read magazines ! "
    " M-m-m, ok, so you’re telling me that you think someone who was the Governor of a state & the Vice-Presidential Nominee is so stupid that she can’t even read ? "
    And of course at this point they are feeling a bit uncomfortable, & also trapped I imagine.
    It’s like the sign my Geography teacher had in her classroom " Why be thought a fool & remain silent, when you can open your mouth & remove all doubt "

  • DocBarry1

    Fabulous post – Thank you

    Gov Palin is the one political figure that has walked the talk, walked the walk and excelled in so many arenas. I admire her so much.  I just hope that the attacks have not been effective in changing her mind to remain in the political system and to run for the Presidency. If she loses, so be it – but let it be on her terms

    Again, thanks to Evan Sayet for writing this article

    May God continue to bless the Governor and her family!!!!

  • Jon Kelly

    The problem is not that leftist Democrats hate Governor Palin- that’s their job’


    The Establishment must understand that a political party must stand for something or it has no legitimate reason to exist. THE DAYS OF COMPROMISING EVERYTHING ARE OVER. If they don’t want us – we don’t need them. Remember, we have (1) a Leader, (2) over 100 members  of Congress and at least 1000 local elected leaders across all who adhere to the Tea Party and it principles. A PRETTY DARN GOOD START.

  • Lemuel Vargas

    Well, methink they are positioning Jebbie to become the presidential contender on 2016 because they must know that by 2016, the democratic party brand should have been seriously damaged if (and this is a big IF) Obama has not succeeded in  defeating Amendment 22..

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