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Former Palin Critic Admits He Was Wrong

Everyone is wrong now and then, but not many people are willing to admit it–not to themselves, and certainly not to the public. However, in a letter to the editor of the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman, someone did just that. Charles Fredericks, who has openly criticized Governor Palin in the past, has admitted that she had incredible insight even in 2008 into the road down which President Obama was about to take America. "I was wrong, and I admit it," he declares.

Back in 2008, right at the peak of the McCain/Palin, Obama/Biden presidential election, I wrote a scathing opinion to the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman about Sarah Palin (titled “Caribou Barbie”), and five years later, I would like to recant my opinion and tell the people of the Mat-Su Valley just how wrong I was at the time.

The Frontiersman published the opinion and it drew a lot of comments, mostly negative, and here we are almost five years later, and I want to pass on what I have learned.

Let me elaborate. Regardless of the politics involved and what you may think now, Sarah Palin did one thing that we shouldn’t forget. Put aside all other actions, failures, controversy and animosity for just a second about Palin and consider this: she warned us about Barack Obama.

She stood up and said clearly, openly and without reservation just exactly what Obama would do and how he would do it. She said that he had socialistic — if not Marxist — views, that wealth would be taken away and redistributed and that he would create a new economic dependent class. Not to mention a power grab in the justice department and what appears to be complete control over all government functions, regardless of opposing dissent.

And here we are in Obama’s second term, and who could argue now that Sarah didn’t have it right all along?


Yes, Sarah warned us, and some listened. I don’t agree with her all the time, but what is intriguing is that she somehow knew. How, I ask? Not sure, but she knew, and that is fact. Maybe I should have listened.

Read the full article here.

This isn’t, of course, the first time someone has come to see that Governor Palin was right when some so desperately wanted her to be wrong. From predicting inflation to foreseeing "death panels," the Governor seems to be a step ahead of many much of the time. Props to Mr. Fredericks for acknowledging as much. He may not be fully converted to Governor Palin’s side, but that is precisely what makes his letter so powerful. Unlike some, he hasn’t let the differences of opinion blind him from seeing the truth that’s staring him right in his face, and he hasn’t let pride silence him from acknowledging it.

(h/t Thomas Schmitz)

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  • AngelaTX


    • Gelston


      • wodiej


        • CharterOakie

          ZONK !

          • socon

             This reminds me of that old Batman show with Adam West!

            • CharterOakie

              Yes indeed!

  • $26225604

    this guy acts like palin had some special crystal ball. what palin was warning is common sense to those of us who know anything about liberals and history. thats what cracks me up

    • socon

       We saw it, why didn’t he?  He’s a herd-thinker.

    • Laddie_Blah_Blah

      Exactly right.  The media knew all about Alinsky, Rezko, Wright, Khalidi, Ayers, Dohrn, ACORN, Frank Davis, ad nauseum, but covered for the crypto-fascist, and still do.  Anyone with half a brain could see what was coming.

      • wodiej

        Agreed.  Apology was half hearted IMO.

        • Adrienne Ross

          Since we don’t know his heart, we really don’t know that. Regardless, it was worth noting.

          • socon

            You’re very kind, Adrienne.  It’s a beautiful quality and I pray for more of it in myself everyday.  lol

      • Freempg

        Add murder to the ad nauseum:

        “At Trinity, if you even hint at talking about Obama being gay, you are reminded of our dear departed choir director,” she said. “He was killed, and it wasn’t a robbery. The Christmas presents weren’t touched. The TV was not taken, nothing in the apartment was missing.”

        Carolyn’s reference was to Donald Young, the 47-year-old homosexual choirmaster at Trinity who died of multiple gunshot wounds in his Chicago apartment Dec. 24, 2007.

        Young’s murder was preceded Nov. 17, 2007, with the execution-style murder of 25-year-old Larry Bland, another black gay member of Trinity United. He also was murdered in his home, dying of multiple gunshot wounds, according to his death certificate.

        Just two days after the murder of Young, a third openly “gay” member of Wright’s church, Nate Spencer, reportedly died of septicemia, pneumonia and AIDS.


        • wandrako

          His activities at the club Rev. Wright set up at Trinity and the bath houses in Chicago are becoming fairly well known.  You find references on many blogs where you don’t expect to see them.

      • wandrako

        And they were still there for him after he wrecked the country.  They will be for him during the present negotiations as well.

  • Isabel Matos

    I loved this article because everyone deserves a second chance, and in this case, it is was to set the record straight and admit you were wrong. That takes courage and intellectual honesty (even though for all of us it is inconceivable that people would think she was ever wrong about Obama).

    Sarah will win her detractors over little by little.   Soon it will be evident to many that she was right about a LOT of things, not just OBama.

    • bejocy

      ….it’s pretty hard to put the ring back in the bell, though….

  • MarkRNY

    "Regardless of the politics involved and what you may think now, Sarah Palin did one thing that we shouldn’t forget. Put aside all other actions, failures, controversy and animosity for just a second about Palin and consider this: she warned us about Barack Obama."

    Lol–hey Charles, if she was right about this, what the hell else that matters was she wrong about?? Being right about this was kind of the whole shebang there, wasn’t it? She was also right about how to take him down. Ask Moderate Mitten. And what "failures"?? 

    "Unlike some, he hasn’t let the differences of opinion blind him from seeing the truth that’s staring him right in his face, and he hasn’t let pride silence him from acknowledging it."–

    You’re right Ms Adrienne. I’m just not in a forgiving mood yet. Give Fredericks one gold star…what "failures" though??–Alright! I’ll let it alone!

    • socon

      I’m not feeling real forgiving either.  A day late and a dollar short, and our country is in a real mess.

      • MarkRNY

        Well, for Charles here, this was like a Road to Damascus moment…kind of. He’ll have a tough time at his next cocktail party. No free white wine spritzers…or Granmanier and creams…or whatever it is they drink.

      • mark1955

        Agree 100%.

      • Budvarakbar

        More like 5 years late and several trillon dollars short — where has this meathead been anyway?

      • bejocy

        …you mean 16 trillion dollars short….

        • socon

           Thanks, Captain Obvious.

          • bejocy

            You’re welcome

    • indemind


      • MarkRNY

        You sound like Dean Martin there Inde! (lol)

        How the hel…heck are you?! (no cursing on Ms Adrienne’s post. Detention City).

        • indemind

           Old Dean, no wonder, I have an urge for a Cocktail….hehehe

          How you doooing?

          • MarkRNY

            Or to slide down a fire poll like on his show–that I saw on the DVD!

            Still getting back to "normal" here after the storm (Sandy, not the election catastrophe).

            Hope you’re well! Where’s Sir Brianus btw?? 

        • Adrienne Ross


    • Adrienne Ross

      I was thinking the same thing as you about the so-called "failures." I’m like, "What?!" But in any case, he got this part right.

      • MarkRNY

        I agree. I’m just still in "take a hike" mode with these people.

        Your Ava-whatsit’s gone too!…it’s a conspiracy….

        • Adrienne Ross

          Hmmm…I didn’t realize it was gone. I don’t know where it went. Thanks.

          * It’s back! :)

          * Gone again! I have no idea what’s going on in avatar land.

    • lyndaaquarius

      Exactly….. what"failures"?   specifically, what are Sarah Palin’s failures?  And when has she been wrong? The coming,huge failures of the Obama administration   will pave the way for the "sudden and relentless" reforms of Sarah Palin’s presidency . A cold blast from the North is heading our way. We’ll see in retrospect the perfect timing of it all.

  • indemind

    Thanks Adrienne…. Super article… Love it when they Man-Up, and they don’t mind eating some Crow…

    SarahAmerica- The Real Deal          

    • derised1


  • Lemuel Vargas

    Well. too late now, isnt it, Charles? You just have to live by the consequences of your decision now. Karma is a biach, you know.

    • derised1

      Bwa ha ha!  ;) 

  • Guest

     lol……..who’s next karl rove??   …who cares. 

    luv the gov.

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    It is amazing the truths one can speak when unshackled and speaking from their soul. Charles would be wise to follow the course she continues to set regarding the Media execs. Who owns them and why? She has been screaming it from the roof tops from day one. There is little hope until they are exposed and defeated. Programming the population of non critical thinkers with lies is critical. She knows this too.

    • dmac8889

      AND this is why I love her.   The words you define are our deepest problem.

  • Shane Ladd

    Liberals don’t care about right or wrong, truth or lies. Those are moral & ethical issues which atheism & moral relativism abjure. Political correctness is all that matters to all liberals & most journalists, and Gov. Sarah Palin does not embrace PC platitudes & cliches Therefore, she is scorned & ridiculed. At least Mr. Fredericks admitted his errors.

    • ZH100

       "Liberals don’t care about right or wrong, truth or lies"

      Its not only liberals; Gov.Pain has also been smeared and vilified by the right and so-called conservatives.

      I think it is not about right or left , but about character. It is about common decency.

      • dmac8889

        ZH100,    Here!  Here!  This is where the truth lies:  Character!

  • wodiej

    Good that he admitted he was wrong about ONE thing but that makes him no saint in my book.  People need to be objective when discussing differences and stop the arrogance of thinking if they think they are right, then everyone else can just go to hell. A lot of that going on, even here on this blog.

    • Adrienne Ross

      Well okay.

    • dmac8889

      Afraid of being little Self-Righteous.  Try it, it may get you off the Moderate Mantel you cling to.

  • sarahhasmyvote

    Charles, I hope your realization translates into solid support of her message, say….to SarahPAC. Maybe now you can see that Sarah has been serving our Country all along, and is NOT a quitter. She is doing her best to wake America up. 
    Have you picked up a copy of The Undefeated yet? Continue on with your education…….. 

  • Par4Course

    While I credit Gov. Palin with speaking out clearly against Obama, I don’t think Barry tried to hide his intentions of "fundamentally transforming" America into a social welfare/socialist state.  Sarah Palin should be credited for consistently opposing BHO’s efforts.

    • dmac8889

      Right, Above I missed the most obvious words Obama used to tell us what he would do  "Transform America".   Hello!   There is no excuse for a Mr. Frederick.  They can’t get past their own snobbery.

  • Quiet_Righty

    Ahh, so Fredericks is the jerk who coined the epithet "Caribou Barbie"? We can be magnanimous to those who admit they’re wrong. But in his case, I hope he loses his health care.

    • Budvarakbar

      death panel in the future

  • bongobear

    Well shut my mouth!  You could knock me over with a feather.

  • sarahhasmyvote

    Here’s one investment mr.obama banked on and got paid back with interest on November 6th. One of many Sarah’s warnings that were ignored while the haters were/are doing their thing.

    Saw this over on essex&orange’s site first….

  • ZH100

    " Props to Mr. Fredericks for acknowledging as much"


  • Patriot41

    I have a strong feeling that there are going to be a lot more Fredericks coming to the same realization over the next fours years.  People need to pull their heads out of the sand and face reality, before they smother to death in the socialist created sands of deception.

  • jgrimes

    Thanks Andrienne for posting this. It’s encouraging when a liberal sees the TRUTH. Governor Palin saw it and so did we. The only thing one had to do was read Obama"s book the "Audacity of Hope" that showed his frame of thinking, not to mention community organizer, few days as a Senator and how he got there and associating w a church 20 years that preaches HATE. Also, lots of unknown issues that has been covered by his lawyers.
    I stand w Sarah Palin…

    • cheers2all


      There was plenty historical evidence for anyone interested about who he was, but nobody wanted to touch the 1st potential black President, and Democrat to boot. Not even McCain, his campaign and the GOP establishment.

      After 4 years of Obama, the situation hasn’t changed at all. It has actually gotten worse, because Obama has become UNTOUCHABLE!

      The Left protects him no matter how illegal his actions are, and the GOP is so weak and afraid of how they will be portrayed in the MSM, to the point of being completely irrelevant.

  • HuntingMoose

        2 + 2 = 5

    That is  the mathematical equivelance of the lies told by Obama since 2008 and too many people did not do the math and believed him.

    Sarah has been since 2008 the teacher who points out that no, sorry, it is 4 .

    Took Charles Fredericks to finally see the light that it is indeed 4 and teacher Sarah was right.

    1 down. 150.000.000 people to go

  • patnatasha

    well at least he was willing to admit that he wrong.

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