Governor Palin on Hannity Sunday Night (VIDEO)

Governor Palin joined Sean Hannity and discussed the President’s latest remarks on "revenge" and how the media continues to protect him.

Via SarahNet:

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  • BrianusBerkleianus

    Good Evening, Everyone!

    The Governor again tonight, in her interview with Hannity, manifested her genius for packing a world of meaning into the short and straitened space of a very brief interview. She says more in a few minutes–sometimes with a mere phrase (remember "death panels"?!?) than most can say in hours and hours.

    Here are a few highlights from and observations on the interview.

    Emphases are mine throughout.


    Re obama’s recent voting for "revenge" remarks, she says, "Revenge is a very poor tool to build a united and hope-filled nation." And she say that for a president "to encourage anyone to exact revenge via their vote is pretty much the antithesis certainly of what Mitt Romney is representing and standing for in this election–and that’s a great question: ‘Revenge against who? Against what?’ "

    Right on, Governor: Probing the MEANING and IMPLICATIONS of the word "REVENGE"!!!

    The polls are close because of the corrupt, lamestream media.

    The press has "intimately invested itself in" (great, expressive phrase!) obama’s candidacy and reelection bid.

    They would not allow the American public to actually hear what obama was planning to do to our country.

    What he’s done so far is a PROLOGUE (great expression) to what four more years would be. In other words, the main act, the main part of the "story," will come if obama is allowed to have four more years, years during which he would not be subject to the electorate. This was, IMV, a wonderful and expressive image created by the Governor: PROLOGUE!!

    It was "UNFILTERED FORUMS," namely the debates, that finally caused things to start shifting.

    Again, this is a wonderfully evocative phrase: UNFILTERED FORUMS!!

    She is optimistic about Tuesday, but she won’t make predictions.

    She contrasts the "INSIDE BASEBALL" stuff, polls, etc., with matters on which the media should be focusing, issues like Benghazi and its cover-up, and obama’s foreign campaign contributions.

    "The status quo has got to go."

    Re PENNSYLVANIA and other States that were thought to be safe for obama, and re Romney’s recent activities in these States: A campaign should never give up on any State.

    This was, IMV, a clear, if implicit, reference to her own wish and STRATEGY in 2008 to STAY IN MICHIGAN, even when the McCain campaign pulled out of that State!!

    Guys, it is this conclusion to the interview, combined with its opening theme, "revenge," that makes a fascinating study, IMHO.


    We have obama’s REVENGE, on the one hand, which is the remembering of something with an INTENTION to inflict dire and drastic RETRIBUTION, and, on the other hand, Sarah’s MEMORY of 2008 and the abandonment of Michigan by John McCain’s campaign.

    It is MEMORY, not to exact foul and fetid "REVENGE," but to CORRECT and RECTIFY a mistake!!!

    To my mind, the "alpha and the omega" of this interview, its beginning and its end, drew a sharp and vivid and indelible contrast between the healing and restorative spirit of the heroic and great-hearted Lady of the North Country, and the vicious, petty, petulant, small-minded Chicago thug whose "reign," God willing, is about to come to an end!!

    God bless you all always!!



    • excopconservative

       If any of us had advocated "revenge" , we would be in serious trouble, yet Obama urges his supporters to get their revenge at the polls.  What has been done to his voters that they need revenge for.  They won in 2008.  No one called Obama’s children names.  No one burned Obama’s church down.  No one accused Obama of complicity with a crazed killer.  No one sued for Obama’s emails.  There were no fact checkers assigned to read Obama’s books.  No one harassed Obama’s family.  No one filed baseless law suits against Obama or his supporters. 

      Obama’s voters simply voted for a guy who made them promises and did not deliver.  If they take their "revenge" at the polls, how does that benefit Obama? 

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Thanks, excop!!  I love your series of "No one … No one … No one, etc."!!

  • John_Frank


    Thanks for posting this video as quickly as possible.


    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Amen, JF!

  • wodiej

    Always good to hear from the Governor.  God bless you Gov. Palin for your support and graciousness throughout this process of de-throning obama and his radical agenda.  

  • otto

    Sarah is right on the money..
    Foreign money,inflation,unemployment,downgraded credit, an activist Supreme court judge with more to come, running guns to drug lords,Benghazi coverup,and leaving men to die with no effort to help them for his own gain….on and on..The media has given aid and cover to Obama.

     Now what she didn’t say is that the people, to their shame, seem to have very little interest in the truth..(especually about her)….So…

    I think our Ox is in a mire…. Absolutely!!

    Glenn Beck lays out your choice here..Just another voice.
     (and believe me it is always Sarah first with me but Glenn is worth listeniing to here..)

  • sarahhasmyvote

    Sean, Sarah answered the question, the race is close because of the corrupt media.. It blows me away every time I see a poll reported. 

    We are about to see whether patriotic Democrats will vote solely for their party, or for their Country..
    Romney is a compromise for both sides. 

    Wake Up America!

  • xthred

    Sarah has had just about enough!

  • Patriot41

    When Sean asks why this election is so close with all of the negatives involved over the last four years, he obviously has not considered the fact that we have a desperate last minute attempt by the radicals in this country, to overthrow our Constitution and Republic for the purpose of making this a totally socialistic country.  To do so, means that they can have their marxists one world govt., utopia that they have been reaching for, for so many years.

    When you have children that have been brainwashed with socialism in the educational system for over three generations now, you have a divided nation.  When you have a system that has continually attacked morals, values and ethics encompassed in the Word of God; One that has promoted a secular lifestyle throughout the educational years, you have confused generations that do not know who to believe or to trust.  That is the foundation of the Marxist ideology, to develop distrust in the people for their govt. Then when the radicals take over the govt., they lead the sheep to the edge of the cliff and tell them to jump or become their slaves. 

    It is the younger generations that are now in question, as to how they will vote.  The older generations have had the experience of living under and by the Constitution and they know it has worked for some 235 years.  They will support a lifestyle that they know works.  It is the hope and change generations, that are supporting the radical agenda not realizing what is in store for them, should their hope and change fail.  Some have come to the realization, that the radical agenda is failing and others refuse to believe that they made the wrong choice.  The big question now, is who will acknowledge the reality of this situation and do what it takes to save our nation?

    • DocBarry1

      I still do not understand the reason for so many pundits to go around the answer – it is close because the African Americans vote almost 95 or more per cent for an African American and it is close because of how many people receive free stuff from the obama administration

      If obama was white the Black Caucus would be going after him relentlessly –

      But hopefully, more will want a free America and will give Romney and Ryan their chance

      • Patriot41

        Doc, while much is true about what you have said, the underlying facts still point to the socialist agenda that has been in full force within our educational system now, since the 1930’s.  That was the primary reason Ronald Reagan wanted to do away with the Dept. of Education.  Their radical agenda started with kids in elementary school and worked strait through to their graduation from college.  Then they sent them back into the system to reinforce the liberal ideology from preschool to completion.  It has worked on the last three generations, no matter what their race or creed.  I can just imagine how those people are going to feel when they come to the realization of what a horrible hoax the educational system has played on them.  Let us hope that happens, before they fall under the radical control of the miscreants who have brought this curse upon them.

        • DocBarry1

          Well thought out and true post – I didn’t go this far but I appreciate your efforts
          "Laughter is God’s Sunshine" – Unsure of source

  • ProudAmerican247

    Like Sarah stated, it really boils down to the PEOPLE doing their own homework to get the TRUTH.

    We’re stuck with the LYING, CORRUPT media but we have so many other resources to get at the TRUTH.

    The best thing is to bypass the worthless press by not tuning in and let these degenerates wallow in their spew.

    The majority have tuned them out so they’re basically babbling to themselves. 

  • DocBarry1

    The Governor is right on – but as she wrote in her excellent facebook posting – we must vote and we must give Romney/Ryan their chance –

    May God continue to Bless American and the Governor.

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