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Governor Palin Joins Vanessa Riddle’s 100K Challenge; Update: Twitter Goal Accomplished

Governor Palin has joined in the effort to get Vanessa Riddle, who has been diagnosed with cancer, to 100,000 Twitter followers and in praying for her. Please do the same.

Via Facebook:

Sweet angel Vanessa! We’re praying for you – for your health and happiness. You’re going to reach that ‘followers’ goal, by the way. Lots of people are rooting for you and will follow you on Twitter (@vanessariddle) and Facebook, so have fun with it!


Sarah Palin and family

UPDATE: Vanessa has reached her goal! Now, let’s keep praying for her healing.

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  • Steve_Flesher

    She loves the people and asks for nothing in return. 

  • Adrienne Ross

    God bless Vanessa. Praying for a miracle.

    • $3069072

      i was reading the comment section and there was a parent who said:

      "My daughter had NB4S, at 11 weeks, she is now cancer free. I wonder if you could come to the states? Texas Childrens & St. Judes are cutting edge on childhood cancer. Bless you all, stay strong Mums & Dad!"Did anyone notice that the national health care system in the UK does not fund relapse therapy? According to their "our story" of the website: "we do not have any relapse protocols in the UK. This is due to the Government not investing any money into relapse treatments for this disease. This is a very different story to the United States & Europe where there are many relapse protocols and taking her there will dramatically increase her chances of long term survival.We now find ourselves in the position of urgently having to take Vanessa abroad for relapse therapy treatment which the NHS will not fund."Wonder if this would happen in the US w/Obamacare….

  • nkthgreek

    What a wonderful spirit!

  • Pete Petretich

    107,304 followers now for Vanessa!

    • dmac8889

      truly awesome.

  • puba1800

    Although Vanessa is over 100,000 followers, I decided to follow her.

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