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Governor Palin Goes ‘On The Record’ (VIDEO)

Tonight Governor Palin appeared with Greta and discussed the importance of faith and the votes of faith-based citizens.

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  • HuntingMoose

    Did she nail it with what the most ignored voter bloc will do tomorrow..

    The democratic party abondoned G-d at their convention. But evangelicals will vote to keep, preserve, reaffirm and honor.

    Luv the Guv., my president.


    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Amen, HM!!

      She is MY PRESIDENT too!!!

      obama is no "president" at all;

      Romney will be a mere place-holder for Sarah if he wins!

      • HuntingMoose

        I don’t think Romney will be a mere place-holder.

        After seeing a bit more of him, I have good hopes that he will do good and will help steer things in the right direction. The first time I realized this may be a possibility (although I had big difficulty with it) was when Rush mentioned he had a secret meeting with him and had convinced Rush that Romney’s driving force was his love for the country and to preserve it.

        Sarah did the right thing last October by not participating this time. She helped vet the candidates which as it turns out has greatly helped Romney since nothing of the attacks did stick with him.

        Sarah has been very effective from the sideline and would she have been in the race and gotten the nomination, after seeing the evil and lies of Obama and propagated by the media, I don’t think her chances of removing Obama would have been better.

        Sarah is my president and her 8 years in office will come.

        • BrianusBerkleianus

          Thanks, HM.

          He can still be considered a place-holder, IMV, if he INITIATES a process that Sarah will complete.

          We are totally agreed on this: Her eight years will come!!!

          God bless!

          • HuntingMoose

            it is not an either/or.

            think of them complementary –for now—. They both have the best for country in mind and will do whatever they can do the best in their way.

            You need a leader and you need a manager. One can be both but two can handle more.

            Romney is the manager but Sarah is the leader.

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    Greetings again, Everyone!

    Below are the remarks that I posted earlier on her interview with Greta. I have ADDED some FURTHER observations below the initial ones.


    Sarah on Greta:

    She looked so bright and ebullient and confident!!

    Re the Evangelical vote: After what the DNC did this summer "trying to boot God out of their written platform," she thinks these voters may come out and vote in good numbers.

    Christian voters are tolerant, in contrast to the picture of them painted by the Left.

    The LSM would like to IGNORE the Faith-based community, those who see the DIMINISHED RELIGIOUS FREEDOM under obama.

    The LSM wants to pretend that they don’t exist, or that they are all WHITE–in fact, it is a diverse group, and she gives examples.

    Hispanics should feel welcome in the GOP: They are pro-family, pro-life, and desire economic opportunities.

    Re Republican strategy in relation to Hispanics, she humorously disavows knowledge of what the GOP "hierarchy" does!

    She still hasn’t had a chance to take a deep breath and look back at 2008 (my remark–because she has been fighting so hard during the CRISIS created by obama’s "election"!)

    She cites 2 Chronicles, 7, 14 (if I got that right)–If my people will humble themselves, etc., I WILL HEAL THEIR LAND.

    This was another scintillating interview by the Governor.

    I shall have more on it later on tonight or early tomorrow.

    God bless, All!!



    When she was speaking about the pro-life views of so many Hispanics, she said, "A child is the most wonderful ingredient in this sometimes mixed-up world that we are in today."

    I cannot prove it, but I strongly suspect that she was thinking of her precious TRIG as she pronounced these words. This issue is not a matter of mere DRY DOCTRINE for the Governor (no insult intended to doctrine, of course!), but a living and precious and flesh-and-blood reality for her!!!!

    Re the last four years, the bleak obama years, she says, "Our country certainly has moved ‘Forward’ in many ways that aren’t necessarily good for the country."

    Notice the TYPOGRAPHY that I have used in quoting the Governor.

    I am fairly certain that my capitalization and my use of interior, single quotation marks (for a quote within a quote) are correct: ‘Forward’

    Sarah was alluding to and subtly mocking obama’s campaign slogan, "Forward"!!!–Brilliant!

    Further, she says that the PLANKS of the Republican Party should appeal to Hispanic voters, especially on issues of the family, issues of life, issues of the economy.

    However, she DISAVOWS knowledge of what the strategy of the GOP "hierarchy" is re Hispanics.


    This is an implicit indictment of Republican strategy in this area that is all the more damning the more quiet and subtle that it is.

    If the GOP message SHOULD appeal to Hispanics, but has not done so heretofore, who are the ones who are to blame?

    The big-shots of the GOP!!!

    She implies that the Republicans have been DROPPING THE BALL in this matter. In different circumstances, and at the right moment, she will, I believe, announce her own POSITIVE STRATEGY for recruiting a group that should naturally vote CONSERVATIVE!!

    The Left AND the GOPe, I believe, are terrified that, along with so many other groups of Americans, the Hispanic community will become enthusiastic and passionate supporters of the Governor!!

    Finally, I return to her citation of 2 Chronicles, 7, 14 in the context of the matter of the Evangelical vote (see above).

    IMHO, this is one of the more profound statements that the Governor has ever made in any of her interviews.

    The question posed by Greta concerned the Faith-based VOTE.

    Sarah turned the discussion to a much deeper track and course.

    She says, in effect, that Evangelicals HAVE been taking action to oust obama and heal our Land, but that it has been the quiet, hidden action of prayer, of reparation, of sacrifice, of atonement.

    They will ALSO VOTE, she says, but they may have SEEMED to be less active politically, may have seemed to be under the political radar, so to speak, because their focus has been on interior action, not on exterior action!!

    I may observe that, in this warfare and fight for our country, we must wield and brandish a DOUBLE-EDGED SWORD, a blade that we swing both in the world of politics and in the world of the spirit!

    The Governor was reassuring us, I think, that, while many religious people have been focused on the goals expressed in 2 Chronicles, 7, 14, those of SPIRITUAL ACTION, they WILL VOTE TOO!!

    God bless you all always!!

    Our Sarah Always!!


    • HuntingMoose

       they say there is nothing that mobilizes people more than religion and the democrats have mobilized with their relentless insults.

      It is the answer on the outcome for this election that has been staring us in the face for so long and we did not realize it.

      As usual, Sarah is 10 steps ahead and shows the light.

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Right on; Amen!!

  • John_Frank

    Steve, thanks for posting this video.

    A couple of comments after watching the interview:

    – The Governor, while looking radiant and at peace, spoke with authority and conviction.

    – The background setting for the interview was perfect. All the right touches from the fire in the fireplace to the American flag.

    – Excellent interview. Her message was clear and succinct. Her quote from the scriptures was perfect.

    – As always, the Governor exemplifies the gold standard for political leadership.

    Since people from the Romney campaign read the comments in this blog, some suggestions.

    This is a base election. Every vote counts. You may want to ensure that:

    – The Governor’s most recent FB wall post is referenced by conservative and libertarian leaning websites and blogs throughout the country.

    – The video of this interview is posted to faith based websites and blogs throughout the country.

    – Those focused on the GOTV send out tweets (along with email blasts as appropriate) that contain a reference and link to the Governor’s most recent FB wall post, along with a link to the interview with Greta van Susteren as appropriate to the specific audience.

    Just some thoughts.

    P.S. I stand with Sarah Palin.

    [originally posted in the open thread.]

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Thanks, JF–I also thanked you on the open thread :-) !!

      I stand with Sarah Palin.

    • Elwanda Burrell

       I also stand with Sarah Palin!!!

  • T5S7L

    On this election eve 2012, Gov. Palin used her appearance on Greta"s show to quote from Chronicles 7:14.

    " If my people,who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways,then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land."

    Another famous political figure used this exact quote in a public service announcement during the 1980’s.

    Ronald Reagan

    • Pete Petretich


    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Thanks, T5S7L!!

    • John_Frank

      Smiling … after listening to her interview and hearing the Governor quote from Chronicles 7:14, the PDS crowd must be foaming at the mouth with incoherent rage.

      She just called them, their anointed one, Hail Obama and the Democrats, wicked.

      Deservedly so, given that:

      – Obama’s re-election bid has been endorsed and is fully supported by the Communist Party USA.

      – The Democratic party had removed any reference to G_D from their party platform and refused to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Before the President’s speech to the convention the appropriate language was hastily reinstated, but only after a heated floor debate in which it was obvious that the Chair ignored the wishes of the floor, who voted by more than fifty percent against, with the announcement that the motion was carried being met with outrage and boos.

  • CliffNZ

    I really admire the way she speaks so openly and authentically about God. Sarah is never afraid to put her faith out there. I pray God will continue to protect, sustain and bless her.

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Amen, Cliff!!

  • wodiej

    It’s always good to hear from the lovely Governor.  Nice photo shot of her in front of the fireplace. 

    She’s right and she would know since she has done some robocalls for evangelical groups.  I also heard a couple leaders on Fox say they had made a huge effort to get out the vote for Christians. But I have to say I am appalled that only a quarter of them regularly vote. 

    That was a great Bible verse Gov. Palin interjected there at the end.  God bless you Governor.

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Amen, wodiej!!

  • ZH100

    Excellent interview!

  • jgrimes

    I believe Gov Palin has a special Angel assign to her.
    I stand w Sarah Palin…

  • DocBarry1

    The Governor is spot on – May God continue to Bless her and her family!

  • carolyn50

    just got back from voting.  took about 30 minutes.  turnout high in my district.

  • carolyn50

    i heard bay buchanan say romney has started a movement.  i yelled at the radio and said no, this movement started in 2008 when sarah palin came on the scene.  romney doesn’t hold a candle to her and what she had done to movitivate voters across the country.

  • jester2939

    Great interview! I swear, the Guv looked thrilled that she was able to get that Bible verse out there! She was positively beaming after she said it :-D !!

  • Steve_Flesher

    There was something about this interview that was easing to a lot of the knots a lot of us have had in the last few days.  She’s a wise lady with some incredible instincts.  She radiates through all the negativity thrown at her and the day will come when the haters will simply self-implode.

  • ven04

    Why hasn’t Sarah Palin discussed the Alaska Conference about Sex Trafficking? That is one of the biggest problems in Alaska, and should be addressed by someone who has expertise.  

  • Jasmine Clark

    i really like how she stands up for evangelical voters and makes the point that we are diverse, not intolerant. so sick and tired of that false narrative.

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